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  1. Those backscenes to mirror what has already been said look fantastic.
  2. The books by Neil Parkhouse really are golden when it comes to inspirational imagery / reference images, currently own the lot.
  3. Now that's a vote of confidence if I do say so myself!
  4. R.I.P Arthur. G. Pig | 2010 - 2015

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. steve22


      So sorry for you. Thinking of our last one just yesterday. They all gave us and the kids such joy over the years. The lovely little noises they made - 'Weeeep, Weeeep, mmmmmmmm' or something like that!

    3. Southernman46


      We still have 3 - such lovely creatures :-)

    4. Blackbuck


      Thanks all for the kind words. There is the upside that we still have George (noticed a theme with the names yet). Hopefully he'll still be with us for some time.

  5. Maybe someone can do it justice in all its glory someday I think barring any major alterations due to insulation that the plan is ready to be frozen then. Fun times. Now begins the photographic inspiration phase... ~Mark.
  6. It would be the latter. Sadly the lack of breadth puts paid to there being any true distance between the two.
  7. Perhaps some of the wiser here might answer that? As far as I'm aware though they're not that bad. That last point would make for some rather interesting operations... However, I think in the interests of simplicity, reversion to a single platform face with goods lockup is the better option. I do have one question however to improve line capacity would it be feasible to have the small station / halt remain a block post switched in and out as necessary, or does that require a loop to be present? ~Mark.
  8. Again, I had looked at Kingswear but something about it just... I don't know, doesn't appeal to me, at least if doing it in OO. ---------- Those are simple enough adjustments to make mightbe ~Mark.
  9. Amended, hopefully this should be it as far as major adjustments. Some minor tweaks have been made here and there as well as aforementioned three-way point. The main changes are spacing the paved area out better for carts and vehicles to come and go. The halt has been pruned but is still to be a block post. Instead of their being a siding there's now a lockup on the platform for sundries and other smallish items. ~Mark.
  10. I had actually placed a catch point there to do just that though it may not be readily apparent in the plan, a full scale trap and spur to my mind would A: look awkward and B: interfere with the trap for the carriage siding. As for the shed conundrum, I think that having it off the former short road might be the better way as it would mean the road is short enough to not interfere with space elsewhere as there aren't going to be hordes of wagons propelled through at any given time. The final thing niggling away at me is that siding on the halt. It's impossible to shunt from the station direction where incidentally most of the wagons are likely to be at one time. Having the pointwork the other way around doesn't work either as it necessitates moving onto the traverser. So for the sake of simplicity I may just do away with it as keeping it with a kickback would need for it to be accessed from somewhere along the platform face to give clearance and even then the resulting siding would either be really curved or necessitate a further kickback into a straighter line for loading and unloading... Excluding any other points raised I think the station layout might be ready to be frozen. ~Mark.
  11. Thanks for the feedback once again. Which area for the trap? I assume you mean the exit from the yard to the running line? Short of unloading in the shed road or access road to the short road I don't know where you could really handle much except maybe by re-purposing the carriage siding into a goods road and have facilities either side a la Thurso but that's just inviting complex movements in and out of the station to and from the yard proper. Another option I suppose would be to have the goods shed on the short road and use what was the shed road for extra capacity or as a mileage siding. ~Mark
  12. Ah, feedback! See below for responses and a new plan. Well. I've tried to heed your advice, as best I can that is... The overall feel is somewhat busier IMO given the expanse of parallel track but that's unavoidable given the lengths involved. Shades of Barnstaple Victoria are beginning to appear again to my eye. Given the nature of the coal and livestock traffic my thinking is that the two kickbacks might well actually be workable The dock spur has moved to the space the parcels spur once occupied (which now I imagine will be dealt with on a platform face) The 'short road' is now a spur off the back crossover and has the usage of the yard crane as required The station throat out of necessity has been compressed somewhat more than previously Platform faces have been re-jigged length wise due to the pointwork for them being brought forward I did muse over a Minories type thing when I first started looking into a permanent layout but decided against it, mainly due to it not fitting in with the idea I had in mind. ------- Something I'm pondering is whether the double slip providing entrance to the yard could be turned into a single slip with running around being completed by a second crossover between the platform 2 access and platforms themselves, or would that just be superfluous? ~Mark.
  13. That's one of the things running through my head, if you've got a hefty train with you then you need a hefty headshunt to clear it... As for the three-way, I agree it does make things seem busier but it does seem the best option space wise. I'd imagine once in place the back of the station would end up looking like Minehead but with a road added in between the loop and shed for goods reception. I'll take a look at the Plymouth Goods layout too and see what I can come up with in Anyrail. ~Mark.
  14. No need to! Striking a balance between realism and operational playability has always been a point of content for myself. The main idea running through my head as to be able to separate the individual types of traffic from one and other however this in hindsight seems somewhat daft... --- With regards to a reception road, would you pilot the train off with a resident loco and release the train loco that way or connect the reception road via a three way to the existing run-round loop? ~Mark
  15. Well, I completely re-did the goods facilities alas to no avail. They feel worse now than they did before... I just can't seem to get the yard to flow in one direction, which is annoying. Trawling through the OPC plan books has so far yielded little inspiration other than Barnstaple Victoria and Minehead. So, I am officially stumped. ~Mark.
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