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  1. The up 'Torbay Express' 4/6/16 echoed the halcyon days as best it could! Worth recording as It won't be long until some lament this kind of diversity! 43187/43188?
  2. Today saw the 'Northern Belle' Pullman set enter the South West. Following a trial run of 68016 to Penzance recently both 68016 'Hornet' and 68017 'Fearless' worked todays tour. Here it is powering through Newton Abbot with 016 on the back. I am not sure what the earlier trip to Penzance was for (certainly not gauging and I wouldn't think route learning either?). A touch of the Summer Saturdays was found at Newton Abbot as this train was held for an up Paignton to Exmouth to cross in front of it which had arrived in the Down Relief platform (Platform 1) from Paignton to make way for the up Torbay Express which I believe had followed it. This was good for the observer as it was on full power in this shot, only noticeable by the shimmering background! The following down service was 7 minutes late as a result. These days Newton Abbot is inadequate at times with only three platforms.
  3. Churston is the next nearest turntable with servicing facility at Paignton. Buckfastleigh has very short sightedly just sold their turntable. A gross misjudgement in my opinion.
  4. Laira Open Day 26/9/70. This end of the depot looks like the working end for the day rather than the display end as its full of home allocations. Star of the show was a full Blue Pullman alas not in original livery. More interesting is the Cortina, Traveller and Countryman! Brownie 127 so not very clear I'm afraid. Still enjoy seeing that French designed stylish main shed. Laira must be one of the last depots of it's size to retain all of it's site.
  5. This is the same loco (body at least) as the one in the last picture but 45 years earlier. Allocated to 52A Gateshead it is seen here as 1992 on the up Devonian at Exeter St Davids (3.4.71). This service regularly produced a non Western Region loco though more often a class 45 or 46 working down on the same service the previous day and stabling overnight at Newton Abbot. The loco would work a three coach early morning commuter service NA - Paignton and back before bringing the 'Dev' empty stock to Goodrington for the run round. This in all likelihood was only one of a handful of visits west of Bristol for this loco, clearly it was deemed suitable to use up one of a precious 8 shots on a roll of 127 film! What was special about 'The Devonian'? It carried a First Open coach fully laid up for eating meals as well as a catering vehicle - how standards have slipped now! It was always 1E37 in the 70's, previous to that it was 1N37.
  6. Taking the support coach off to Laira where the loco will turn on the triangle and run to Penzance for the up departure on day 2 of the 'Great Britain IX' tour. This is the site of the former Mutley Station, it was a dastardly decision to close this station!
  7. This seemed like a good idea for a photographic location but capturing steam is an artform in itself! Royal Scot obscured by steam running round on the bridge by Pennycomequick roundabout, Plymouth. (26.4.16) Will try this location another time - when the wind is in another direction!
  8. The Devon Diesel Era Photo Record is building into an interesting archive that enables debate and entertainment for many. Here is the equivalent for steam. Sadly the steam heyday was before my time but there are still some mainline visits of steam and of course heritage and narrow gauge. If anyone is willing, feel free to share pictures that would otherwise never be in the public domain. Here to start is the first ever visit of a Royal Scot to Devon - thankyou Billy Butlin! ,
  9. 57 316 formerly FAB1, 47290 and D1992 was used as the assisting loco for The Great Britain IX railtour from Victoria to Penzance 26/04/16. Attached to the rear of the train it took over at Plymouth for the last leg of the journey to it's destination. This loco was never a common sight in Devon as it spent most of it's life on the East Coast route.
  10. The Belmond British Pullman is in the Duchy today (formerly VSOE?) A pair of 67's (005/006) were used for the day trip out from Plymouth into Cornwall of wining and dining. 66027 was on the back having brought the stock up to Plymouth. Here it is heading through Saltash. A great contrast with the state of Saltash station.
  11. The Belmond British Pullman is in the Duchy today (formerly VSOE?) A pair of 67's (005/006) were used for the day trip out from Plymouth into Cornwall of wining and dining. 66027 was on the back having brought the stock up to Plymouth. Here it is heading through Saltash. A great contrast with the state of Saltash station.
  12. Thanks for clearing up the query. I suspected it was not progressing as it was so hard to track down. Not a surprise that tickets weren't selling, 159's aren't very exciting in my book though there have been a couple of successful runs to Kingswear. Interestingly there used to be narrow gauge railways in the area of Gunnislake for the mines but it's a very 'off the beaten track' area for making a go of anything touristy.
  13. Wheels can be relied upon to operate track circuits by units in the north but not in the West?
  14. In a perverse way the lively ride these units give is a retro experience. Am I the only person that will miss these oddities when they are gone? Imagine the outcome if one of these had been involved in the shunt at Plymouth!
  15. None of the current 4 wheelers are scheduled on branches which asks the question why didn't they just switch the Skippers to mainline only? On a still night you could hear a 142 leave Bere Alston from standing on Gunnislake Platform!
  16. Devon's brief experience with Class 142. Can't work out why the current ones are better than these. 142 020 Paignton.
  17. It's been a most unfortunate last few weeks for mishaps on Devon's railways. Collisions in particular have been scarce with exception of one at Newton Abbot a few years ago. The safety record being extremely good. This is 37670 that was involved in an incident at Tavistock Junction Yard some years ago.
  18. There is a class 159 on a Salisbury - Plymouth tour April 16th with some of the proceeds going to the East Cornwall Railway. Anyone know anything about this tour or the ambitions of the ECR?
  19. Tavistock Junction Yard (15.3.16) rarely sees any revenue earning freight these days so a relatively new class 70 (70803) dumped there is quite newsworthy. It is awaiting recovery? after an altercation with some ballast wagons near Ivybridge. Damage is at the end facing away from the camera. The fact that it is so far down the siding indicates that it is not moving imminently (shades of 31285's lengthy stay at Exeter!) Sad to see the yard so desolate with only a Shark brakevan (ex Cattedown), A RES van and an engineers wagon in the yard possibly from the same incident., Another wagon from this incident I believe has found it's way to Totnes engineers siding. Anyone got pictures of milk tanks at Totnes - they seem rare to come by.
  20. Another end to end shot of DMUs in Devon. One of them W51407 (left) not sure of the other (14.3.16) but it is probably part of the pair. One day will we see a railtour using first generation DMUs? These two are at Plym Valley
  21. Today's Tre Pol and Pen tour at Newton Abbot.66109 and 66177. Not a tour for traction enthusiasts! Friary, Carne Point and Meldon visited.
  22. Following up post 246 on this thread this is my only record of the Ernesettle trip working. I was waiting in the Tamar Bridge carpark and just happened to hear something moving, so dashed down to a bridge over the Southern line in time to catch 08663 (D3830) 02/03/91. A fraction of a second earlier would have been better to get the whole of the loco in but the going away shot clearly shows the formation of the train. I believe that only the small vent van is the traffic and the two larger vans barrier wagons? I am not sure why there is a brake van attached unless its's for security personnel? Only one trip has been made in the last two years to Ernesettle but it remains connected. This will be a future route into Plymouth again one day as no other options are viable - give it 50 years though!
  23. This week saw a pair of Class 56's on Laira for a stock transfer See Cornwall Railway Society's excellent site for details. This occurs every month or so at the moment while HST stock is being taken to Kilmarnock for refurbishing? Hunslet/.Barclay of old I guess? Such locos have previously only ventured into Devon on railtours and these can be counted on one hand. A pair visited Penzance a few years ago on a Mazey Day Tour. 56010 is seen here heading for Kingswear 6/5/95 around Saltern Cove near Goodrington. Erosion is a problem on this stretch of line which is perilously close to the edge in parts as can be seen here.
  24. Seeing the D&C Gresley Van (yellow) in the background. Has anyone ever seen a photo taken inside or of the entrance to the Newton Abbot Wagon Works behind the van? When did it close? The van itself formed part of the short lived ambulance museum near Tavistock in the nineties I think. I don't know if it still survives today.
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