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    I love the small 'smiley faced' engines from the south.

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  1. Piloting situations perhaps? On the SR 33s and 73s often displayed a red and a white blind when so engaged in the same way as steam locos on piloting duties had a red and white lamps on display. Griff
  2. Well your talking about the weight of a couple of wagons but the 37 had greater tractive effort. 55,500Ib for a 37/0 agains 52,000 for a 40. Griff
  3. I’m pleased for you. It obviously works for you but it’s obvious it doesn’t work for some and I’m not pay £70 for something they may or may not display adverts… this is the only feature I’m interested in as I have no use for anything else…. Besides as long as the video box thing keeps appearing in the same place my thumb has learnt where to be to be able click on the X quick enough. It’s no big deal for the amount of time I use the site. Griff
  4. The issue I have is that until everyone is happy that the platform works reliably then I’m reluctant to shell out £70 ….. it’s a bit like a trip back to the 70s to buy a Morris Marina Griff
  5. Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should
  6. Did you look at the sample page on the link? It’s just about legible. Griff
  7. You can do that as well with the plug method if you wanted to Griff
  8. If I may offer a suggestion? A reliable (and dare I say) foolproof method of isolating in these circumstances is having the feed to the lifting section via a plug and and short lead to a socket on the open end. It’s then only ever possible to have power on the lifting section when it’s down. Griff
  9. …. She can’t take anymore captain
  10. It’s like comparing a 50’ flat screen TV with a fridge freezer…. One you want against one you need…. I remember the dismay I felt when I saw a 47 on the front…. Even a Tinsley one … popular they were not…. …they were everywhere … make of that what you will Griff
  11. Perhaps it’s a bit more complicated than that? Especially if you consider your popular prototype reasoning. Griff
  12. That’s looking very crisp Paul. They look much better without the mud flaps along the body. It will look great on a war flat but how many do you need? Griff
  13. Yep…. What’s a normal life? I’m afraid I’ve forgotten. Griff
  14. Then that’ would be observing restrictions would it not?
  15. I’m a little concerned that 30% observe no restrictions. Why would I want to attend a show where nearly 1 and 3 put themselves at risk? Griff
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