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  1. Hello, no harm in taking a break from the hobby, for me it is better to have some time away and then come back to it. The gym will do you good mentally as well.
  2. Bring on the video. The thought of doing my canopy glazing is making me wish I'd chosen another station, your effect has worked out superbly, can just see through the glazing to the platform but is still dull and heavily weathered.
  3. Yes I recognise it, not many attempt this type of layout. The owner has a thread on here actually if you want to see more photos of it? Cheers.
  4. Stunning work as usual! It's great to see it go from nearly nothing to that level. In the video you mention the Shipley Scrap exhibition layout? Is the station area next on the agenda? Cheers.
  5. Yes I estimated roughly the same but see whatever looks right when assembled, I will be doing all this soon hopefully on my canopies when the curved brackets arrive. It may be possible for you to represent the white lines on the glazing itself rather than making separate tiny strips to fit between? Maybe you could do this on inkscape?
  6. Well I've had a quick look at Ilkley and I think they're a similar design to Skipton, just over a foot wide, maybe 40cm. When scaled down to your N gauge it's going to be very fine. Good luck... will send more photos if needed.
  7. I will use hanging style fitting warm LEDs but I've got some very thin copper enamelled wire which would need to be run in the roof then out to the power feed. Copper tape may work out fine when all done and painted up.
  8. Are you going to use LED lights in the canopy. I am currently looking into this to, any ideas? Top work again and good video. It's funny that people were commenting on your bookshelf...
  9. I think as the drive mechanisms have improved during recent years, more attention has gone into the interior but not the paint schemes. It's nice that you can put the effort in to make it look how you want. Great work on the pulley tensioner, I hope it's strong? Cheers.
  10. Very impressive catenary work, you must be happy with the 153 too, a good model for adding lights etc.
  11. Hello, I also model a real location, Youtube and flickr have been invaluable resources for copying "the way it looks". I am looking forward to seeing your progress.
  12. Hello, It's all a learning experience, I don't think those fantastic layouts you mention got their catenary all perfect first time around, must have taken huge effort to get to that skill level. Looking good for you with the modifications. Cheers.
  13. Good decision to go with a pub, stunning work again as expected.
  14. Super layout! Are you going to make these videos public? It would gain more following on youtube.
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