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  1. Working signals and running to those signals.
  2. I use self latching relays. The cost about £3.50 each. I just come t them to the feed to the point motor and they work fine. Simple, cheap, effective and reliable. You have to make sure you use the correct relay though. You need to have the type with two coils .
  3. I'm just a simple exhibitor and have played absolutely no part in the organisation of this event. I decided to publicise the exhibition on RMWeb because the organisers hadn't posted anything here and thought it might be helpful. I picked up the information about layouts etc. from the club website.
  4. The show is starting to be assembled already. There will be 9 layouts owned by Warley club on show plus another 9 layouts that are not club layouts so 18 in total. Crecy, Peco, Omen Miniatures, Ragstone and Roger Carpenter photos will have trade stands. There will be a secondhand sales stand and a signal making demonstration. I'll be running my Dawlish Warren layout at its first ever physical exhibition. It will have a late 80s/ early 90s theme to it for this show only. For other exhibitions, such as Stafford in February, the layout will be firmly back to the sixties and hydraulics.
  5. Further information is on the club website - http://warley-mrc.org.uk/ I think this will be a nice little show.
  6. Just been told that tickets will be on sale at the door. Visitors will be limited to 250 per day. So just turn up and you should be fine to get in. Tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis so if you turn up late in the day there might not be any left.
  7. Absolutely no need for Andy to lobby Bachmann on this. You can be sure that somebody important at Bachmann will be reading this thread. They won’t comment because that would almost certainly cause pointless argument, but be assured that Bachmann will be reading this. Just as I’m sure Hornby and Dapol read threads about them.
  8. I run DC N gauge and have made no modification to the code 55 electrofrog points. I only get very occasional grief from point blades not providing contact. I will get round to switching the current at the same time as the point sometime in order to improve reliability but as problems are so rare there is no rush. There is absolutely no problem with slow running, just the very occasional need to clean the contact point on the blade. The only thing to be sure of with electrofrog points is that your track formation won't cause any shorts. For instance, if you have a loop then the points at each end of the loop must throw together in order to avoid a short. Tracks that just go to sidings and don't join back to the main tracks will never cause a short. Unifrog points are the ones that are designed primarily for DCC and, so far as I am concerned, need additional electrics to make them work as required for DC.
  9. I can't see anything for this show on RMWeb so here is my unofficial notice. It is a small show in the clubrooms but I could be quite nice. Advance tickets only I'm told and children are free - 1 child per 1 adult. You have to state that you want to brng a child when you apply for tickets. Please note I am just an exhibitor and am not part of the organising team.
  10. I've gone a bit bluer since last year. This last one is a step back in time to early blue period.
  11. Very much looking forward to being there. It’s going to be a cracker!
  12. Going off topic as the track used is flexi and the radius is wider than any set track curves I have used trees as a scenic break on my new layout. My trains just disappear behind the trees with no tunnel or bridge at the end of the scenic section. I have also made use of my friend the transition curve again.
  13. I built an N gauge layout using a mixture of flexi and set track that I called a serious model. It included some R1 curves and just one set track point in the scenic section. The transition curve on the platform helped to disguise the use of a set track point as seen here. The other end of the same station with a rather nasty R1 curve to take the track to the next station. Large steam locos were banned from this layout but then it was only a little branch line. Despite the use of some set track I did take building the scenery seriously. The whole layout was on 4ft by 2ft 3in but included 3 stations and a storage siding. . It was great to operate and very easy to move/store. I enjoyed this layout a lot and often think about building something similar again. The tightest curve on my current layout is just one length of R3 set track leading into the storage sidings and all the track in the scenic area is code 55 so you could say I have moved on. I wouldn't knock the use of set track in the right situation but tight curves and set track points (in N at least) are best avoided if at all possible.
  14. I now have a full set of liveries.
  15. I think it just closed in the 1980s. The building was destroyed by fire some years later.
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