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  1. So some people think it's okay to form an opinion of my home town and the area I grew up in based on full car parks at an exhibition. Take a look at the town you live in, is you precious car any safer there than in my home town? Please feel free to stay on the M3 next time you're in the area. Am not on RMweb too much these days because I don't think it's a friendly place anymore and this only supports my opinion!
  2. Went along today, thoroughly enjoyable day and I have to say that I don't think I have had so many conversations, everybody seemed more talkative than ever. Was a great day, and we did stay pretty much all day! Didnt realise that this was extra weekend above the normal opening weekends. Don't panic normal (steam)service will be resumed next year. For the record prefer the correct trains for the period but today was fun.
  3. Sounds like there is a position on the production team for you on series 2!
  4. Have now watched it. Thoroughly enjoyed it will watch the rest of the series and hopefully there will be a second series. Well done to all 3 teams in yesterday's episode, you all showed the hobby in a great light. Whatever the politics they all showed great skills and imagination. My personal favourite concept was the winner of last nights heat, however being from North Hampshire I am of course rooting for the Basingstoke Bodgers.
  5. Haven't posted on RMweb for a while but have been observing. The reason I have not participated much is because there seem to be some who do not respect what others do, and criticise for doing something different. Our hobbies are ro be enjoyed and we should be allowed to do so without being pilloried. If I want to run a 9f on a freightliner with a coach on the back as a brakevan then I will, nobody else should feel tbe need to critique, if you don't like what I am doing then look at something else. If you don't like what you see on TV then try the off button and let everybody else get on and enjoy thier hobby. The ritual of putting people down has put me off clubs and also from contributing to RMweb even, and you will put off other potential modellers. Just for one moment listen to yourselves, get over yourselves and go back to enjoying this great hobby. BTW havent watched the programme yet, so I reserve judgement. If I don't like what I see I will stop the recording just like I do about any other TV programme and will do something else instead. Which will not include moaning about it on the internet.
  6. http://www.nrm.org.uk/aboutus/pressoffice/pressreleases/2017/august/2818-swindon
  7. I can remember HANG IRA appearing, which is probably easy to date, but somebody in the Basingstoke area was obviously a fan as there were several postings of SAHB.
  8. Re the area now fenced is to become a car park for the allotment holders, who now access the allotments over the bridge following the closure of the foot crossing which was for their exclusive use. The area that was previously used for their parking will become part of an extension to the playing field for the adjacent primary school. You may also notice that the TSR on the down which was in situ for the crossing has now been removed.
  9. The latter taken this afternoon and the former approx 22 months ago.
  10. I don't know how I have missed this thread and not seen it before, but have now read just about every post. I love your approach to modelling and all the scratch building, I just wish I was half as productive as you. I really must get my act together and try to catch up with your progress. I have taken something like 5 or 6 years to get as far as I have. Thanks for the inspiration.
  11. Great show as always, just a huge shame that the leisure centre catering staff are so rude and so poor at thier job. Needless to say i gave up walked away and took my business elsewhere. That did not however detract from the excellent show with great layouts and traders. I spent a few quid and had a great day. Thanks to all involved in running the show.
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