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  1. Hi there, I'm very interested in this layout and your superb loco fleet. Looking forward to more posts and videos...
  2. Good day everyone, The layout has been quiet recently. I have found a solution for making new custom (more accurate) canopy supports, the parts for these are now on order. My sound fitted Realtrack 156 arrived this week, straight out of the box I enjoyed running it, especially with it's lighting and sound features...
  3. Hi there, yes I have a Class 321 for Northern Rail era and a WYPTE Class 308 is planned for the 90's era. The vast majority of my trains are diesels...
  4. Hello, I hope you are all doing well, the era of the layout has now been changed to the mid-late 1990's after a lot of thought and research. The changes made to the layout were minimal as scenery work is still in the early stages and Skipton hasn't really changed that much over the years, it was a simple transition. I intend to keep collecting more trains of the times, such as the class 60 hauled Tilcon & British Gypsum, coal, alongside the usual sprinter unit services. When I have more trains running, the change of era for the layout should work out fine, plenty more to come...
  5. Time for a progress update... I have been making the two catenary spans for the station area, closely following photos of the real structures. Looking across Skipton Middle Junction, now with a painted backscene. The tarmac for Broughton Road needs finishing off then I can start detailing. I have also started weathering the road bridge. It should have real presence with the girder section added.
  6. Good Evening, tonight I've finished wiring the platform lights. There will be a few more singles to install under the canopies when they're built for now here's how it looks. Notice the station canopy supports are starting to be added, they're not fixed in yet.
  7. I've decided to sell mine for anyone interested, GBRf 66704 DCC. Nothing obviously wrong with it but I want to collect some more Bachmann unique liveried ones like Metronet etc... which Hattons probably won't ever do. It can be found on that popular auction website.
  8. Good Evening, Work on the station completed this week: Hope you have a good week and a better second half of the year!
  9. Hi Ian, your comment has prompted me to change the first post, it's all explained there. Cheers, Edward.
  10. Thanks, I hope to capture the look of Skipton with this layout. It's going to be a real challenge though to build the station canopy!
  11. Another week of solid progress on the layout, the A.A. signals are wired in for DCC and more scenic work has been completed, ballasting, which I don't enjoy at all and weathering. The North end has changed dramatically. Now the scenic area will end at the Carleton Rd bridge.
  12. Temporary installation of Peco catenary to check positioning etc... before committing to ballasting the area. Some modifications need to be made for accuracy, I aim to scratch build some larger spans for the station area and one for behind the road bridge. They still need painting and white ID plates making up...
  13. Hello there, a significant update today, ballasting has started now with the construction of the platforms base. The Absolute Aspects signals have been installed and I've got a few trains undergoing work too. These include 150201, a recently purchased model, converted using Railtec transfers. Does anyone know where I can buy the Bachmann detail pack for this? I'm putting together a running session video, tomorrow - once ballasting ops are done...
  14. Now that I'm back home, the layout is progressing well. I am preparing to install the signals, this will be a big wiring project involving relays and I'm looking forward to having them operational. The rolling stock is being worked on too, with a Bachmann 158 to be DCC fitted and other trains that need weathering. Stay well, more on the way, scenery has started.
  15. On first impression, my 66704 seems superbly finished. I have only test run it on straight track so far, there is a wobble for sure, I may modify it so that the covers are not connected to axles anymore. I have added 'Shawplan' nameplates, now it just needs weathering for ultimate realism. The DCC lighting functions are a big plus for me... Hattons - I would like to see Metronet 66719, 66718/21 (London) if it's possible to do those older liveries...
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