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  1. As an exhibitor at this show, I would just like to say that the hospitality offered to us by the hosting club was nothing short of superb. As soon as we arrived, we were offered assistance to unload the van and carry stuff in. Cups of tea were brought to us at the layout regularly throughout the weekend. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend.
  2. Virgin ran a Swindon to Birmingham service with 158s for a short while
  3. Hi Duncan thankyou for for that very detailed explanation. Very informative. I have to do something similar on my layout soon.
  4. Hi Duncan. That control panel looks rather smart. I am guessing that those are isolated sections in order to automatically stop a train, together with a push button to start the train off? Could you explain how you make your route selection work with one push switch per route? I need to sort out some sort of remote control for my storage sidings.
  5. Well I think yours is a fascinating story. An interesting memory, I am sure. Just out of interest. where did your Wickham trolly come from? Was in one that was already based around that area or was it unloaded from a lorry?
  6. You wont want to hear this, but there are published pictures (Oakwood Press book, I think) showing a class 08 actually sat in Bridport station with a tracklifting train in November of that year. The book suggests that a class 25 had visited the station the previous day together with a crane for the purpose of removing the buffer stop although no pictures of this. The 08 though, deffinately was there.
  7. In 1974, a blue class 31 on the Hemyock branch in Devon. Usually pictures of diesel trains on this branch show class 22 or 25. Picture on the Hemyock page of the Cornwall Railway Society. http://www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk/the-hemyock-branch.html
  8. It's 'Easitrac' from the 2mm Association which basically consists of 40 thou rail which you thread onto small lengths of plastic webbing to effectively make up eighteen inch lengths of flexible track. However, the track was laid six years ago and since then a new product called FiNetrax has become available which I believe consists of 40 thou flexible track together with some pointwork.
  9. Here is a short 4 minute video of my layout. Nothing fancy, just done on a phone with some corny music added, but I do think it does capture the feel of the layout quite well. It is three years since I posted the last video. Also, as Jerry mentioned earlier, I will be taking the layout to the Uckfield exhibition on 19th & 20th October.
  10. andy stroud


    test again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzULsM3QP1Y
  11. Dapol class 50 on clayhoods.
  12. An HST set has been newly introduced to the layout. It's had the usual weathering job together with a closer coupling and corridor connections. Also new to the layout is a class 50. This model was only released by Dapol last week. I have numbered it as 50 014. I remember the real one well. I was also in Vic Berrys scrapyard the day that it was lifted off the rails for the very last time by two big cranes. The new loco has been seen working engineers trains in the Blueball Summit area. This former clay wagon is now in department use. It has been made from an N gauge Society body kit which sits on an etched chassis from the 2mm association. It is seen in the engineers siding.
  13. Hi Rob. Have you considered depicting an item of coaching stock with its end door open or partially slide open in the corridor connection. ? Quite common in carriage sidings I think.
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