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    Rod Bellis

    I also first met Rod through visiting D C Evans and TAG Models. We subsequently became friends and I operated his exhibition layouts on a regular basis. One year at Bentley exhibition he introduced me to the late George Morris and I was invited to operate George's GWR layout. I was never a GWR fan but I wil be forever grateful to Rod for the introduction which lead to many happy years operating , in my opinion, the best layout ever built for anybody interested in operating. This introduction also enabled me to meet many other skilled modellers and to operate their layouts. I had lost touch with Rod in recent years but I remember he was always helpful and had an endless supply of tall stories. Rest in peace Rod. Tony L.
  2. The picture of the 8F is Skipton by the bridge just north of the station. The row of houses is Aireview Terrace where my relatives lived and I stayed for holidays after moving to Doncaster. The signal box will be of Midland Origin. Regards, Tony L.
  3. I believe the Regent III in the photo is not OWE116 but York Pullman 64 JDN668 owned by the late Tony Peart and also kept at Haxey. JDN668 has a large single destination display as in the photograph whereas OWE116 has the Sheffield three part display. Tony also kept his other Regent III Doncaster 122 KDT393 at Haxey. Both vehicles are now in the care of the L.V.V.S. at North Hykeham, Tony
  4. J752. I believe 75015 is crossing over Carleton Road bridge which is some way before the bridge over the main line to Leeds not as stated. Excellent photos! Tony.
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