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  1. Another afternoon spent in the garden we managed to felt the boards that were put in yesterday and placed another board before the rain came so we went into planning mode then..... We also filled the car with the old carcasses for a trip to the recycling centre tomorrow, so all in all a good job done. Look at him...... He's getting the bin ready..... Yep just as I thought he's bogie watching just like Andy Peter's Lazy Joe Jim
  2. MMMMMM you could be right here, I'll might turn the dustbin upside down and see if he starts leaning on it.....
  3. Well the weekend weather has allowed Ray & I to start cutting the boards for fitting to the framework and then start the felting so here is a few pictures of how we are getting on.... Hopefully the weather will be kind to us to allow us to get on and do some more. Just because the sun's out he thinks he can have a 15 minute nap...... Cheek of it
  4. The LUL Signaller at Amersham can not speak to any Chiltern Line / other railway companies directly whilst they are in the cab, the GSM-R radio only goes to the Line Controller (not the signaller) whom is now based at Hammersmith SCC, although from Harrow-on-the-Hill through to Amersham the signal post telephones are kept operational and these are two way, signaller to signal and vice versa. The signaller can communicate with LUL stock as this utilises the Connect radio system. Jim
  5. Both loco's look fantastic...... I do like the faded look that you have mastered Jim
  6. Paul Having zoomed in on the picture the cables seem to disappear under the rear skirt of the cab Jim
  7. Paul I have found this photo but you will have to zoom in to get a rough idea. Also if you google "tractor air lines on a Bedford TK " there are one or two generic pictures but these are copyright, hence why I didn't put these on... Jim
  8. I remember my dad driving one of these in the early 70's then he got a KM
  9. I am not going to admit it but.........I also had a pair
  10. The hut looks great..... I bet you're happy now that you have painted the bricks individually.... Beautifully done.... Jim
  11. Don't forget the fashionable purple cords........
  12. Yes please, but I was going to have some fun whilst SWMBO was going to hold it down
  13. Well the sun is trying to shine here so I will spend a few hours in the garden today even if it is just cutting the over hanging parts off the braces, at least that will be one job less later on when we start fitting the tops. In the meantime Ray has finished one of the single slips that will be used, only two more to go... Later on I will try and take a picture of the new Knowmoor track layout and post.
  14. Peter A great looking job ..... It looks very professional & I'm impressed with the amount of storage you have. You don't realise the amount of little bits you acquire / find / save when you are building a layout, I am forever buying the plastic boxes to house parts. Jim
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