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  1. I've seen a few layouts that have a bracket or holder for the Gaugemaster GM-GMC-COMBI controller. I had a look on line and a gaugemaster bracket does appear but it doesn't look suitable to me (https://www.onbuy.com/gb/gaugemaster-dcc66-controller-caddy~c11358~p21958095/?exta=twengagb&custom_ID=161925986a3f4c3387936570cd7fac89) Does such a beast exist, or do people make something up to suit? Thanks Tony
  2. Not strictly about railways but, in episode three of series two there is an interesting model of the Glyn Pits Colliery in the 19th Century, it was made by a chap called Clive Davies, an historian. The whole series is well worth a look for anyone interested in industrial history, this particular episode is about the coal industry and there is another episode about slate. Tony
  3. Sounds good, I have been using Zoom for distance learning during lockdown, I have used a few of the other platforms but Zoom seems the most trouble free.
  4. Thanks for the info and, to answer the Second Edit, because I already have the LEDs, I have the resistors, and it's a chance to learn a little bit more about how to use components. I enjoy fiddling about with bits and pieces and if I don't have to buy anything extra it's even more satisfying! Tony
  5. Am I correct in thinking that these strip LED’s can be cut off and used individually? I was thinking if using them to illuminate buildings. Thanks Tony
  6. I think there's mention on this site somewhere about a device that Iain Rice put together - it's two rulers at 90 deg to each other with a washer which creates space for a piece of plasticard or whatever to fit under
  7. I'm still learning - I did get to speak to a few people in Bala a couple of weeks ago, albeit very simple, and I did mix up the odd ti a chi. I enjoyed it though.
  8. Strangely though, if you use "getiplayer" to download the programme to your pc, it does have English Subtitles. It is still currently showing on S4C, so you could watch (albeit not all the series) on TV via satellite.
  9. Not sure if this series has been shewn before (I did a search on this forum but the title returned no results) I was looking at the S4C schedule when I noticed it. It is available on BBC iPlayer. Might be of interest. Tony
  10. Thanks Stewart, we are thinking about going to the Turkish Restaurant in Chatteris so I will give you a call when we sort out a date.
  11. I have a car charger/air pump/light combi unit, which itself requires charging. I plug a transformer into the mains and connect it to the car charger and it usually takes 24hrs to fully re-charge. There is a meter on the front which shows how much charge is in the unit, and a light on the front which tells you that the unit is charging. I have plugged it in and left it a couple of days and it still has no charge at all. I have measured the output from the transformer and it is 16v dc. I had a look at the transformer and it says; 16.0 v, 0.65A and the input on the charge
  12. Looks like Soham is getting a new station, so there maybe hope for Wisbech. https://www.networkrail.co.uk/running-the-railway/our-routes/anglia/reconnecting-soham/
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