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  1. I don't know if I will actually get them, but I just managed to order a couple of these coaches on the Hornby website using the following link: https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/shop/coming-soon/l-mr-open-third-class-carriage-era-1.html Regards Roddy
  2. The livery is correct for the bus at some point, I have seen an undated picture of it in light green. It was probably repainted before the picture linked above. Regards Roddy
  3. According to "From SMT to Easter Scottish" by DLG Hunter this bus, which appears to be the only A.E.C. Renown owned by Eastern Scottish, was purchased in 1963 and transferred to Highland Omnibuses Ltd in 1973. I hope this is helpful Best wishes Roddy
  4. If I remember correctly, there is a key on one of the gear train housings that is difficult to keep seated properly during assembly. If it moves, it causes extra friction in the drive train, leading to motor problems. Regards Roddy
  5. Thanks very much Darius, that is really helpful. The bogies looked green on my screen, which was why I asked as I thought Rail Blue was a more logical colour. Best wishes Roddy
  6. Fantastic build Darius, I could only dream of being so quick (and good). Would you mind sharing what colours you used for what, some of the colours look a bit odd on my screen. Thanks Roddy
  7. Hi Paul On the suggestion that you publish a list of who has ordered, perhaps an email/pm to those with orders might be more appropriate. There is a risk that publishing names online might not meet with everyone's approval. Best wishes Roddy
  8. Hi Paul Can I ask, is this kit different/more accurate/better, easier to assemble that your previous one? I am just wondering if I should also register an interest in this one as well. Thanks Roddy
  9. Did they give any indication about how they would be distributed? By the retailer or direct from Hornby? Thanks Roddy
  10. Going back to the conversation earlier in this thread about there being a break in the running board and the conclusion that the running board would be continuous, even on a six-wheeler, and that Hattons had got it wrong, this picture illustrates that the running board was not continuous across the axle boxes, at least on some coaches. Whether that would have changed if the coach was converted to a four-wheeler, I don't know. Regards Roddy
  11. Och well, easy come easy go! Thanks for the reminder that I had ordered them from Rails. Best wishes Roddy
  12. If you are not varnishing over them then you can normally remove them by covering them with sellotape, when removed it should remove the decal as well. Alternatively, letting the decal stand in water should remove it after a while. Either way there should not be any damage to the painted surface, as long as it is sound. Best wishes Roddy
  13. A suggestion for those that have concerns about breaking the wires between the engine and the tender. If you strip a bit of the insulation of an appropriately sized piece of wire , it can be pushed onto the pin to hold the coupling between the engine and tender in place. This avoids the strain put on the wiring when the two unexpectedly separate while you are handling them. The insulation can just be slipped off if you need to separate or want to return to original condition. I hope this helps some people and I apologise if someone has already made this suggestion. B
  14. The problem is that unfortunately some people have difficulty in telling the difference between hypothetical and reality, actionable or not. Regards Roddy
  15. You should be able to find exterior wood glue in any DIY store which should suffice for your purposes. I assume that you will be painting whatever you are making, which should help with waterproofing. Regards Roddy
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