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  1. Brian, you need a set of Mike’s Etches of the stanier tank. I highly recommend them. them coaches look very good, keep up the good work buddy Mark T
  2. The lining is from the hmrs sheet pressfix range. You only have one shot at them, but if they have been done right they look good. I have done one Loco with a bow pen but that nearly drove me insane, need to practice a lot using the bow pen.
  3. Them locos you have done have are outstanding. I will call you later I’ve been busy I will explain when I call you buddy keep up the good work.
  4. Just finished ( needs weathering ) my Judith edge kit of the fowler 2-6-2t. what a lovey kit to put together. this will when the time comes be a local stopper on bucks lane.
  5. This is the fowler 2-6-2 tank from Mike, I am very happy with this kit and what enjoyment I got out of it. Just needs weathering to hide the lining. sorry for hijacking but people who have not done one of these they Ned to get one. Mark T
  6. I have to check the point clip cabinets up at blea moor and ribblehead I have to block the line go over ribblehead viaduct once a Month. I have been talking to the Abseiling crew who are working on it. they are brave , I don’t like walking over it let alone abseiling working on it
  7. 1 down 3 to go. Mikes kits are very good just needs a good clean before I can paint it. Then finish off that princess kit then the stanier 2-6-2t
  8. Iain if I can do the princesses boiler anyone can. I can’t find the pics of my loco but it’s not as bad as you think Iain
  9. I have been watching your thread with interest Jamie, your work on the locos are very detailed (not many people can do that). keep up the stunning work I am enjoying your work, not just the locos but your buildings are stunning to. Mark Towers
  10. well I tried putting it on the big tv. Mike your right, the bruises are not as bad as before I have a good person and friend with my Lisa. She bought me the Hornby City of Salford for Christmas. She is a keeper. Mark T
  11. The last show I exhibited Bucks Lane was the Blackburn model rail show in November 2019. This was the last show John Essex went to. He passed away with covid in June 2020. here we are the motley crew at Blackburn show from left to Right John, Richard, Iain (at the back of the layout) ,me ,Derick and Graham. Mark
  12. I did ,but I relayed the front when peco brought out the code 75 bullhead. I had an accident where I caught the end of a baseboard and damaged a section of c&l track at a show so the only thing I could get was peco bullhead. That’s why I had to relay it.
  13. Iain the peco bullhead is the same height as the peco code 75 flat bottom rail. To join them just use the code 75 rail joiners (the standard flat bottom fishplates) that’s what I used on bucks lane
  14. Mine was the Preston show back in feb. I was talking to Paul at Stevenson’s carriages and he said we will go into lockdown, I replied na I doubt it. How wrong I was. Mark T
  15. I’ve just had a butchers at your latest video. I need to put it on the big tv when Lisa is not looking
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