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  1. Are the buffers sprung? There doesn't look to be much room if not, without hacking away some more plastic.
  2. Bad luck Tim. Not seen much snow here, hope it stays that way. See you at our show next month ?
  3. Here is my entry into the wagon section. LNWR D14 Deal wagon. Built from a London Road Models kit to P4 standard.
  4. This Saturday. I'll be there helping to operate 'Richmond'
  5. Thought i'd put up some photo's from last weekend. We were in the station building operating Walford Town. Had some good sound effects from passing trains. View of the yard from the footbridge.
  6. Not really much progress to report, but I've been toying with the idea of going down the split axle/chassis route. Not tried one before but like the idea of no pick-ups. So first up, make a split axle. What I've done is to loctite the center bush onto 2mm silver steel, add some fibre washers. Bore out the outer bushes to 2.3mm. then loctite them on using a BranchLines Jig. I had to use a number of fibre washers to get the axle length right as the 8mm long sleeves turned out to be only 7mm long, oh well! Now i know it works, just need to make two more. They will have to wait till after Expo Em this weekend. I feel a spending spree coming on....
  7. Just a quick post to show I've not abandoned it. I bought myself an Avonside Chassis jig, so this will be a good opportunity to practice using it. I've only assembled one set of coupling rods so far, just to get used to the jig. Not likely to get much more done soon, as we are showing at Expo EM on May 16 & 17th. There are a few running repairs to be done for then, so it will have to wait. Cheers for now
  8. I certainly can't remember having any trouble building it. It was one of the first kits i built and thinking about it, it was nearly 20 years ago. Cor that's frightening! There was a picture on the London Road web site, I presume it's still there.
  9. I've just stumbled across this topic, and thought it an excellent idea. So I'm going to give it a go, presuming it's open to all? Having a think about what to build. I've got one started project (well to be honest there is more than one) but i would like to finish this one. Unfortunately i think this is too far started to enter, so back it goes in the started project box for later. I also have these Which could both be used on our club layout ( Clarendon). But i think I'll leave them for later. Can we enter more than one? This could be just the challenge needed to get on and build them. So in the end I'm going to start with this. I know it will go together well, i have actually already built one, hope that's not cheating! It will be built to P4 standard with a CSB chassis,high level gearbox and Mashima motor. Well that's about all for now, hope to start shortly but we are at the Crawley show www.crawleymrs.org.uk/ this next week end and then it's Scalefour north the weekend after that, although that's just visiting. I'll be back shortly when i actually start.
  10. How about a topical one for this week? Cheltenham racecourse from Cleeve Commom. Spot the train! it is there. Honest.
  11. Still on the crossing bridge theme Barmouth And of course got to have Glenfinnan !
  12. Here's a couple i took of Grafton Allright 6 then
  13. it's getting nearer, thought it was about time for a reminder Full information is on our own website at http://www.lwmrs.co....exhibition-2013
  14. Here are a few of my pictures: Highbury Colliery Calderwood Calderwood St.Merryn St. Merryn St. Merryn St. Merryn St. Merryn St. Merryn St. Merryn St. Merryn ? I can't find the name of the last layout, perhaps someone will remind me? And apologies for taking so many of St Merryn, but.................
  15. This one http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/calendar/event/415-cardiff-model-railway-show/
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