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  1. There are four barriers covering all entrance and exits, plus some pretty conspicuous lights. I would have thought it patently obvious that you don't stop on a rail crossing, but that sign is readable (if not very large).
  2. I have also just bought a pile of these for use in the fiddle yard, yet to appear. I did so because I preferred the idea of working above the board where I could rather than below. I have a number of the Cobalt IP digital motors under the station (mostly constructed) and found them relatively easy to fit and they work reliably, so far (but that is not a lot). Working under the board (it is fixed and permanent) I find a lot less easy than I did 50 years ago, but I suppose that is hardly surprising. When I can find some track to lay in the fiddle yard, I will let you know
  3. Toolstation has it described as "for professional use only" at a princely £3.97 for 100 gm. Although described as professional use only, I see many of the reviewers describe themselves as "DiYers". They will not deliver it - perhaps there is some check on collection. Search for "soldering irons" which gets you to this solder. Searching "solder" produces a large quantity of plumbing consumables
  4. Strikes me as a false economy - when you are paying a fair whack for track, locos and stock, a few quid on rail joiners so that it all works properly seems reasonable.
  5. I am not sure about the science - I was advised not to seal it for a period. There was no suggestion that it could not be floored - as most new build housing uses concrete bases, that is floored well within a 12 to 18 month period. I am not sure what happens to the moisture, if any. I have not noticed any signs of damp, although I do leave windows slightly open for ventilation.
  6. I have just prepared a newly built concrete sectional garage with newly laid concrete floor for the layout. I used B&Q (Diall) 5mm extruded polystyrene as an underlay with laminated floor on top. I did not seal the floor as it was newly laid and I didn't really want to wait 18 months. The concrete has a damp proof course. I also lined the walls with insulation backed wall board and created an insulated ceiling space. The roof itself is a type of tile. I can't say what each of these is contributing, but the shed is quick to warm to reasonably comfortable and seems to stay there
  7. It is possible that Peco have also considered the likely market - they are going to sell less of the bullhead than the others, probably by some way, and the price may well reflect the reduced economies of scale as much as manufacturing costs.
  8. And the station tracks with the test trains:
  9. The through station beginnings:
  10. And the beginnings of the through station, leading to the curve (the cardboard edging was temporary to avoid damage on derailment - it was a nuisance and is mostly removed):
  11. Moved on a bit since last post - the base construction is complete - open framed at the ends and solid top under the fiddle yard and station. This is the underaly for teh fiddle yard:
  12. That will work - it is effectively the same as feeding the rails at the other end of the point
  13. I noticed that when ordering timber recently - Travis Perkins didn't specify lengths. I went elsewhere (Mid Sussex Timber, not far from me here) where I was able to specify lengths on the website when ordering. So you could just try another merchant.
  14. And note that the 5/9 a yard quoted price equates to around £5 today - a yard of SL-100F at Hattons is £3.20.
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