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  1. This is mine, which I picked up as a 2nd at Warley a few years ago All the best Katy
  2. Very happy to see this. Really like the Art Deco style of these, despite them being diesels. Toyed with buying a OO one despite no intention of ever building anything it could run on just because I like them. So, yay! Better save some money. All the best Katy
  3. Thank you. I do have another idea which might be better. All the best Katy
  4. Hi Currently planning a new log cabin / shed, primarily for an O gauge layout. Current idea is for 2 levels, a lower non scenic loop with an incline up to a scenic area and terminus. I might be being too grand in my ideas! This would require an incline, but even with only 1’ between the lower level and upper level the realistic 25~30’ length is going mean around a 4% gradient. As this incline will be non scenic I am not too worried how it will look, but not sure if, even if useable by the current small fleet, I will be making major problems for the future. Any suggestions? All the best Katy
  5. It could well be that they are insured for forced cancellations, but not yet close enough for such cover to kick in. All the best katy
  6. Hiya Enjoy it. You will probably find a few bits are superfluous. Eg, often 2 types of axle box for you to choose from All the best Katy
  7. I will be there on the Sunday again. Can't do the saturday this year All the best Katy
  8. I saw this, and loved it. Looked really good and detailed. Quite a few little details hidden away which you can spot but which aren't highlighted. Katy
  9. Hi Slaters have put on their web site that they are not attending:- https://slatersplastikard.com/ Katy
  10. Kickstart

    Dapol 08

    Some people are tall. But you could use him for a shed cameo, looking down disapprovingly on a you kid found trying to cadge rides. Katy
  11. Hi Portishead was bought by the GWR in 1940 (I think) and the roundel logo was used until 1942. That dates the paint scheme to the start of WW2. Suspect paint supplies would have been a bit limited then All the best Katy
  12. Hi A few quick mobile phone snaps. I will try and dig out a proper camera and take some better ones. http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0082.JPG http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0083.JPG http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0084.JPG http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0085.JPG http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0086.JPG http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0087.JPG http://www.alfa-pages.co.uk/TempPicture/DSC_0088.JPG All the best Katy
  13. Hi At Warley I was tempted into buying another Terrier; a slight 2nd of Portishead to go with the Southern loco I already have. Quite a few minor differences between them All the best Katy
  14. Kickstart

    Dapol 08

    Green one I am tempted with. Very early green with no wasp stripes. All the best Katy
  15. Kickstart

    Dapol 08

    Hi If the 08s have already been made and are being shipped then no chance that Dapol are going to correct a minor livery flaw. It would cost them a fortune, and they would be in a no win situation as they would be torn to pieces for the additional delay. All the best Katy
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