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  1. The first Class 26 in Devon is guesting on the SDR Diesel Gala Weekend. A good crowd given the stormy conditions this morning.An excellent choice for a visiting loco.which has proved very popular..
  2. Should be possible to track down the working. The only train to have the buffet car positioned at the end of the train was a Cardiff or btm to pz wasn't it? t it?
  3. Maybe I've missed it already posted but is everyone aware that an hst is due up the branch this Saturday 10th Oct on a Buckfastleigh fill in tour?
  4. a D63XX in blue livery did the rounds of branch lines in the area with the weedkiller train in 1971? Several slides of this working appeared on eBay a while ago and I believe one was on the Looe branch.I wanted the Calstock shot but they were expensive and very sought after as it is purported to be the only blue loco to ever traverse either branches.
  5. A green Power Car was heading for Laira this afternoon on the A38.No numbers or branding applied.
  6. I was very fortunate to find this picture of 4A64 on ebay with unopposed bidding. Photos of this service in Devon are extremely rare. The short lived Par to Park Royal freightliner ran from 18 May 1968 to July 31st 1970 and was a class 47 turn but some of the early airbraked Westerns did work it on occassions. Southbound it was an overnight service (never seen any pictures) but Northbound was an afternoon departure from Par. D1652 works the train through Teignmouth here (18/8/69) never fully loaded hence its short life. The same loco sometimes worked the service for the whole week but usually something happened to upset the roster. Given that Falmouth is the third largest, deepest, natural harbour in the world, it always dissappointed me that a large container terminal was never developed (gaining an earlier arrival in the capital than going up the channel to Southampton) but I was once told that Hemerdon and Dainton precluded such a scheme. Thankyou Mr Brunel! Whos atmospheric experiments gave us 1 in 37's on our mainline! There were a couple of photos of this train that appeared in Modern Railways and there is one on Flikr (Dave Mitchel) mistaken as a Motorail (I have corrected!) but apart from that I once photographed Western Musketeer on it in Somerset and Brian Mills reckons He captured it at Brent once. Would be good to find more photographs of this service.
  7. Hymek heads for Kingswear. Sorry about the colour. Just can't get it right.
  8. Returning to the topic of livery. The new colour is functional rather than showy. It is cheap to maintain to a high standard and is a recognisable brand colour. It is designed specifically for its purpose. FGW are operating at or near full capacity and gaining further passengers through flashy livery applications will create problems of overcrowding.The company is trying to solve this overcrowding by buying bigger trains and creating more seats plus abolishing catering on the London route thus saving on a catering vehicle. They are unable to control numbers by economic means and put up fares so dumbing down is their chosen option. Plymouth and Cornwall have no motorway or airport to compete with mass travel. FGW have done their homework on this and long term they need to hold useage to manageable levels. Some London bound HSTs are pretty unbearable with overcrowding.The plain livery is entirely appropriate they don't have to sell themselves on livery.
  9. At Paignton! I see a man and a boy on the up platform!
  10. Not a diesel but this coach on 'The Torbay Flyer' recalls an age when catering was taken seriously; a coach given over solely to food preparation. Much food prep was going on in Platform 2 for the return meal, all the Pullman seats were laid up ready. Other staff of all sorts exchanged banter with Dartmouth Railway staff in the sunshine having been on the go since 06.00 or before from Nuneaton. There were 40 of these coaches built originally but this is a latter day conversion not an original as it is beyond the number series of the originals as M80042. It shares this practice with Tornado! I am not sure what it started out as but I imagine there must be an 80041 somewhere.
  11. Platform 2 at Kingswear has an old world charm of it's own quite unlike any other arrival platform anywhere. Possibly because it is hemmed in between the canopy and the wall and holds 15 coaches. It will be in use three consecutive days this week. Here is the Torbay Flyer with a rare visit of Class 20's to the terminus which was bustling with the ragatta in full swing and HMS Monmouth taking prime position in the river. There was a queue to cross the river which extended all the way from the pontoon to the buffet door on the platform! Class 20's in Devon probably don't outnumber the class 40 visits though they have only ever visited in pairs I believe. A stirling performance was put in by these machines to make an on time arrival. Here they fill the terminus with their unfamiliar whistle awaiting release by D2371.
  12. Correction SDR class 20 did appear at a diesel gala according to my records back in the 90's.
  13. Hope to see the assault on Goodrington bank. RedArrows only a flypast from now on. Let's hope this isn't the last Torbay Flyer. I can't recall 20s ever going to Kingswear before, most other mainline classes have except 24\26\27. Don't think we've seen any at Paignton for a long time. Good weather ATM clear blue sky Here in Cornwall.
  14. A new cement terminal is planned for Plymouth on a rail connected quay where access tracks are already in place. Plymouth does not want extra heavy lorries using the roads and it is environmentally unacceptable to increase such heavy loads onto a stressed system.The Cattedown terminal will bring huge tonnages of cement into silos by ship for onward transit. Can we all look forward to developments?
  15. I would really like to see see the building restored and some acknowledgement of or display about Brunel. As is the want of the Plymouth area there is almost an ethos of denial about history and culture. Even Drake only warrants a statue on the Hoe. Scott has nothing in Plymouth. Nottingham sells itself on the mythical? figure of Robin Hood and we have three real life giants to celebrate with virtually nothing to inform or promote the city and its heritage. We have one of the worlds iconic bridges, people love it and they deserve a visitor centre at least! The station is the ideal site for the centre as the bridge can be seen from it.
  16. Saltash station building is in an appalling state. What happened to the plans to develop an RA bridge view cafe? Surely the buildings are as Brunellian as the bridge and are listed?
  17. Is there a date when the govt will publish their plans for an all weather rail route to the Southwest?
  18. Yep. That's definitely solid evidence! Good choice of locations to get the carriage window shots.
  19. 08 955 trundling through platform 4 at Exeter St Davids in June 1981 on the Exmouth Junction - Riverside Yard trip. This was part of Turn 1601 which included a trip down to Exeter City Basin to shunt Kings Asphalt.
  20. The daily trip working from Riverside yard to Exmouth Junction repair shops was rarely photographed. Thanks for posting those.
  21. Bristol and Bath are on the M4 corridor.All lands that lie North of that corridor are Midlands orientated and all lands that lie South of that corridor are culturally Westcountry. Effectively Bristol is the gateway to the Midlands when viewed from the Westcountry.
  22. What a stunning shot of 37275 TG, Perfectly framed and elevated with the red cliffs behind, I guess this was the Summer Saturday dated South Wales working, In steam days this used to produce an Ebbw Junction 9F to Kingswear! The equivalent working features earlier in this thread with a 33 on the Swansea at Aller and Dawlish Warren,. Did a 37 turn up on this working on other occasions?
  23. Taken from the bridge in the last photo this Ruston shunter was always stabled at the end of the headshunt. This location on the clifftop would make a superbly interesting model railway layout. Compact, dramatic, red cliff scenery, heavy industry and an industrial loco to run. One day it will appear in an exhibition surely! The Gasworks were always very smelly and discharged hot sulphurous water in a stream down Hollicombe beach. We were never allowed to play anywhere near it. A regular train of about 20 coal trucks came up from Kingswear daily? The Ruston which here is shown fresh from it's very last overhaul, fell into disuse and the train loco was used to position trucks from about the mid 1960's onwards. I remember seeing D864 Zambesi in ex works condition. It was the first loco I remember seeing in BR blue and looked stunning in the bright sunshine (1967?). The Ruston I believe was a ubiquitous off the shelf loco of the Ruston range but none could have been posted to a more bizarre location as this!
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