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    Hellys in The Indipendent Celtic Nation of Kernow
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    Rail Garden Brit wildlife Paganism Classic coaches Walks Sleep Drink.
    I try to inform eveyone of the info i have truthfully.
    Was once dedicated to Hornby and Triang and once had the UK's most southerly OO gauge garden railway! Was once proud to work for First Bristol - now i survive at FGW ....... !

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  1. Currently can't post on here but FGW's Long Rock shunter 08410 is back and looks stunning in green. Shots on my Flikr photostream.
  2. Number one livery photoshopper Northern Blue 109 has done the " new " Freightliner yellow/orange of G&W on a 70 on Flikr... !
  3. Its about time that r-t-r manufacturers made Pullmans in their later and earlier livery and variations !
  4. From the end of the link in post 104, if the expected new DfT GW livery is applied, they will still end up as " PooTubes"..... !
  5. Here at FGW, we are awaiting our first vehicles to be out shopped in new DfT spec livery soon.I like the new colours - not too strippie. Can't believe the similarity to the Swiss one !
  6. Thanks all. The n gauge and CD are good ideas which will be looked into. Does not matter if its open or bridge, just the size.
  7. Is there a small ready built oo gauge small turntable made by anyone suitable for 0-4-0 / 0-6-0 tank locos ? No more than a Hornby R600 in length. I require a turntable but not the standard 30 cm length type as its too big for layout and requirement. Maybe a wagon TT will do, I believe Faller did one but unsure of length. Does not need to be motorised. Thanks.
  8. At least we are keeping our seating. Again, an increase in numbers mean for the past two years we have been shunting extra coaches in for wed and Thurs nights in July and Aug. I do hope all these numbers for the Scottish routes add up.
  9. A full list of proposed Western names both original place and extra locos were published several years back in the RM. Have always named my locos although have never got around to getting plates cast - yet.... .
  10. People from the west would like to travel up on Fri night to do the various events held on saturdays..... . plenty of people have asked me but all I can do is put in reports.... .
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