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  1. The train automation programs from what I can tell and certainly how iTrain works are based on profiling the locomotives. Once the automation program knows how far the train moves at each speed setting it can very accurately predict the train stop position. If you plan on running unprofiled locomotives then a 3 sensor block with a stop block at each end of the overall block reduces the requirement for profiling. The stop blocks cound be current or spot detection depending on requirement.
  2. Great size for n gauge. Will follow your build with interest
  3. Many thanks for your great photo’s in the Templecombe post,  sort of modelling it myself and they are from angles I haven’t seen before so very useful.  Gavin...

    1. unravelled


      Thanks, I'm glad they are useful.

  4. I couldn’t make the May meeting but will keep my eye open for this one. All the boards are still in the garage from the first event and only been out once since then
  5. Picked a couple of dates mid April. Can’t do beginning of April as show and then away and not available in May after the Bank Holiday
  6. I still have the layout from last time and only used it once since last time. Can’t commit at the moment as I already have a show with Sturminster Halt in April but once you have a date I can review. Thanks for the prod Crompton. Not been here for a while ..
  7. Changed tack, Now onto a room based layout called Dorset Shire. Based on Broadstone, Shillingstone and Templecombe

    1. PhilEakins


      Must be a darned big room.

    2. Ian J.
  8. Changed tack, Now onto a room based layout called Dorset Shire. Based on Broadstone, Shillingstone and Templecombe

  9. /www.chilions.org.uk/modelrail.html Going to be at Chichester on the 24th Oct with Crawley yard in the WSNG Modular layout
  10. Sturminster Halt will be at the Milland Village Hall for the Liphook and District MRC's Open day along with me :-)
  11. One day for me please, cream crackerd after the last event.
  12. Any chance we could get a date before Easter whilst the modeling season is in full swing rather than waiting until June ? Dates permitting count me in anyway :-)
  13. Great work on finding that Mark. Nice to know thas one potential problem we had resolved. I don't think anyone really used the wired controllers apart from the yards so something that keeps the wifi connection up is all good.
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