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  1. I was struggling to get enough heat into it yeah, that was using an 25W iron though so hopefully it improves with a more powerful iron. I'll have a go at redoing it.
  2. It's going reasonably well so far, decided to go for a decent soldering station (Antex 690D) and some better solder (just been using electrical stuff so far) before progressing any further. It probably looks horrendous to anyone more experienced than myself but it's coming together easier than I expected and I'm gradually learning and getting better along the way. It's all hidden below the solebar anyway...
  3. Cheers for all the advice everyone. I bit the bullet and bought the Hunslet 50T 0-6-0DH kit, wish me luck!
  4. Opted for a simple design with a Dibond fascia and MDF enclosure. It's not very pretty but it works (much to my surprise). More info here if anyone is interested:
  5. One month later and the layout is finally in its new location. Between settling into a new job and redecorating the room (the wallpaper is a lovely sky-blue colour, saves me buying a backscene...), I haven't had a lot of time to spend on my layout. I have however managed to put a control panel together and successfully hook it up to the point motors. For the control panel fascia I created a design on MS Word then got it printed onto a 3mm Dibond panel. The enclosure is made from pre-cut MDF panels held together with wood glue. I initially tried screwing them together but it was dif
  6. During the first lockdown back in March while out on my government-mandated daily exercise walks I found myself regularly exploring the derelict Ravenscraig Steelworks site in Motherwell, as well as what remains of its connected railway lines. I found it fascinating comparing what's left to how it was and trying to place everything through old photos and maps that I could find online. Later on in May once I had almost finished university for the summer, still in lockdown, it seemed like a good time to return to the model railways hobby after a few years away from it. Having by this point spent
  7. My woodworking skills are limited to sawing bits off and screwing them together, and I only have a few basic woodworking tools. Might be time to invest in some new ones.
  8. Thanks everyone - I should have mentioned that I'm 4mm scale. Some of the Judith Edge kits I've got my eye on are the NBL/MAN 0-4-0DH D2745-80, Barclay Class 06, and the Thomas Hill Steelman Royale 0-4-0DH. Also like the look of the Ruston 88DS and Hunslet 50T 0-6-0DH mentioned by Judith/Michael. I'll do a little more research on soldering and what tools etc I need to buy, then bite the bullet.
  9. There are quite a few Judith Edge diesel shunter kits that I'd like to build, however I'm a complete newbie when it comes to etched brass kits. I've read good things about the JE kits, however it would probably be unwise to go straight into a loco kit. Is there anything in their range that might be suitable as a first project, or can anyone recommend some cheaper/simpler alternatives to get me started?
  10. Thanks guys, the examples I've seen look great so going with a Dibond panel. Not sure what I'll build the enclosure out of yet - all of the panels on modelrailwaysolutions.co.uk are out of stock, so might go for a Megapoints enclosure if I can verify that this will accommodate a Dibond panel.
  11. I need to build a small point motor control panel for my layout and would like it to look as neat as possible. Can anyone tell me what options are out there for suitable off-the-shelf enclosures and what the best way might be to print/engrave the track plan onto a piece of acrylic (or other material that's suitable)? I like the look of the MegaPoints Controllers bespoke control panels as shown here on Youtube, however can't afford this at the moment so would rather try and build something similar myself if I can. Cheers!
  12. Unfortunately I live at the other end on the UK (Scotland) from Gaugemaster, but I had a look on their website and found this: http://www.gaugemaster.com/_upload/imgs/lrg/34345/HJ2216.jpg It's junior line like you said and seems pretty reasonably priced at £33.50 and doesn't look too bad either. Is it worth buying?
  13. Hi, After a recent holiday to South France I have become interested in railways in France and I'm keen on learning as much as possible about the subject! I want to add some HO SNCF diesel and electric models to my collection but the problem is that everything is VERY expensive compared to British models and I'm 14 and don't have much money... So how do I start? I have a low budget and I'm looking for anything up to maybe £60 or £70 at the most to start my collection. Thanks in advance, Calum.
  14. Looks awesome, I'm thinking of converting the Hornby Caley Pug to a NBR Y9 so I'll be keeping an eye on this thread for inspiration! Calum.
  15. Hi, Me and a friend have started a Youtube channel called ScotRail98. We mostly do model railway related videos, but it doesn't have much on it at the moment. Please take a look and subscribe if you have a Youtube account. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/user/ScotRail98 Thanks, Calum.
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