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  1. A little anecdote. I worked in freight for BR in the Sheffield Area in the early 80s. I was tasked to do TOPS integrity checks, and on one occasion I visited a scrap merchant in the Ecclesfield Area and found they had stacked four 16 ton Mineral wagons one inside the other. Now these were not scrappers, but good wagons we had shunted in earlier to load out with scrap! I was not best pleased and told the scrapmen as much. I told them they were not to load them but to put them one at a time on the rails and I would send a C&W examiner to check them over. Needless to say they were all 'red carded' and the scrap men had to wait until we could supply good wagons for them to send their scrap to Aldwarke! LC&DR
  2. I must say Locksley your CAD and 3D print looks extremely good. Well done! Steelworks were wonderful places to visit with so many different types of wagon to see. You may find this one of interest. These are a couple from other steelworks that I have drawn. LC&DR Stanton 13 ton box.pdf Visio-Lackenby HS Open.pdf
  3. Strange happenings, I have placed pre-orders with Hattons over the last three years (or so) and because Bachmann & others have been a trifle slow in coming up with the goods these have been outstanding all this time. Imagine therefore my shock and horror to discover purely by accident that almost all of these had been marked as Cancelled on my account without authority or advice! However after emailing Hattons they have quickly re-instated my orders and a number of these are now being prepared for delivery. Whew! Thank you Hattons,
  4. Has anyone got any good drawings /pictures of the Q1 tender, please, especially the front (inside the cab) showing coal space and tool boxes. All the drawings I have found ignore the tender apart from a side view. Also looking for cab fittings.
  5. I am fairly certain I have read in the Railway Observer many years ago that a 5Bel unit worked a charter to Dartford, but I cannot find it now, so it has to be a 'probable'.
  6. I think the answer is 'none'. The Triang 'Sub' lookalike originally came out (1957) with no emblems just numbers, and the following year the early emblem was applied at the same time as the 101 lookalike DMU appeared. I have already painted out the yellow stripe on a couple of my 2Hals and changed the emblem, so I can use them on 1950s S.E.D. Gillingham services. I still have some more to do, and some yellow front panels to remove too. I think that by 1961 all SR EMUs had been re-branded with the circular crest. They went through Lancing Works fairly frequently. The 4DD sets certainly were repainted in 1958. The pre-War 'nutcracker'; 4Subs all probably went to the scrapyard with the lion on unicycle emblem, but the other sets were almost certainly updated. I suspect that by 1959 it was getting rare to see the pre 1956 emblem. I seem to remember that the shade of Malachite used on SR EMUs and the new DEMUs from 1956 onwards was a shade or two darker too.
  7. Somehow I don't anticipate a lot new from Bachmann this time round, they still have a fair bit of catching up to do. At Warley the EPs of the H2 and Birdcages were on view (nice!!) and these I have had on pre-order well over a year, but I gather it will still be Q3 soonest before I get my paws in them. With international trade likely to be somewhat more challenging over the next couple of years I am not raising my hopes too high. My most earnest wish is that Bachmann and Hornby weather whatever rough seas may be ahead in the future and continue to produce the goodies I wish to spend my kids inheritance on.
  8. I am currently in model railway heaven. First an N, then a C and now a H, I am afraid to pinch myself in case I wake up and find it is all a bad dream. I hark back to the 1960s when Alan Williams described in Model Railway Constructor how he butchered a Hornby Dublo R1 and three Tri-ang GW clerestories to create the Westerham Push & Pull set. In those days we could only fantasize about detailed RTR locos and carriages for Southern enthusiasts. His other efforts included a 2Hap from a Tri-ang EMU, a 5Bel from Tri-ang short Pullmans. a 4Cep / 4Bep from Kitmaster Mark 1s and even a SR type carriage washing machine. All these have been recently, are now or very soon will be available to us ready made, except the CWM and the Bep buffet, but we still live in hope. In those days I had already created a West Country from a Tri-ang R50 Princess chassis and a Kitmaster 'Biggin Hill', shame the driving wheels were spoked and not Boxpoc. I butchered a Tri-ang 3F tender loco to make a 'C' modifying the firebox, cab and tender top with cardboard stuck on with Uhu. Pretty sad efforts by modern standards but it that age I was pleased with the result. I did manage to persuade father to buy me a L1 for Christmas, and saved my pocket money for a R1, which had an incompatible coupling. The R1 is the only one to survive. We Southern Region fans have to be very grateful that we now have a fair representation of our typical locomotives.
  9. With this announcement Hornby have made an old man very happy, and possibly somewhat financially poorer in 2017! I already have three 'H's , all in BR lined black (Two cut & shut from a HD R1 / Airfix 14xx,see attached and one SE Finecast) so I can certainly find room for one each in SE&CR green, SE&CR grey, SR early green, SR late green, and SR black with sunshine letters, plus a few more BR lined black early and late. A LSWR or SECR push pull set, or even an ex SEC Railmotor PP set to go with it , a-la Allhallows would be' loverly' LC&DR
  10. Thank you for your help. As soon as I get my 'workshop' back (My wife needs the dining room to feed the grand-kids on Sunday) I shall have a go at finishing the kit. David
  11. Thank you very much that is very helpful. David
  12. I am building an OO DC Kits 6S (Class 201) DEMU. The kit includes the carriage ventilators and the engine room roof hatch and fan grille but does not include the guards periscopes nor any of the roof mounted pipework or lighting conduits. I have managed to source the periscopes from Comet, and I have some Southern Pride lamp top fittings to hold the conduit which I can make from brass wire. However the instructions with the kit ignores the conduit and the Skinley drawing that I have is for the later version 6L which was the 64 foot batch which do not have exposed conduit on the roof. It appears that the first 57' 6" long coach batch were designed to the 1951 configuration but the 64'6" coaches were 1957 style. What I am now looking for are some good close up pictures of the roofs of the individual carriages of the 6S (MBSO, TSO and TFK) or better still a drawing. Can anybody help please? David Monk-Steel YORK
  13. My ultimate 'wishlist' would include - Bulleid 4 car suburban electric (4Sub or 4EPB) SE&CR 'H' 0-4-4T SR D1/E1 4-4-0 SR U1 2-6-0 SR Merchant Navy 1949 -1952 air smoothed in BR blue SR Maunsell 'Thanet' coaches LC&DR
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