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  1. With the latest versions from Oxford, at least the Virgin ones, the footboards and coupling springs are more securely fitted. I have taken 7 apart so far to modify the chassis and even though I was fairly rough with them non of the coupling springs came off. With earlier versions I had to remove the couplings before doing any work, as they would ping of when sanding, but, with the Virgin ones, I was unable to easily release the couplings so I left them in place without any problems. Similarly, there were no loose footboards. I didn't lose any screws but I kept them in a secure container. I don't think the construction of these is any worse than other models. Roddy
  2. Hopefully the model will be released at the same time in order to capitalise on the free advertising in the run up to Christmas. When are the train packs going to be available? ( rhetorical question). Regards Roddy
  3. Cut the tip of a cocktail stick and use that to gently scrape the old number off. Should come off quite easily and as long as you don't scrape too hard, the paint finish won't be damaged. Regards Roddy
  4. Unless they have changed their approach, Rainbow Railways do not re-spray individual models, they only do their own commissions. I asked the same question of them a few months ago. Regards Roddy
  5. Sorry wrong thread, this one is about international shipping insurance and how to run a small model railway manufacturing company. Best wishes Roddy
  6. Maybe this will be one for Model Rail Scotland, there is a precedent? Regards Roddy
  7. Stand up at the opening of Warley and shout "Let's play choo choos!" Roddy (resigns membership immediately)
  8. You could use a 1/48 model and put it in the background. Perspective will make it look okay, as long as you don't have anything larger close to it. Roddy
  9. Try Hannants but probably only in 1/48 or 1/32. Roddy
  10. DCC Bachmann 2fs are retailing about £81 now and the next lot may well be dearer. Roddy
  11. Does anyone do figures of reporters throwing up?
  12. That's a deal breaker for me, I'll have to order a set just so that I can cancel my order in disgust! Roddy
  13. I don't know if it would help but if you can find out details of Exercise Lionheart you might be able to see how various units/vehicles were, and would have been, transported. This was a large scale mobilisation exercise to test how troops and equipment, including TA, would be transported to continental Europe, should the balloon go up. I am not sure how much rail transport was used in reality. We drove our rovers and 3 tonners from Leith to South Shields, including going through Newcastle under police escort and ignoring red lights, which was fun, and then went by an RFA ship to I think Belgium. Coming back was more relaxed, by North Sea Ferries, but I think a lot of the civvies were a bit confused by the number of squaddies on board. Clearing customs was also fun, including a 3 tonner of booze consisting of everyone's alcohol allowance. You may be able to find out if rail was used for any transportation during the exercise, as a lot of the detail will now be declassified. Best wishes Roddy
  14. Also meant to add, the escort coaches have a different end layout to standard coaches, presumably because they are designed to operate independently and not rely on power from the locomotive. Possibly not that noticable but depends how accurate you want to be. Best wishes Roddy
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