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  1. You will have a couple of Scottish 24/1 to do in 2020 save me a slot!!
  2. No but switched all the extra ones on in the sound settings!Trouble is don’t use it enough got to get a proper layout up & running .
  3. Love these Loco’s just got to work out why my EchO’s not showing all the sound functions it has had the update ?I have two Scottish 24’s on order.I just hope they do announce a series of 25’s next year. My 24 order book is exhausted !
  4. As one of the Team has only just returned from holiday I don’t think they are in stock but I am informed they are due imminently !!!
  5. The A4 look superb Tom You are certainly getting a variety of work!
  6. I have just had fitted sound to class 33/1 & 4TC unit Lego biffoman says to keep both chips as same address not as a consist .But the controller says a conflict & try's to ask for a change in address.Any ideas how I can get around this?
  7. PILOT SCHEME MODEL DETAILED & PRODUCT UPDATE on face book page SLW friend and customer Greg Brookes recently got in touch to let us know that he had recently completed another of his detailing projects. This time he has represented D5007 - one of the Pilot Scheme series with extra grilles - as it was running in the early 1970s with full yellow ends. Note also that he has applied our etched SR-style headcode brackets. The model is pictured here paired with D5087 whilst taking a break between duties on Kier Hardy's 'EM' Hornsey Road TMD. With the Chinese New Year holiday shutdown now out of the way, final assembly and packing of the latest batch of models continues and we estimate completion and shipping to take about two months. Unfortunately the minor improvements we wanted to implement with this batch meant that we got caught up in the extended holiday break. We hope you understand. It would have easier to have just pressed the 'straight re-run' button but that's not the way we work, preferring to refine parts and add new bodyshell variety. We are sure these changes will be worth the wait. If you want to know a little more about CNY and how it affects manufacturing in the Far East then this may be informative: https://www.china-briefing.com/…/chinese-new-year-and-its-…/
  8. I have been told end of Fedruary start of March now.
  9. The Train could have come from Mount sorrel as quoted or from Loughborough yard as Nuneaton Crews took trains to the yard there it was like the later virtual Quarry idea.Though the colour of the ballast makes Me think it is from Mount sorrel.25 058 at Loughborough goods line awaiting to back in the yard .2nd picture a young Dave Smith being allowed to Drive(totally unofficial of course )!!!
  10. Same loco but with a bit of diesel SHUNTERS interest!Croft sidings
  11. 25 081 in Croft sidings after loading on a trip from Nuneaton.
  12. 25 054 T57 Nuneaton - Gresty green (Crewe) trip early 1980’s shunts the yard.
  13. A couple of photos of Abbey Junction with reference to the last photo.
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