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  1. It's almost open come down and say hello
  2. Sorry really not on the ball this year The life church Netherstowe Lichfield WS13 6TS Will be signposted on all major routes
  3. Haven't a list of layouts unfortunately but entry is £4 doors open at 10am
  4. Our yearly show is almost up on us come and join us on Saturday 15th September to view a host of railway layouts in various gauges free parking and refreshments avalible
  5. Nice video mate. Even managed to make us on Baggies look professional lol
  6. Didn't realise it's been this long sinse an update. Every day life and a lack of enthusiasm I guess but I'm back. Currently on the work bench a interlink transit
  7. Some nice pics on here mate very useful for weathering my desiro keep up the good work mate
  8. My garden shed is bigger than yours My garden shed is bigger than yours It's got 00 and live steam My garden shed is a railway shed
  9. Well another great show thanks to everyone who came to visit and thank you to the exhibitors and traders. The Thomas the tank charity layout raised £32 which was donated to the Lichfield first responders. Time to get ready for next year
  10. Lol doors open at 10 come along and say hello I'll be operating Thomas for the day
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