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  1. Sorry to revive an old thread but has anyone got the articles digitally that they would be willing to share?
  2. WJ Bassett lowke is probably spinnining in his grave
  3. Been waiting for a Katie since 2009 I think... I ordered two
  4. I've got a warflat in br grey I bought today... SHOULD of posted before I went to the shop anyone want one as seeing as they can't be backdated I don't need it now
  5. Can a Bachmann warflat be backdated to lnwr condition?
  6. I have long had an interest in the London and North Western railway and now find myself in a position where I may be able to build the layout I would like, do any of our esteemed members have any unbuilt locomotive kits or wagons they would consider letting go to a good home?
  7. Looking for an Bachmann ivatt bodyshell if anyone has one available for a project in EM using a comet chassis
  8. there are some truly wonderful models here would it be possible to produce a Large Mill building/industrial building taller than those that are already availible?
  9. What would the chances be of orbell in 1:64. S scale ?
  10. very nice layout has it now been dismantled?
  11. Now i have dabbled in most major scales and never really found anything i am happy with i came close when i used to model American HO, This time last year i spent a number of weeks out in New zealand and was taken with their railways and Scenery. the locomotives are truly huge but lend themselves to modelling and being equally impressive. fast forward into recent months i have been focused on my 00 collection and again unsatisfied with what can be done with proprietery stock. A recent advertisement for some NZR locomotives in 1:64th scale posed the thought that in the UK Modelling such a prot
  12. I have a set of works drawings for the par twins if you need any dimensions at all send me an message
  13. Are there any expected timescales for the Fowler and prices it truly looks exquisite
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