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  1. I didn't know about the land issue and purchases, Its abit before my research time but handy to know thank you As for the coal dock I do not know sorry, I haven't found any photos / text / information of what went on ( other then it was redesigned many times in BR period ) But I 99% sure they were never winched I've got plenty of wagons sitting up on the dock / sitting before the trap points half way down the bank, I do wonder if they used the one / two wagons which can be often seen stored by the side of the shed. I've got a great photo somewhere of a near
  2. Small new update, coal dock built and laid in place
  3. Also different location, looks to be near the road bank
  4. When you have a spare office floor and spare 5 minutes in-between jobs ( Plan not 100% ) But 28 foot of layout
  5. AGR opening from the 16th - https://www.agrmodelrailwaystore.co.uk
  6. New Wagon Alert & Low Stock Alert!! New - Peco GR-225AGR 009 Gauge Boxed Van 'WW1 Supplies Van No.03' AGR Special Qty 150 Only and selling fast!! Low Stock! Peco GR-222AGR'C' 009 Gauge Boxed Van 'Mail No.91' AGR Special - Only 10 Left!! Hurry! Both can be brought here - https://www.agrmodelrailwaystore.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=AGR 009 With many of our other 009 Commissions from Peco.
  7. With guidelines which need to meet / which haven’t been announced yet
  8. I guess we might be lucky we have one open from 9 -3 ( post needs to be dropped off before 2:30 ). All we plan to do is open from 10 so gives us couple hours to pack / get orders round to the post office.
  9. Plan for AGR is either the one of the two following - — Have desk outside and have click / collect system or Ask at the desk and staff will find products for the customer. - One or Two person system in / out with PPE shield for staff & customers alike. Problem we have at present our mail order has been high and with Royal Mail / post office reducing their opening hours we will have to reduce ours so we drop off parcels etc etc Also giving us time to clean store after each day etc etc Anthony @ AGR
  10. New Wagon Alert! GR-225 WW1 Supply Van - 009 Gauge RRP £18.95 / Limited to 150 Purchase here - https://www.agrmodelrailwaystore.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=gr-225
  11. New Wagon Alert! GR-225 WW1 Supply Van RRP £18.95 / Limited to 150 Purchase here - https://www.agrmodelrailwaystore.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=gr-225
  12. Update from AGR - Morning everyone. We're sure that many, if not all, of you saw the PMs address to the country last night, and perhaps have seen the subsequent press reports. We just wanted to clarify our position with regards to reopening to the public. Whilst it seems the announcement offers us a little bit more freedom in how long and how far we can exercise there is still no clarity on non-essential travel and how businesses should operate. We are expecting more details once the new measures have gone through Parliament later this week but for now, for the safety of our c
  13. It's no problem, just D'oh momment! I have many plans & maps I just need to look them at twice and check my plans before I post on RMweb I am going to have a go with Templot, thank you for the tip
  14. You know have the nagging feeling in the back of your head that you've forgotten something, oh dear back to the drawing board.....
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