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  1. Any one offering if this is true?Could someone please confirm?
  2. I would rather have a cartic four set !Guess it depends on the era you are modelling!Would love to see the brick liner wagons done too.
  3. If you preorder do you pay upfront or is it taken when they arrive?
  4. Thats a double whammy on my Model account then!Didn't expect them both at once for some reason!Hoping for that biffoman sound file ASAP.
  5. It will be interesting to know if current news events will cause any delays?
  6. Thanks very much for your quick response!
  7. I need to locate an article that was in Rail Express on modelling a Surgion wagon with petrol powered small cranes (for lifting rails on the wagon).I was going to get a wagon built for Me been let down & cannot get my copy back.I don't know even the year or Month of the issue!!
  8. Love the super D Tom my Dad fired on them at Nuneaton late 50s .Great Job.
  9. Very authentic to your usual high standard Tom!
  10. I Hope they launch the new web site I believe they are working on (maybe with a new product launch). It’s harder to get information without just contacting them .Current website not really updated some things put on Facebook (which I don’t do).I know it’s only the two person team .Love the product & customer service & looking forward to Highland 24/1 Locos .Need to have 25 Locos before I retire!!!
  11. Cartic 4 for me too I would buy two sets!Could you commission a set of Talbots Sunbeam cars to for the Linwood -Coventry train.
  12. You will have a couple of Scottish 24/1 to do in 2020 save me a slot!!
  13. No but switched all the extra ones on in the sound settings!Trouble is don’t use it enough got to get a proper layout up & running .
  14. Love these Loco’s just got to work out why my EchO’s not showing all the sound functions it has had the update ?I have two Scottish 24’s on order.I just hope they do announce a series of 25’s next year. My 24 order book is exhausted !
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