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  1. Brilliant photo's .....especially the Newcastle one's Jim
  2. Failed D&A = Job Centre & at the very most severe case, possibly a Prison term ..... The railway scene has changed significantly nowadays..... Jim
  3. I wonder if he has a holiday home in Pisa
  4. Phew..... I had this horrible feeling that he may had been transferred to Coventry ?????
  5. Has anyone seen the "Bogie Inspector" (posh title for lazy )..... He's been missing since Wednesday and I'm getting worried that he may have been abducted!!!!! Jim
  6. Hopefully doing something constructive for a change...... Jim
  7. You're not wrong there ..... The derelict building looks a work of art. It will be in keeping with the rest of the layout. Jim
  8. I thought my mutt had a luxurious king size dog bed....... clearly not Let Buttons have a lie in.... Jim
  9. Damn ...... Primark took over the BHS in Milton Keynes
  10. Perusing through the web I found this picture by "Lewis Bevan" and some of the comments gives an insight why Gateshead Depot utilised them ocassionally.... Prior to 1978, a visit of a class 31 to Edinburgh was very rare, but became quite a regular occurance from then on. They regularly appeared on the stopping trains from Newcastle or relief trains from the ECML. I think Gateshead favoured using them because they could not be used by Haymarket for any other duty apart from the planned return working with a Gatehead driver as ScR drivers weren't trained on them, thereby guaranteeing fhe safe return of their loco! Jim
  11. Happy New Year To the Edmondson clan I hope you will still inspire us with your projects throughout 2020 Jim
  12. Glad to hear your home ..... keep them painkillers close to hand. Chill out and Merry Christmas to you. Jim
  13. Roll on February / March ........ It'll be like Christmas all over again !!! Jim
  14. Look at the ones behind that have sacrificed parts to keep the rest of the fleet operational.... Jim
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