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  1. I only go as far as the points at Blea moor, the rest of the moor is another patch
  2. I am always looking bud, I’m still around the area going to incidents from time to time the photos were taken last year. It’s the only job I know where I get to walk over this stunning area
  3. Yea I know, I did sort it out but after that photo was taken silly me
  4. Iain you need one of these in your fleet Mikes etches are super and nice to build
  5. Excellent work Wayne , I will be ordering some 00 gauge ones when the time comes. Well done all involved in this project Mark Towers
  6. By heck Jeff , thats amazing that s curve looks like the one at Horton in Ribblesdale just before the station. keep up the good work buddy Mark T
  7. I’m very jealous Iain, but you and a few more on here are bringing back my mojo on the modelling front. keep up the good work mark T
  8. Building kit locos was one of my fears years ago, until I bought two DVD’s they were the right tracks number 1&2 with Tony Wright building 3 kits. My uncle wanted a model of Bacup shed in the L&Y era “brilliant I thought” until i realised that I had to build most of the locos to go with it. Craftsman kits and London road models was sourced and built but not without dramas. then one day I wanted a Duke of Gloucester loco to run on my layout, so I found one on an Auction site and won the Kit, bought the DJH motor and gearbox to suit. now because of building the locos for my uncle and the books, dvds and advise from the likes of Tony Wright, Mike Edge, Dave Franks and A few more I enjoy building locomotive kits. better still was winning the best kit built locomotive and the best modified rtr Loco at Bristol show in 2018. I also think that they have helped me to understand that time and patience pays off. Since building kits I have took my time, not just in building kits but in my job and also in life, so thank you everyone who has helped me to take my time and not to jump in. Building models what run and look nice have kept my interest going especially after the past 12 months. Mark T
  9. Brian, you need a set of Mike’s Etches of the stanier tank. I highly recommend them. them coaches look very good, keep up the good work buddy Mark T
  10. The lining is from the hmrs sheet pressfix range. You only have one shot at them, but if they have been done right they look good. I have done one Loco with a bow pen but that nearly drove me insane, need to practice a lot using the bow pen.
  11. Them locos you have done have are outstanding. I will call you later I’ve been busy I will explain when I call you buddy keep up the good work.
  12. Just finished ( needs weathering ) my Judith edge kit of the fowler 2-6-2t. what a lovey kit to put together. this will when the time comes be a local stopper on bucks lane.
  13. This is the fowler 2-6-2 tank from Mike, I am very happy with this kit and what enjoyment I got out of it. Just needs weathering to hide the lining. sorry for hijacking but people who have not done one of these they Ned to get one. Mark T
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