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  1. Sorry if I Jumped the gun!!Pictures look promising so felt eager to share.
  2. From the email Hot off the plane from the factory is our working sample model, (commonly known as the Engineering Prototype) of the RTR Kerr, Stuart "Victory" in 00 gauge. This is a hand-finished example, made from the all the metal and plastic tooling parts that will eventually be put into mass production, to check everything fits together and the mechanism performs as expected. One thing that has struck us immediately is how hefty and well engineered the model feels. It's a large loco, around the size of a 57xx Pannier and considerably bigger than the Hornby B2 Peckett
  3. I am Hoping that Phillip will give us an update on the 24/1’s at Easter in lieu of the York Show?I know end of year seems to be delivery date but pictures would be nice.Two on order but if he surprises with other numbers I may not be able to resist!!
  4. I believe it was to aid fitters getting parts & tools in & out of engine room as compressor was hard to get past in the engine room.
  5. https://derbysulzers.com/Pic.html at the bottom of index page contact email I am sure David Hills would point you in the right direction of information!
  6. That’s very kind of you they are out of stock at Hornby at the moment.I will PM YOU!
  7. Can anyone help with correct part number for a coupling for Hornby Mark ones ?I think it also the same one that’s fitted to the Peckett too?(I need one for that Loco too).I got some from a retailer but they were not the correct ones .That little bit at the inner end that breaks !
  8. I agree it ought to have one taillight as per prototype the rest of the Loco is so good & near to perfection .It’s like a black dot on a white page .I wish Phil would reconsider!
  9. Wonder when the 24/1 update will be now as 25 announcements will mean the small Sulzer team are inundated with phone calls!!
  10. Works Visits from Derby Sulzer site not sure when it got its tops number? Works visits (records incomplete). Noted Derby Works July & September 1966. Noted Crewe Works March 1970. Noted Crewe Works June 1975 (Classified assumed, repainted into blue livery?)
  11. www.tomfosterweathering.wordpress.com If you need the Best 25 Model get it weathered by one of the Best weathers (other ones are available).But Tom is my recommendation!
  12. Two for me too great looking Engines see https://derbysulzers.com/nuneaton.html to see why they hit the spot for me!,
  13. No but they have set up all over peco Site for social distance production so I assumed this year!!
  14. I emailed Peco they are supposed to be making some in April.
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