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  1. I will be there on the Sunday again. Can't do the saturday this year All the best Katy
  2. I saw this, and loved it. Looked really good and detailed. Quite a few little details hidden away which you can spot but which aren't highlighted. Katy
  3. Hi Slaters have put on their web site that they are not attending:- https://slatersplastikard.com/ Katy
  4. Kickstart

    Dapol 08

    Some people are tall. But you could use him for a shed cameo, looking down disapprovingly on a you kid found trying to cadge rides. Katy
  5. Hi Portishead was bought by the GWR in 1940 (I think) and the roundel logo was used until 1942. That dates the paint scheme to the start of WW2. Suspect paint supplies would have been a bit limited then All the best Katy
  6. Hi A few quick mobile phone snaps. I will try and dig out a proper camera and take some better ones. http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0082.JPG http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0083.JPG http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0084.JPG http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0085.JPG http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0086.JPG http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0087.JPG http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0088.JPG All the best Katy
  7. Hi At Warley I was tempted into buying another Terrier; a slight 2nd of Portishead to go with the Southern loco I already have. Quite a few minor differences between them All the best Katy
  8. Kickstart

    Dapol 08

    Green one I am tempted with. Very early green with no wasp stripes. All the best Katy
  9. Kickstart

    Dapol 08

    Hi If the 08s have already been made and are being shipped then no chance that Dapol are going to correct a minor livery flaw. It would cost them a fortune, and they would be in a no win situation as they would be torn to pieces for the additional delay. All the best Katy
  10. Hi We went on the Sunday. Good show as usual, even if a long drive. Trying to avoid buying much at the moment until I have built what I have already bought! Saw the odd RM Web badge, and think I saw Kelly. Sorry for not introducing myself but tend to be a bit shy. I had myself scanned by Modelu at the Nottingham show. Does work well, although they say they have problems with glasses (if you wear them and want yourself scanned then maybe buy some cheap ones and pop the lenses out for the scan). Need to get around to painting myself! We got there at about 1pm and had no major problems parking. All the best Katy
  11. Maybe S&DJR blue as well depending on who you believe. However the 1F and Jinty are quite similar; bit more difference than the A1 and A1X with a different wheelbase. With a bit of cleaver design it should be possible to share a fair bit of tooling between models of both. All the best Katy
  12. I would suggest that a major part of designing an item to high production numbers is to design it to be fast to assemble. This has been a case for models for many decades (remember it being spoken of about Airfix / Mainline, hence far cheaper to make despite far higher levels of detail). Some parts can be bought in partially pre assembled (such as connectors on motors to enable than to be clipped on to the contacts on the chassis, etc). A kit for limited production will have been designed to be cheap to tool up and produce from components that can be produced by people willing to do very limited production runs. Which works out at around 90 seconds per part, which on a production line seems very slow. But even the costs of 8 hours labour is cheap compared to having to slash 40% off the price to sell them quick when your production planning turns out to have been badly done All the best Katy
  13. I wonder how long it takes to assemble a model in a production environment. Suspect the costs of that time are not that high even at UK rates compared to the retail prices. To me it seems entirely possible that these higher costs could be offset against improved production flexibility. All the best Katy
  14. Hi There was an advert for the show in Model Rail. The show was at The International Centre, Telford. Same place as the Gauge O Guild show. All the best Katy
  15. Suspect that the Terrier was pretty much thrown away and started again from scratch, similarly for the 08 which would suggest a fairly quick development time. Be interesting to see what they do next. Think Ixion / Minerva have a good head start on industrial locos and not sure that Dapol would want to compete for that market directly. Maybe a Jinty would be a nice choice. All the best Katy
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