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  1. A typical model railway embankment is too steep.
  2. Based purely on the Brisol accent it is in the West Country. I see Bristol as the gateway to the West Country but as Thornbury is about 15 miles north of Bristol you may well be right in considering it to be outside of the West Country. Folk from Herefordshire and Gloucestershire may have different views. West Cornwall is a long way from pretty much everywhere, even Devon.
  3. Chris M

    Peco expansion

    I'm sure needing more production space was the driver for the change and cleaning costs merely an incidental. Lets face it we all moan if we can't get Peco points when we need them so more production facilities is a good thing. I see the indoor restaurant has also been taken out of service, I assume for more production space. This kind of makes Pecorama less of an all weather attraction but really it was always a place to go on a nice day rather than an iffy day. Even though a couple of buildings have been repurposed I still hope to take the grandchildren to Pecorama again this summer; it will still be a grand day out. My grandson loved that Brio upstairs in the soft play building.
  4. Chris M

    Peco expansion

    Yes well done Peco. It’s great to see a company that has kept most production in the UK and has kept itself as a family owned business doing well. Pecorama is a kind of add on to the core business so it makes sense that Peco manufacturing gets priority. I have taken the grandchildren to Pecorama twice. Both times we planned to stay a few hours but ended up being there all day. I am sure that, even without the soft play area there is enough to keep most families happy for most of the day. The soft play area also housed a large brio set.
  5. Nice one Robert. Look forward to seeing it in action sometime. Needs Powderham Castle on the backscene. A train would go through your layout a minute or two after leaving mine!
  6. I must say that is exactly my thoughts as well. Yes it is very well modelled and I appreciate the skilful work that has gone into it but I see it is a somewhat depressing subject. I’ll probably go and see it sometime though. Meanwhile my modelling preference will remain a sunny day by the seaside.
  7. Yep - 2nd radius isn't a problem for me either.
  8. Sorry but I can't recommend a Dapol 9F for long freight trains. They just aren't great pullers. The Dapol 28xx however is excellent albeit the tenders vibrate which makes them noisy, smooth runners but noisy.
  9. I run DC and I have since fitted a crew which makes her look better.
  10. Seems like a nice little loco to me. The loco to tender power wires will probably need repair/replacement as they are notoriously week. Easy enough to fix if they go. There have been some examples where the footplate has bent, I think this must have happened during the moulding process. Its worth checking it to make sure it is straight when you buy one. Other than that a well detailed loco which is a great puller. Here she is working on my layout while under construction.
  11. So far as am aware there was no mixing of wagon types on Motorail services. I know it differed on various routes but all the services I saw used the flat wagons only; there would not have been the possibility of adding a GUV to the train, especially just for one car.
  12. I don’t know about motorail but I do know the wind from an artic passing a Reliant Regal on the motorway is enough to blow it half onto the hard shoulder. This was in the days before lorries had speed limiters. I would imagine the blast from a train passing in the opposite direction could well lift it at least a little . I had one for a short time when I was 16 . On those days you could drive them at 16 because they were a motor tricycle and not a motor car. In order to achieve that classification they were designed to be very light. As a weedy 16 year old I was able to lift the car up enough for someone else to change a rear wheel without the aid of a jack.
  13. Its a better time of year for travelling and the SVR will be running so long distance visitors could have a great weekend by visiting both.
  14. Great news. For me it seems exhibitions are a bit like busses - you wait months without anything and then three come along together. With three exhibitions in five weekends my autumn is looking somewhat busy. It will be a great pleasure to be a part of the Stafford Show.
  15. One can't help but wonder whether this topic has run its course and should now be laid to rest.
  16. Business is business with no room for sentiment. I wouldn’t criticise Hornby for competing like this but equally I’m not sure it is the best decision for their reputation . I’m also not sure who has the deepest pockets. Hornby still has a lot of debt and needs to keep the cash rolling in rather than rolling out. I hope both businesses will come through with a profitable outcome.
  17. I’ve always found CMC are fine with pre orders. You can see what you’ve got on order when you sign in.
  18. They probably just need to renew their certificate. Its one of those things that happens from time to time, no big deal. They had some IT issues last year so forgetting to renew their certificate may have arisen from the difficulties of last year.
  19. Sound is very popular and if folk get extra enjoyment from it then that is fine by me. The development of sound in locos is interesting to follow. All I’m saying is that it hasn’t yet got to a point where it is brilliant.
  20. Whilst I fully appreciate the work that has gone into building the sound equipped locos shown here I'm sorry but I have to say "close but no cigar". They just don't quite do it for me. This is what a country branch line should sound like And on the main line Same train climbing Steam and diesel locos at speed often don't seem to make much noise. I have yet to see this effect created by a sound chip. It would be nice if it can be done. Finally a 46 on the level Hopefully these very amateur videos of mine illustrate why I am not yet convinced that sound is a significant step towards greater realism. Like I say, I do appreciate the work that has gone into make sound equipped locos, but for me it just doesn't recreate that feeling of watching a real train go by.
  21. Just wondering, as you have a show all ready and raring to go, could you find another free weekend in the County Showground diary? Rather than postpone to next February could it take place in May, June or July? You could then have another one next February as well and get back on track. I guess you folks will already have considered this but as an outsider I think it could work and would be better for the club than missing another year's income. If the showground can fit you in the only other issue might be other exhibitions on the same weekend. The grass would be better for parking on as well.
  22. Its fair to say that little local shows can be nice little earners with a low up front investment and not too much work. Of two little shows I have been involved with one made £1,400 and the other in excess of £2k. Ok not big enough for some but nice little earners for the organisations they were supporting without risk and without an army of volunteers. Little shows can also throw up some gems of layouts but are generally light on the big trade exhibitors and also the specialist traders. I have to admit that I will often look at the list of trade exhibitors before deciding whether to visit a show or not. The Warners run shows do appear to have a higher than average ratio of trade stands to layouts, especially Doncaster. Based on my previous comment is this a bad thing? It should be noted that the ratio of trade stands to layouts at Doncaster is very similar to the ratio at Model Rail Scotland which is an association show. Specialist shows such as the ALSRM and GOG have a much higher ratio of trade to layouts than commercially run shows but they are all about supporting specialist traders. Looking back at a few large shows it does seem that most business run shows are just a bit more expensive in terms of the number of layouts per £1 admission price than similar sized club run shows. I would argue that is because the club run shows either don't charge enough or try to put too much in rather than business run shows charging too much. Although many won't accept this, model railway exhibitions are very cheap entertainment compared to football matches, theatre etc. I must confess that while I still lament the reduction in purely club run exhibitions, the move towards business organised model railway exhibitions as opposed to no big exhibitions is a good thing. At the same time I do hope that most of the larger club exhibitions such as Stafford will be able to continue as proud club run shows.
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