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  1. Great to hear that Ben is going to talk about Heljan's modern images program going forward...... Will he also take 2 minutes out to talk about the past models and how customers can get the replacement gears that have continuously failed, free of charge I hope ....... as during the last 6 weeks this has cost me £180 to rectify !!!!!!
  2. Not a huge amount happening at the moment due to the great British weather so it has been spent indoors doing other things. My mate Ray has been kept busy and keeping off the streets by building my Easy build Carflat and a fine job he has done too. I have another one on order for him to complete along with some Wayoh bogies to build for a couple of Westdale MKII coaches that I have recently acquired. I have ordered up some decals for the Carflats and once in place then it will go back to Ray for the dinghams to be fitted. After a lick of paint today she now looks like
  3. They do look refreshingly clean looking in this paint scheme though
  4. At a quick glace they look like Johnny 5 from the film Short Circuit.......
  5. Phew....... There was me thinking that you were going to bin it.............. So glad it is just a rewire job. Jim
  6. I know how you feel........ It leaves one big void
  7. That'll be the shortest retirement ever...... I bet his new uniform already has the elbows wearing thin......
  8. Coming home from work today I had a nice surprise ...... sitting on platform 4 at Euston.... 40145
  9. Oh yeah..... I can see the resemblance now ... I suppose he is more laid back than his father
  10. Looking good Jon...... We have just rebuilt Ayr Road over the summer so I am looking forward to running some trains Jim
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