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  1. A truly iconic layout. Great work chaps.
  2. At an exhibition there is nothing better than having people tell you they love your layout, especially if they say it is the best layout in the show for them or if they say it has inspired them to get on and build something. My reason for taking a layout to a show is to spread some joy so seeing a positive response to my work is quite possibly what I am looking for.
  3. Thanks - I did say I thought Peco was a good company. I will now separate the plastic from the cardboard and onto the correct recycling.
  4. The track packaging is good old cardboard with a bit of wood to protect it which is great but the point packaging has gone from card to plastic. Maybe we should post all the plastic packaging back to Peco . If we all did it, it would send a message.
  5. It may be more effective to raise this on the Peco Facebook page or email them. It does seem they are using more plastic in packaging - the N gauge points for instance now come in a plastic holder. I know that Peco are still a family run firm and have high standards across all that they do so this does seem rather odd. If enough people agree about thus packaging being wrong on their facebook page I'm sure they will change it.
  6. Newton Abbot library claims to have the second largest railway resource in the country after the NRM. You need to contact them in advance as the person who knows what they have got isn't always there. They do have some western region working timetables . Can't beat modelling the Western main line. All the best!
  7. Are you allowed to say that? It was a BBC programme. I agree with everything you say. I also hated all the back and forward in time. Probably the worst drama I have seen on the BBC in the last twenty years.
  8. Must confess I made no effort to see this layout. I do like to see foreign layouts but I had very limited time to look at layouts so i had to be quite selective . There always seemed to be a crowd round your layout when I went past so it must have attracted a fair bit of attention. At a smaller show with a lot less to look at I would probably stop and enjoy this layout; it looks like a lot of good work has gone into it. As for being invited to other exhibitions, well I have taken three layouts to Warley and got somewhere between none and very few invitations. I always seem to get a lot more invitations at the medium sized shows such as Taunton or GETS. Don't know whether anyone else has found this to be the case.
  9. The walling is NEC standard partitioning and isn't designed to have anyone lean against it. If someone asks you not to sit against it it is for your own good.
  10. I thought it was very good indeed and had a good frequency of trains considering the type of layout. Well done lads. Great to see the Tehachapi loop.
  11. The computing industry has far more money sloshing about than the hobby industry. A show which is 90% or more trade will get a lot more revenue from stands. A model railway exhibition is typically 50% layout space which costs rather than provides revenue
  12. The show organisers don’t pay it themselves, they either charge all visitors ( including those who travel by train ) more or they charge trade exhibitors more.
  13. Hortus Halt is not the best detailed layout but at least the poster advertising on the station is up to date!
  14. For the first time ever tickets for next year's show will be on sale at the show. They will be at the club sales stand A01.
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