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  1. Here is a great video.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK--yfQ1t3M
  2. Well, another show is done. Our 28th one and planning has already started on No. 29.... (June 27th & 28th 2020) It was great to see so many people there over the weekend and my thanks to all exhibitors for continuing to grow the show's reputation as the friendly show. We much appreciate the great feedback we are getting from everyone. We had a rather unexpected twilight session in the Ice Rink, losing the lights for a short time when a lightning strike tripped the power. It was actually surprisingly good to see some layouts in a totally different light so to speak! Trophy winners: Best in show: The Harburn Hobbies Trophy was won by John Thorne for his layout "Purbeck" John also won the Robert Bruce Memorial Shield for best scenic overall. John Campbell won the Jimmy Robertson Cup for technical achievement for his layout Campbell's Quarry. The Greenscene/Ten Commandments Trophy awarded for an item of outstanding scenic or architectural achievement was won by Robin Gay for the hops field scene on his layout Rolvenden. Regards to all, Stan and the Team
  3. Sun is coming out here, all set to open after the last 3 stands arrive. Hope everyone enjoys the exhibition.
  4. Hi Phil, Get well soon. There will be a space for NGS next year. Regards, Stan
  5. Well, the first trader should be in and set up (already!). One day early.... We will have a TV crew on site during the set up and on Saturday filming for a new documentary. Don't be shy if you are asked to contribute to an interview..... Stan
  6. Just another late change - this time an addition. Alan Goodwillie will be bringing his latest Scalefour layout along "under construction" to let you see how it is done as well as demonstrating various building techniques. We are grateful to Alan for attending and look forward to seeing him and his team.
  7. Complete list for our exhibition is below:
  8. Legomanbiffo will be on Stand 76 in Hall 2, so will be able to supply sound decoders from there.
  9. Yes must be Hattons... I live in the steam age!
  10. Even more news: Now that the Perth MRG is part of Scottish Model Engineering Trust, it looks like we will be able to operate live (indoor in Hall 1) steam train rides courtesy of our new colleagues. This will be confirmed shortly and if it happens will certainly add to the atmosphere of the exhibition!
  11. More news: Finishing Touches have withdrawn due to unforeseen circumstances. A replacement is being investigated to take their allocated space. Seminars by Legomanbiffo. One seminar per day in the luxurious surroundings of the Board Room at Dewars Centre but instead of an audience with Lord Sugar, you are welcome to come along to find out about the following: An introduction to the version 5 chip and how its features will benefit everyone. A pre-production Heljan Class 66 will be used to demonstrate that. Some information on DVT and DBSO operations and dispelling the myth that 'electrics, DVTs and DBSOs don't make any sounds'. This will include a Class 47/7 and DBSO, plus a 67, 86, 87 and a 90 running with a DVT. There will also be a good light and sound demo including a London Underground S stock with door opening lights and third rail arc flashes, 1 153 with door opening lights and an Autoballaster with sound and lights. Also, a little bit about bi-mode operation using the Hornby IEP as an example. Also included, Neil will be some examples new steam and irish diesel sounds and answering as many questions as possible. All of this is for free! Each day the seminar will start at 2.00 pm and last for an hour or longer if there is lots on interest and as many questions and discussion as you like. Please register for the seminar at the entry desk or at Stand 76 Regards, Stan
  12. There are a few late changes. DJ Models have of course withdrawn. The East of Scotland 16 mm Group have withdrawn due to a shortage of man power. We have, however added a demonstration of 16 mm modelling by Scottish Model Engineering Trust members to replace the 16 mm Group. We have also added our OO Gauge layout Aldbury to take the space previously occupied by DJ Models. We have also added an N Scale American layout Karolina Falls which will also fill some space occupied by the 16 mm Group. The show guide goes to print today so I think the changes are complete. A new list will appear here shortly. Regards, Stan
  13. Also, Legomanbiffo will be holding DCC seminars on both days. Watch out for more info. on this subject.
  14. Here is a complete list of exhibitors including layouts, trade and societies for our forthcoming exhibition in just over a month. Stand NoExhibitorDescriptionLocation
  15. Hi Dave, Thanks for pointing it out. The button appears to be non-functional. I will take it up with our webmaster. Regards, Stan
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