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  1. Possibly diagramed for something different but availability dictated what was used. However, 40s and 25s in combination were certainly not unknown. 20s, perhaps for obvious reasons, often worked with other classes. Griff
  2. Hi all. I just stumbled across the R7292 MH6000 App based DC controller. Seems interesting? Certainly worth talking about. Griff
  3. On a similar note. Is it possible to provide spares? I seem to have some broken hand brake levers from earlier runs. Those bendy ones are pretty unique Griff
  4. Have to followed the ‘glue the track down then ballast straight away’ approach? There’s lots of ballast on the sleepers still. The little pinky is as useful as a brush to clear the ballast away. The flange ways will need to be clear too. It’s a case of practise, practise. Griff
  5. FFS..... bargains is what this thread is about. I’ve not seen these mentioned but some new Heljan Cromptons with a few quid off. https://railsofsheffield.com/products/39473/Heljan-3452-oo-gauge-class-33-026-seafire-br-civil-engineers-grey-yellow-diesel-locomotive https://railsofsheffield.com/products/39475/Heljan-3454-oo-gauge-class-33-063-mainline-grey-diesel-locomotive .... remember .... Bargains. Griff
  6. TBH as a 4mm modeller I’m more interested in the location of that photograph of the ED on the warflats but I’m looking forward to seeing a 7mm because I feel diesels suit the scale.... unfortunately not my space or pocket ... but good luck to them. Griff
  7. I think there are 2 questions with 2 answers....one about maximum (capability) speed and maximum (permitted) speed...the question of maximum speed on SR units is due to gearing rather than bogies or suspension. Griff
  8. Trouble is.... you build a plastic chassis Square and the next time you look at it there’s a good chance it isn’t Griff
  9. See above. You need to change the theme. Bottom left. Griff
  10. So I was lucky then? I don’t mind reading it in portrait on my iPad but reading on a phone may be more challenging. Thanks anyway. Griff
  11. it looks like this. Portrait first.... Landscape second. Griff
  12. The 2021 theme only seems to like portrait rather than landscape orientation. When view in landscape it only uses 3/4 of the width of the screen. Griff
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