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  1. I’ve just done a set of Stevenson’s carriages lms tpo stock to run on bucks lane. I was going to build them sooner but with what’s gone on over the past 3 months it’s not gone to plan. they should of been done for the GCR event where bl was going but covid put a stop to that. anyhow here are the tpo stock. Any comments are welcome.
  2. These are my nearly finished ones. Just needs netting and glazing and couplings. I can’t wait to try them on Bucks Lane
  3. They are BR or they will be when I’ve done them
  4. Here is the coaches I’ve sprayed. my method of spraying is grey then red primer but only a dusting. Then railmatch br maroon. they are in gloss now ready for the transfers then satin.
  5. Just done the under coat on my tpo stock
  6. I’ve been building some Stevenson tpo stock. what a nice bit of kit, they do go together well. Here are some pics they will be running on Bucks Lane hopefully soon.
  7. John was a retired BT Engerneering tech and he taught me about wiring. they were a vital part of my life and I will miss both of them. we use to go to shows exhibiting his layout Livsey Lane and who ever Caused the first cock up would have to buy the first round of Doom bar beer ( it was always me for some reason ) . Kath would always be on hand with a hug and a chat and sometimes food what she had made. I am hoping his layout will be able to continue on the circuit in memory of John and Kath.
  8. I am letting you all Know Kath Johns wife passed away she had cancer and that’s what took her in the end. Kath and John took me under there wing treated me like family always smiling and happy. then if that was not enough John Essex (he had a layout called Livsey Lane and the chairman at Hayward model railway group) got ill and needed an operation, that was a success but He caught COVID and he gave a good fight but in the end the covid got him. John passed away with loved ones around him. As I am typing it’s making me cry the sadness I have at the moment is hart braking. I’m sorry to give you bad news but his layout and commitment to the Haywood model railway group was always on top form.
  9. I know how you feel about the 4s I have a load of hmrs sheets but 4 less keep up the good work buddy
  10. I know how you feel about the 4s I have a load of hmrs sheets but 4 less keep up the good work buddy
  11. That’s looking very good buddy. I’ve just done a L&Y a class next one is the Fowler tank or my Royal Mail coaches
  12. Just one word WOW ! that is impressive to say we spoke on Thursday or was it Friday I can’t remember. Working nights has thrown me ha ha looks amazing buddy stay safe Mark
  13. I swear by antex I have 4 standard ones plus a temperature controlled iron for building kits
  14. Now that the tool vans are done the next project will be on the cards. Yep another black 5 this one will be a comet chassis on a Hornby body. This one will be 44888 a north west thoroughbred Loco. Pics of it will be on here in due corse
  15. All the best for the move Andy take care and be safe Mark T
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