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  1. Parents recently visited peco last week, the main large radius are just starting to go back in production and peco hope that crossing / slips will flow soon Who knows when they arrive, hopefully before the big man on the 25th
  2. From what I was told a number of pre ordered ones where air freighted in for customers and the other wagons are on the high seas or landed at ports / will be arriving very soon
  3. I've got a customer who's having a spot of bother running his 56xx on DCC, Did I read somewhere ( or dream ) that some CV's where needed to be changed for ZIMO decoders ? Thank you in advance
  4. Interesting we've been offered to buy ( by loan merchant ) alot of Golden Age Stock sitting in storage unit, multi items in various qty.
  5. Your 7MM Looking good Mr Hey, Ive watched a few times I belive on you tube
  6. Indeed, just pushed back in though no worries here
  7. Not sure, I don't have much info on the photo either, just the first one I found while searching this morning for angle of the wood stack at corner and brown
  8. Few little updates - Timber yard storage barn, normally can be seen behind the station in the 50's 60's ( ignore the other parts in the photo they are for another layout being built ) Just can be seen behind the platform sign Also Ex-LNER Drivers toilet block, to be positioned down by Bog hall level crossing Going forward, hopefully if Whiterose model's ever get back to me I wish to order my next baseboard for the turntable section - Oxford Rail J27 arrives shortly - More Low relief houses for Windsor terrace - More sound fitted locos & weathering All for now, thank you again
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