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  1. Now that I'm back home, the layout is progressing well. I am preparing to install the signals, this will be a big wiring project involving relays and I'm looking forward to having them operational. The rolling stock is being worked on too, with a Bachmann 158 to be DCC fitted and other trains that need weathering. Stay well, more on the way, scenery has started.
  2. On first impression, my 66704 seems superbly finished. I have only test run it on straight track so far, there is a wobble for sure, I may modify it so that the covers are not connected to axles anymore. I have added 'Shawplan' nameplates, now it just needs weathering for ultimate realism. The DCC lighting functions are a big plus for me... Hattons - I would like to see Metronet 66719, 66718/21 (London) if it's possible to do those older liveries...
  3. Thank you for following, it's designed for the baseboards to separate like an ex. layout but at the moment I don't plan on taking it out. I will be back in May to continue on with the build and projects...
  4. This week I've made progress with the DCC bus and points wiring, it's nearly all finished now and trains will be running soon. The backscene construction and landscape is taking shape as well. I have a few rolling stock items to finish off before the weekend which i'll post here...
  5. I've done a lot this week with the soldering iron, glue and rail cutters, track laying is almost complete and I'm now ready to start wiring it all up to a DCC bus. A few items of typical Skipton traction are also on the work list, no progress with the 321 but the decals are at least on order. The quarry branch is the only section not to be fixed as it's raised on 9mm ply, still under construction. Here are some photos, any suggestions welcome...
  6. New Build After first trying this layout idea back in 2014, I've decided to give it another go, now that I have gained a lot more knowledge and practical skill since then I should be capable of building it to a much better standard. It's in the early stages now with baseboard construction almost done. Track laying has begun after much drawing and mapping out. Background The layout will run Peco code 75 throughout, some bullhead rail and be fully DCC (NCE). Theme will be early 2010's Northern Rail, occasional freight services and WCR trains will make an appearance. For operational interest, I'm including the down loop with quarry branch line junction, with the carriage sidings 'washing plant' and head shunt in the foreground. At the opposite end of the station will be 'Engine Shed Lane' industrial area in the background with the road bridge centrally across the scenic area. Any suggestions are welcome, hope you will be following my progress...
  7. Since the last update, I have completed the ballasting work and put back the Dapol signals. The track needs to be weathered to finish it off. 2mm static grass will be added to build up the scenery over the fine turf base layer and a backscene created. Here is a quick video:
  8. Hi there Mark, For me the benefit of N scale is the 'railway in the scenery' look for a reasonable size, this layout would be 10m long, 1m wide if scaled up to OO. The detailing on RTR models does not seem that far off OO standards. I'm happy enough with the cassettes for now.
  9. During the last few days the progress has been solid, wire mesh has been completed today and I've started work on the fiddle yards. Meantime a few small things have been done including Dapol signals, making dummy disc shunt signals and loco detailing on 56006. Next video update will be on Sunday*.
  10. Hi there and welcome to the beginnings of my first N layout. I'm basing it on the Ais Gill Summit part of the line with the Signal Box and 70's track plan. So far the baseboards and track laying/wiring has been well progressed, terrain building is the next big task. You can see the first video update here: Any comment/advice is welcome...
  11. Good work so far, I've just started following this thread and I'm modelling a similar time period too. I look forward to more updates.
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