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  1. I was wondering what happened to the extra loco that was going to be announced after last news letter?Its been more than a few days now?I know they are a small outfit & things perhaps happen in the background?Maybe they don’t want to be overloaded on the phones?
  2. Any chance of a link to the sheet you have ordered Andy?
  3. No but the 25/3 Will be before the 24/1.
  4. 25 278 & 25199 two of my personnel favorites both at Rugeley Power station a train of heavy oil they mixed with the coal in winter . If Phillip adds these to the range I will be broke!!
  5. It’s the 24/1 we need an update on i.e pictures etc!!
  6. I would have a word with Phillip from Sutton’s he may be able to help customer service is excellent.
  7. Superb weathering as usual Tom !You certainly get through a lot of varied eras &stock!
  8. Would like a few of these !Can we preorder?
  9. I wonder when this Highland 24/1 update is going to be?I know they will need all crew on deck to answer all those phone orders!!Just getting impatient even though I shouldn't be really!
  10. Found a few 1990’s photos when I was based atRugby.
  11. Sorry if I Jumped the gun!!Pictures look promising so felt eager to share.
  12. From the email Hot off the plane from the factory is our working sample model, (commonly known as the Engineering Prototype) of the RTR Kerr, Stuart "Victory" in 00 gauge. This is a hand-finished example, made from the all the metal and plastic tooling parts that will eventually be put into mass production, to check everything fits together and the mechanism performs as expected. One thing that has struck us immediately is how hefty and well engineered the model feels. It's a large loco, around the size of a 57xx Pannier and considerably bigger than the Hornby B2 Peckett which might be your benchmark for a six-coupled industrial. It tips the scales at 237 grams and details like the coupling rods have a convincing thickness - these are solid metal castings rather than thin stampings or etchings. https://www.planetindustrials.co.uk/
  13. I am Hoping that Phillip will give us an update on the 24/1’s at Easter in lieu of the York Show?I know end of year seems to be delivery date but pictures would be nice.Two on order but if he surprises with other numbers I may not be able to resist!!
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