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  1. There's the problem there is nothing underneath to put them on
  2. I have got a Bachmann class 25 with snowploughs but they are not the same as my 37 does anyone know how you put them on see photo
  3. I have got a Bachmann Jinty and Pannier Tank that are 8 pin. I want to put a DCC chip in without all the wires what would be good to put in Would a Gaugemaster DCC24 OPTI 8 Pin Direct Plug Decoder fit in these locos
  4. I tryed but they said Unfortunately we do not supply spare parts direct to the public and put try from Peters Spares but no luck there
  5. I have got a Hornby Class 56 model and one of the sandboxes has fallen off and has gone missing at the roof fan end on left side of loco and it looks wrong with out it does anyone know where I can get one from
  6. I need help I have layed all my track down with Hornby track foam and in the gap in the middle of the two tracks I want to put ballest in' but what glue will be best as I don't want to desolve the foam
  7. I would like to put sound in my Hornby L1 but who does the best sound or can I cheat and use a new SWD BR Fairburn sound
  8. I got this Heljan class 58 last year and just noticed that the mainline name is spelt wrong look at pic has anyone esle got the same
  9. I had a go at fitting it in myself but found it hard so I took it to Rails of Sheffield to have it fitted it took the bloke a hour to get it in with swear words as well. It has the normal speaker in it and it's in the roof under the doors to the top of the engine
  10. no that's 57003 Bachmann new sound loco mine is 57008 with a SWD sound chip in it
  11. Here's a quick vid of my class 57 with sound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc0xzSnsVTg
  12. It's a Bachmann 57008 8 pin loco so there no well under the fans to fit the speaker in to. Would the speaker that came with chip be easier to fit in
  13. I am getting a SWD class 57 sound chip but I want to put a v 4.0 loudspeaker 20 x 40 x 10.0mm with sound chamber under where the fans are when I take them out will it fit Help
  14. I would like to see a video of one running to have a listern to the sounds
  15. The new Bachmann Class 55 with sound has it been updated like the class 20 or is it the same as the old one
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