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  1. Here's a picture of the Bachmann TSO and the Hornby BSO side by side. The light grey on the Hornby model is slightly lighter and you can see the difference in the size of the red stripe. The Bachmann model is in InterCity livery whilst the Hornby is Intercity Executive. The Hornby Mk2f does not suffer from the Mk2e solebar issues, at least my BSO does not. Hope that this is helpful for others. Regards Roddy
  2. I have a Hornby BSO and Bachmann TSO. The most obvious difference is in the colours. The Hornby light grey has a more yellow/ brown tinge to it. The red and white bands on the Hornby version are narrower and they are broken where they go over door handles. As far as the body mouldings go, it is difficult to say which is best, some of the moulding on the Hornby version is sharper than Bachmann's, but on other details Bachmann are better. The Bachmann bogies are better mouldings, with better detail than Hornby. If I was to guess, I would say that the Hornby bogies are from an older moulding, they just don't look as good as the body. Overall, I would say that the Hornby version would win on value for money but the Bachmann version is better because of the bogies and the livery finish. This is not an objective review, just my observations from looking at two different versions side by side. Whilst I probably won't buy any more of the intercity versions, I will probably buy the Scotrail ones. Regards Roddy
  3. The limited edition version is still shown as being available to order direct from Invicta at £29.99, signficantly cheaper than the newer general release version. https://www.invictamodelrail.com/39-551z-exclusive-Bachmann-br-mk1-cct-4-whl-van-br-blue-3124-p.asp Regards Roddy
  4. Hi Pete, people are suggesting that you report this or not but surely what is more important is whether or not your daughter wants to report it. It was her that was on the train and suffered any embarrassment and, if you report it, it is her that will have to speak to the complaint, possibly in court or at a tribunal. Should you not be speaking to your daughter and asking for her views on whether a complaint should be made. None of us were there and therefore it is not a decision for us to make, your daughter was there, so she should decide what action she wants to take. Whatever happens, I hope that it is settled without any further harm to her. Best wishes Roddy
  5. If I remember correctly, there was a livery error and that was why they were sold cheaply. I don'y think there was any suggestion of problems with the wagons themselves. Best wishes Roddy
  6. That's not very fair on infants. Roddy
  7. Is it about time to change the name of this topic? Roddy
  8. Why then, if you did not believe that punishing naughty children was "his reasononing", did you post it?
  9. It is easier to glue these bits back on if you first unscrew the bogie from the deck. The bar obscuring the screw is flexible enough to get a small screwdriver past without having to remove it. Best wishes Roddy
  10. Have a look at a military modelling website to get an answer to your question. Best wishes Roddy
  11. Perhaps the original intention was to do a hatchet job on Hornby but when they actually began filming they discovered that things weren't as bad as had been portrayed on social media. Like model rail projects, most TV productions can take a long time from the idea to actual fruition. If you look back 12 to 18 months ago you would have found a lot of views which supported the end of Hornby. It may be that, rather than Hornby having a say on content and direction, the production company realised that the original prognosis was wrong. Regards Roddy
  12. Sorry everyone, the point I was trying to make with my earlier postings was that all branches of modelling are important and we should never assume that one is better than the others. I find more ways to improve my modelling skills by reading military modelling magazines than I do from model rail magazines. A lot of the content in model rail magazines is focused on complete layouts, and there is nothing wrong with that, but the majority of the content in military modelling magazines are about how a model was built and the techniques used to make it. Next time you are in Smith's, have a look at magazines about other branches of modelling and you might be amazed by what you can learn. All branches of modelling involve different techniques but there is nothing to stop us learning from them. My point about Airfix was meant to be that if you compare the size of the market for plastic kits with that for model rail world wide, model rail is small in comparison. That is why Airfix might be more important to Hornby than model rail. Please don't see this as trying to start an argument, I just want to say that no aspect of modelling is better than another, they are just different. Best wishes Roddy Ps. I should say my other hobby is R/C boats and there is only one magazine for that. That is a far smaller hobby than model rail.
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