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  1. Although other sources of meat products are available :-)
  2. Scalescenes also do a kit, albeit one you have to print and assemble.
  3. I do have the room, I was just going with the original layout specs. I also thought it might be easier to get it through doors if I had to move it anytime. The doors in our bungalow are extra wide to accomadate wheelchair users, which does come in handy for moving furniture etc.
  4. The interior door idea actually looks to be the easiest, thanks. Yes, the curve does look tight, but that is more due to my lack of ability to use Scarm than a failing with the design, I know that because that particular track layout has already been built using the dimensions given, running small loco's. regards Tony
  5. I was going to try one of the local timber merchants, do I just ask for Birch ply, or does it have a specific name?
  6. I have been reading the optimum baseboard thickness thread with some interest. I am planning on building a layout as (roughly - I haven't quite mastered Scarm yet) per the attached. (If you think it looks familiar that is because it is unashamedly based on the wonderful Crackington Quay) I would like to use the thinnest ply that I can, the layout will be based in a reasonably temperature stable room, it's a fairly modern bungalow with good insulation. I have no plans to exhibit the layout. I have seen various recommendations on the other thread but they seem to be based on larger layouts. I have only built one layout, 6 x 1, ply top with timber frame and cross braces. Would that sort of arrangement suit a layout of this size (57" x 27")? Thoughts and recommendations, please
  7. Hovertrain! I remember walking alongside the river in Eastrea in the early 70’s and seeing the track behind the fence, I thought it was wonderful and was so disappointed when I found out it had been cancelled.
  8. Yes, I found that out about 1/2 hour ago! I hadn't brought them together for a comparison before now, the skirts don't align with the Bachmann 04 (split chassis) either.
  9. Following this thread with interest. I bought the parts in the photo intending to fit the skirts, cowcatchers and cab side parts to an Airfix/Dapol 04 kit and fit to some kind of chassis but couldn't think of a satisfactory way to attach the brass parts to the plastic parts. Maybe I will use them as templates to fabricate parts from plastic card and strip.
  10. I am in the process of fitting kadee's to my British outline wagons to use on my Inglenook shunting layout. I am cutting off the old tension lock mountings, filing the chassis flat and screwing the kadee's into the bit of hole that remains. The problem I am finding is that the screws supplied with the original tension locks aren't always long enough so I need to either get longer screws or glue the boxes to the underframe. I would rather screw than glue, but I don't know which screws to use, so I was hoping someone could advise thread size and length, please? Thanks
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