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    I love the small 'smiley faced' engines from the south.

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  1. That’s looking very crisp Paul. They look much better without the mud flaps along the body. It will look great on a war flat but how many do you need? Griff
  2. Yep…. What’s a normal life? I’m afraid I’ve forgotten. Griff
  3. Then that’ would be observing restrictions would it not?
  4. I’m a little concerned that 30% observe no restrictions. Why would I want to attend a show where nearly 1 and 3 put themselves at risk? Griff
  5. A Frankenstein of an egg.... ok you have a reasonably common chassis but there are hell of a number of differences in the body. Not so much body snatcher more body gobbler. Having said that.... it would be lovely to have a proper Romanian Grid on the shelves again. Griff
  6. Not between Manchester and Leeds it wouldn’t Griff
  7. That’s pretty much my point... a nice seat on a moving train... I doubt if many would give a hoot if it travelled at 75 or 150mph. Griff
  8. Has anyone bothered to ask what the consumer wants? ....it might be a good place to start. Griff
  9. It’s environmentally costly to accelerate and maintain high speeds with heavy ‘high performance’ trains and its pointless when the cities they are serving along the trans Pennine corridor are so close together.... besides most commuters would, I’m sure, prefer somewhere comfortable to sit rather than saving 5 minutes getting across the middle of England at great cost. Griff
  10. Sound project aside ..... that’s a really nice piece of work Griff
  11. For what it’s worth.... I’d go budget and (dare I say) design clever. Locos less than £100. Replicate a mix of popular choices. However, make sure the models are dimensionally correct and run well. Think Lima 47 body on a Vitrains chassis or Hachette mk1s. That way you will attract a range of punters. Some will be happy as it is but others may bring them up to a their desired standard.
  12. Will ‘Smoke and Steam’ be part of the collection? I’m presuming this has a Warner’s connection? Griff
  13. Hi. Here’s my little piece of encouragement. I’ve been following this for sometime and it looks superb. I’m particularly impressed with the platform but the whole package is coming together nicely. Keep up the excellent work. Griff
  14. I look forward to finding out a little more about this. It seems to be an economic solution to ‘plank’ type layout control. Griff
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