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  1. I’d agree with you but I’ve just fallen deep into a flangeway Griff
  2. As an aside. It was recently mused in another forum that solvents might attack the resins that bond plywood’s together. So strip wood perhaps is a better bet long term? Griff
  3. Personally, I think it’s a revolting joke but, I’d imagine, there are many negatives and positives. Griff
  4. Well staring at Sam Fox’s is infinity more attractive than looking at his own Griff
  5. It was only in this last week I said that there was a ‘way to go’ Fast progress. Griff
  6. There’s a cheap unmade Kitmaster Mk1 listed here.... http://www.southernpridemodels.co.uk/ Griff
  7. You’ve certainly found (created) a crispness that wasn’t there before. and I look forward to seeing it when it’s finished but I guess there’s a way to go yet. All the best. Keep safe. Griff
  8. That’s some tasty timber work. Griff
  9. Yeah I think we’ve covered that but thanks. I’m just not a fan of the West Midlands. Miserable days but that’s another story.... judging by your moniker I guess you are a fan but variety is the spice of life I guess. I will say I enjoyed the Summer Saturday in the west piece.. Happy days. Lovely sunny and lovely days. Griff
  10. Real old school stuff and I love it. Are you going to ‘paint’ (I use a fine permanent marker rather than paint) in the window rubbers? it’s the only improvement I can suggest on what is an already excellent model. Griff
  11. I apologise for my opening remark but not my opinion. This is a benefit intended to support small businesses and it is small businesses that need support at this time. A couple of unnecessary and glib comments have been made since last night. As someone who works in local governmentI and experiences the effects of cuts to spending I feel I have the right to express my displeasure. Again I must stress that, in my mind, no one has done anything illegal but this is not my point. I have no wish to ‘rage’ in a tabloid but I have raised the matter with my MP. It now rests with him and I consider the matter closed. Griff
  12. You are, of course, having a laugh! For the 3rd time.... I am blaming the process. However to actively defend the situation is beyond belief. I would really like to hear you say this to a care home worker who is searching for their PPE! I am speechless. Griff
  13. I’m sorry (and you may find this upsetting) but I feel using the phrase ‘hardship’ in a thread about a hobby is quite frankly obscene. I think we may have to agree to disagree on this occasion. Griff
  14. I’m not blaming Geoff..... I’m blaming the system. Griff
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