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  1. I think it is worth bearing in mind that the above information generally relates to the original construction which was soon found to be too light in some cases. According to Flanagan the C&L started relaying in 1905 with second-hand 60-65lb and then 80lb rail with the GSR completing the job. Again no information about the sleepers. The WCR started with 74lb replacement rail in 1905 and the GSR completed the job between1926 and 1938 although the 2ft sleeper centres quoted by Patrick Taylor seems a bit OTT. The best bet for modellers is to study photographs from your chosen era. Phil
  2. I have a Bachmann 2MT that ran appallingly on my rolling road but two years on it still runs perfectly on the layout. Don't worry about it. Phil
  3. Martyn, Have a look at this link for some ideas for a hidden surround fiddle yard - should it be staging!! http://www.railroad-line.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14413 The plan is part way down the page Phil
  4. Very impressive John. I am interested to know how you did the roofs on the coaches? Phil
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