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  1. Looking very good, I bet you can't wait to get the track in and some trains running.....
  2. Exactly the same as I have just done..... I called a plumber and I was quoted £446 + VAT, of course I had to ask, "was he completely re-plumbing the house?", of course I had to let him go but I'm sure he was related to Dick Turpin !!!!. Called another plumber who spent 2 hours fixing the issue and cost me £180. Luckily my carpets aren't due for another 2 weeks or so.....
  3. I think these are the Class 755[3] which is a bi-mode multiple unit train built by Stadler Rail Jim
  4. Well today started off as a good day until I put a screw through the main central heating pipe (lots of explicit words could be heard all over the county). I did have time to make another small video with other locos involved this time. I hope you enjoy ...
  5. A great day, spent the morning with Ray messing about with the railway and just testing out the points / electric's from the winter shut down and all is good. Ray had done some bits on the main power board and that returned toady and refitted and tested. So as the weather was the best so far this year I thought I'll get the beast out and have a little run around the Knowmoor area, sit back and have a watch.
  6. I suppose we will start to get lots of picture now????? Well I'm hoping that we do.
  7. Not dodgy paintwork........ It's the sun reflecting off of it.... Looks good
  8. Looks like someone had some fun tonight ...... Looks great. Jim
  9. I have two kettles that I own ....... Sssssh I like to keep a low profile.... Those two on my page belong to the club and were only visiting my railway as Ray had to put some sound chips into them and set them up for stopping at the signal.. I am definitely a good old diesel man Jim
  10. Alan There's nothing worse than being in some sort of pain, it just puts a downer on everything..... It's good to hear that you are working on Falcon, another loco to see running around, shortly I hope. Jim
  11. Al Here are some pictures of how we have done it on Ayr Road We built a platform on the baseboard to seat the point motors and frog juicers to keep any rain water away from the electrics And these are then housed within the signal box or outbuildings The wiring to the main board in the garage is run through 25mm plastic tubing fixed on the front of the board I hope this gives you some ideas and food for thought Jim
  12. Morning Al I am looking forward to your proposed venture, you won't regret it.... Initially on the MKI version we had a bus bar and loads of other stuff hidden under the boards but this was just a pain if something failed as we kept having to solder upside down. On the MK2 version I wanted everything positioned on the front / top of the boards for easy access just in case something went awry. All rails joins have fishplates and then the rails are bonded leaving approximately a 1-2mm gap for expansion and all the point motors (servo's) & frog juicers are hidden with buildings, you
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