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  1. Thankyou Wild Boar Fell, Castle and everybody who pushed the buttons, it's all much appreciated! Regards, Stefan
  2. Sprayed the wagon with some semi-gloss varnish yesterday. Wasn't that happy with it, so a whiff of Mr. Super Clear UV-cut Flat was called for.
  3. My take on a Cordon DD4 using Wild Boar Fell's 3D print. The material really lends itself to butchering, flexible, yet strong and fun to work with. Regards, Stefan
  4. Hi Steve, 89,5 mm, my ruler told me. Regards, Stefan
  5. Chassis done. Decided to keep the markings simple since It's hard to determine what's there (plate 701) Next update on this wagon will be the finished DD4.
  6. Wheels, springs and axleboxes in place, along with a spot of paint. Brakes next.
  7. I bought my Gibsons here: http://www.parksidedundas.co.uk/acatalog/ALAN_GIBSON_WHEELS.html
  8. Hi Grahame, They are 12mm Gibson open spoke on Swedish made axles. Regards, Stefan
  9. Bits of brass tube happily married to the plastic tube, with the aid of slow CA-glue. The 0,3mm brass wire fits nicely.
  10. I'm about to start modelling the plumbing, the goal is something passable. Main materials: 0,2mm copper wire 0,3mm straight brass wire A piece of brass tube, 0,6mm outside diameter and 0,4mm inside diameter A piece of plastic tube
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