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  1. Class 17 in 2017. D8568 lone survivor is this years diesel gala visitor at Buckfastleigh. Not sure how far south these machines ever worked but home was Scotland and the North West.
  2. Returning to the 1Z10 The North Cornwall Farewell Railtour and pulling together all available information, it was formed of DMBC W51581 and DMS W51590 (definites) with a strong possibility of the TS (centre car) being W59587 and a slim chance that it could have been W59582. We may never know! History is easily lost!
  3. 70806 16/08/17. Just about exhausted new photographic angle on this one!
  4. I am trying to track down the actual unit that worked a railtour to Bude on the last day of services. The date was 1st October 1966 and one driving car of the 3 car Class 120 was W51581. The tour started in Plymouth so was presumably allocated to Laira. Anyone got the relevant info? It would be gratefully received.
  5. On the same day a railtour ran to Bude formed of a three car class 120. Does anyone have information on or pictures?
  6. The last train was likely to be W55012 and W55016 according to this excellent analysis. It would be interesting to know the other two units on the Wadebridge section.
  7. In the absence of a 'Yardee' being allowed to reveal all. Here it is at Saltash in appalling weather conditions. Don't you just love summertime in England!
  8. 66775 arrived at the Devonport Dockyard Naval Base (10.7.17) to be named HMS Argyle. Seen here at Keyham and entering the Dockyard smelling strongly of fresh paint.
  9. Making the Branch Line Society envious is 47 237 (D1914) on rare and rusty track at Hoodown in one of the headshunt sidings. This loco detached from rear of the steam charter from Woking to Kingswear which pulled in to Platform 2. A maneuver then took place to get the support coach off the front of the train by Royal Scot by propelling the coach around the run round loop and onto onto the 47. The Scot then went into the bay to await departure to Churston for turning. The 47 then added the coach to the Paignton end of the coaching stock, ran round to the other end and propelled the set back int
  10. Royal Scot runs back to Kingswear after servicing at Paignton and having had a faulty injector fixed which cause a delay on Churston bank.
  11. 'Clear Road Ahead' . Royal Scot departs Paignton to return to Woking having visited Kingswear 24.6.17
  12. 150002 at Forder. I am told that this unit has never worked to Penzance before, it has been allocated to Reading for the Basingstoke services along with 001. A dmu with a centre car is a rarity this far west. The 59, Tornado and this all passed within 10 minutes along with the retro liveried 43002.
  13. Some shots of the current infrastructure at Moorswater. Taken from the path up by the side of the line 31.5.17
  14. Just out of the box 70815 in the woods at Moorswater 31.5.17
  15. The second visit of 59202 Alan Meddows Taylor to Cornwall seen as it crosses Forder viaduct with support coach 21269 for Tornado 29.5.17. This loco worked a sand train from Methrose (near Burngulow) 19.8.13 Sister loco 59204 has also entered Cornwall once and 59205 was once recorded on the fuel tanks a few years ago. They were the forerunners of the Class 66. Other class of 59's to visit the Duchy include 59001 and 59101 to Penzance on a Railtour 28.5.01 and 59005 to Burngullow 16.12.13.
  16. I have never noticed that Nissan? hut in Kingswear before. I wonder if it is still there?
  17. Celebrity Power Cars have created an amazing amount of interest in recent months as we approach the end of their stint in front line service This one is Harry Patch 43172 (06/05/17) after the Totnes stop on 07.30 Paddington to Plymouth.
  18. The Great Britain X Railtour (6/5/17) passing Totnes with Lord Dowding (Braunton) and Royal Scot. Unfortunately it was raining for this section of the trip. The first steam to Penzance this year. The locos would come off at Plymouth to be replaced by a 47. They will work back from Penzance tomorrow.
  19. Summer 73 Scotsman overshadows Orion at Paignton.
  20. D6328, 6348 and 6308 dumped having served their time. Laira. Summer 1971
  21. The final 31 on freight to Devon? Phone pic from February 2013. I just happened to be passing Plymouth station when this 31 turned up after delivering the Railvac.
  22. At the risk of being boring. Once again the Moorswater Lafarge to Aberthaw Cement Works return empties 23.2.17. Trying to find new locations and rarely used stations!
  23. As I recall a number of services included a GUV usually at the London end, in all likelihood this one is actually blue but extremely dirty. Many were re-bogied with B4's? for running consistently at 100mph on the Paddington line. I never saw the use of Syphons like this, maybe they were restricted to 90mph? Class 50's were permitted to 100mph, 47's to 95mph and 52's to 90mph. Having said that I have Secondmanned a Western at 106 mph!
  24. Queens Park Sidings Paignton. 26.7.71 Summer Saturday. 804 Avenger pulls up in Platform 1 as 47 is busy arranging stock in the sidings. Happy days!
  25. Castle Class 7001 Sir James Milne climbs past Waterside. It is the 8.55 from Newton Abbot to Kingswear but carries a reporting number, headboard and express lamps with a rather motley collection of stock. This is in preparation for the up 11.25 Torbay Express to Paddington.31.7.58
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