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    I joined BR in Glasgow 1973 as an engineering undergraduate, and have made the railways and rolling stock engineering my career since then. Working in UK, Hong Kong and NZ, and now back in HK.
    However, my alma mater is 61B Ferryhill, which I started visiting at the tender age of 11. No worries about H&S then!

    Now thinking about retirement and getting back into modelling. I have assembled most of the necessary plans for a model of 61B around 1960. Just need to find the time.....

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  1. Hi Will, my name is Mike and I live near Langs Beach, some 40 minutes south of Whangarei. Currently building a model of a Scottish layout, including a near scale copy of Ferryhill loco shed, Aberdeen in "OO". You can get hold of me on 0210570003 if you're interested in touching base. 20200723_095539.jpg.ae4489919899ddd40fd6d94f72f21e25.jpg

    1. Dungrange


      Do you really want to post your phone number on a public forum for everyone to see?

  2. I realise the last post on this topic was a while back, but I am modelling Aberdeen in 4mm, late 50's/early 60's. There existed a 4 coach ex LMS TPO set which formed part of the West Coast Postal, and which ran into the 1980's, albeit with Mk1 TPO vehicles by then. Is there anywhere I can source ex LMS 4mm TPO coaches, or coach kits? Can anyone identify the vehicle types from the pic below? I suspect some were sorting vehicles and others were fitted with nets etc for pick up at speed.
  3. Currently running in a Hornby A4 ("Empire of India") which although a superb model to look at, I find the driving wheels are decidedly not square on the axles. Is there anything I can do to square them up?
  4. Does Marcway have an email address? I'm in New Zealand, and would prefer to communicate with them by email rather than phone. Grateful for any help please, as I can't find an email address on their website. Cheers, Mike
  5. Fantastic news! I have been waiting for these to come out for many years, and am salivating at the thought...was quietly hoping they would have made a surprise appearance at the Scottish Model Rail Exhibition just held, but seems not. My model of 61B will be complete with a couple of class 21's hanging about on road 12 under repair!
  6. Many thanks to all who have replied....luckily I have a reasonable sized room for my model, so will go with large radius. I may even try hand-building. best wishes to all for this festive season, Mike
  7. I am about to embark on a scale model of Ferryhill depot Aberdeen, around the late 1950's/early 1960's. I have a track schematic for the shed track layout at this time, but need to know what point radius would have been used, and how does this translate into the available off the shelf items (for example Peco), small, medium and large radius?
  8. I too am keen to ascertain the formation of the Aberdeen portion from 1948 to the early 1960's.Also, I know the train conveyed passenger vehicles in the up direction as far as Perth, what about the down direction? I believe the down postal arrived in Aberdeen around 0800 in the morning, and the vehicles were then taken to Kittybrewster for turning. Thanks, Mike
  9. Currently planning to model Ferryhill as it was around 1960. Anyone have any photos or links to show the temporary diesel fuel dispenser here at this time? As I recall there was an old tank wagon, but not sure of its location in the yard or other details. Any info related to 61B gratefully received!
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