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  1. I hope you are not trying to imply that there was a deliberate attempt to damage a competitors' products by a factory, unless you have firm evidence to back that up? You could be hearing from their lawyers if you continue to make statements like that. Roddy
  2. Thanks Andy, I thought 3 months would be a bit optomistic. Regards Roddy
  3. Can we expect this within 3 months or have Bachmann abandoned their policy of only announcing products when they are ready to be delivered? Regards Roddy
  4. Seems to be fixed for me at least, thanks Andy. Regards Roddy
  5. On my PC, I get the pop up window every time I open an individual conversation and then again when I return to the "view new content" page. Accepting or rejecting all options makes no difference.
  6. Hi Paul I found a facebook page entitled "Leadley Kits" but there was no information on it, just the outline of the page. Regards Roddy
  7. I may be in a minority of one here, but I agree with what lies behind Hornby's tier system, that is not to say that I agree with what tiers any particular retailer has been put. Is Hornby not simply wanting to ensure that the large number of small retailers spread around the country actually have the stock to sell to their customers? If a few retailers, with a significant internet presence, manage to corner the market by ordering large numbers of popular items, possibly even the whole run of a certain item, and can guarantee to have those orders fulfilled, then they are in a posit
  8. These prices exclude VAT at 20%, which is presumably added at the checkout stage. Roddy
  9. I don't know what is going on but Hattons are still receiving stock from Hornby (see new arrivals) and are still taking pre-orders on a large number of Hornby future releases, so it looks unlikely that there has been a falling out between the two companies. I would not think that Hattons would be off loading pre-orders in anticipation of ceasing to stock Hornby products whilst still accepting pre-orders on other Hornby products. I would ask , if this is a Hornby problem, why does it not seem to be affecting any other supplier? I do wonder if Hattons needs to adjust its thinking t
  10. I would like to be the first to complain that it is not generic enough! Roddy
  11. It may be slightly different to what you were meaning, but the National Museums of Scotland are all based completely outside London as well. Best wishes Roddy
  12. If the photos of are of the actual models, as Ben acknowledges above, then Olivia's are doing the right thing. I would be more concerned if they were showing an image which did not reflect reality. I think it unfair to criticise Olivia's on this occasion. Best wishes Roddy
  13. The reference is PA34 and they come in packets of 10 (5 pairs). Regards Roddy
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