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  1. Late to the party AGR is back open Tuesday to Saturday 10-3 https://www.agrmodelrailwaystore.co.uk/
  2. It’s off a old Lima model, can’t really remember which one sorry
  3. Might be Rails system, I know our admin side will generate sale invoice and inc VAT ( it can't tell the difference between a new product brought on eBay to used one ) So it will show VAT , even though we haven't sold it with VAT within the sale on eBay.
  4. Slow progress on the main board, finally got round to craving out some embankments. Need to finish off the foam behind the road going down towards bog hall box & cattle dock. In so much need for Peco's over promised and much delayed bullhead double slips.
  5. Monday Morning Shed Scene, with some visitors
  6. Another small update, another signal being made up Till next time
  7. I received today two built points by two different manufacturers today which one would you have from the photo I think I know which one I would be keeping just want to hear other’s opinions please
  8. What are people recommending for fairburn file on ESU v4 decoder options please
  9. Little update- Shed area still need work but track is in place ( Not wired up etc ) & Turntable back from fitters
  10. I didn't know about the land issue and purchases, Its abit before my research time but handy to know thank you As for the coal dock I do not know sorry, I haven't found any photos / text / information of what went on ( other then it was redesigned many times in BR period ) But I 99% sure they were never winched I've got plenty of wagons sitting up on the dock / sitting before the trap points half way down the bank, I do wonder if they used the one / two wagons which can be often seen stored by the side of the shed. I've got a great photo somewhere of a near
  11. Small new update, coal dock built and laid in place
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