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    Ayr Road .... My O Gauge diesel depot based in the 1980 / 90's..... Now building an extension to the railway so it can run into the garden

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  1. You will need to make sure all the layouts have a strong leaning post / fence / barrel etc for him to visit.
  2. This was the other end of the loco and another great photo by Martyn Hilbert. The loco was repaired and ran for about 4 -5 years before heading to the scrap yard. The connecting doors were plated over during the repairs and you could tell which Class 40 it was providing of course it was running No2 first.
  3. It certainly makes a presence on the layout.... Well done
  4. What ...... Nothing on your bench that belongs to me????????? Right I best go and have a look in the garage to bring it around
  5. Al I have only found this one, don't know if it helps
  6. Thanks Al, it's just a pity some of the bits are missing and the sides need re-cutting as they don't have holes where they are suppose to be but Mike has said he'll sort it.
  7. I just thought I would add one with a kettle on the turntable.
  8. Started to install the turntable well yesterday with Ray and it all went very well with minimal modifications to the baseboard structure. Then this morning I had to remove it in order to conduct the painting around the well wall. So after a paint job and then the reinstatement of the turntable, next job was to install the well rail, which seemed to take ages but it went together in the end. I can't go much further with the bridge section until Mike sends me some bits as these were missing from the kit. Jim
  9. The wagons are OAA by Heljan and the Loco is a Class 31 by the same company. My set up is also DCC controlled but I utilise the NCE setup. I completely rebuilt the outdoor section las year with my great friend Ray as we learnt by our original mistakes. I have to admit that version 2 is standing up to all the elements of the great british weather.... Good luck with you venture Jim .
  10. Test shot ….. who are you trying to kid…. Any excuse to have a quick blast around the track …. I know I do it all the time …. Looks nice between those rocks Al
  11. Lee, it looks the bees knees ….. It will probably be withdrawn by the time you get round to it again …..
  12. I like the idea of a beer train...... I don't think the missus is impressed in loading up the wagons whilst I sit in the sun... Jim
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