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  1. Thanks for putting on a great show it is clear a huge amount of effort and thought went into the preparation, and then the delivery on the 2 days. A lovely selection of layouts, it was very enjoyable to read the articles and watch the videos. The spot the difference was a nice touch, I had to enlist my 6 year old daughter to get the 20 differences for our entry! Lastly thanks for leaving some content up after closing time to view in the coming days. Time for an evening bit of modelling on a petite properties low relief shop having been inspired by Phil Parker's article
  2. Thank you for the advice and have now managed to do it with your guidance. I agree its not for the faint hearted!
  3. I am attempting to fit a r7150 decoder but it doesn't appear to fit. Is the plug on the tender meant to be below the tender body, as the tender plug and the plug on the decoder are taller than the barrel can accommodate? There is a several mm gap between the top of tender plug and the bottom of the barrel. There doesn't appear to be any more space the plug to push down due to the presence of the wiring loom to the tender plug.
  4. If you ordered a Rocket from Derails they have sent an email for an expression of interest which is a great proactive approach.
  5. I have just done the same! I can't believe how small it is. Beautifully packaged up by Derails arriving this morning. I shall have a play tonight once I have finished work.
  6. Social distancing Edwardian style!
  7. Interesting as I have a row of shops made from a similar material which I bought from the South Devon Railway shop second hand several years ago. There are no manufacturing labels
  8. Thank you. Your station is very impressive. I love the view you will never see looks spot on. It would be good to see people sharing their efforts in kit bashing more inspiration for us all
  9. I don't think there is a thread for kit bashed buildings as opposed to scratch built. I have kit bashed a wills crossing keepers cottage https://peco-uk.com/products/crossing-keepers-cottage into a village building using some wills clapboard ssmp213 sheets. Top floor sash windows are from York Model Making. Corners have plastruct to give a neat finish. This is my first attempt at kit bashing nothing terribly grand but I am pleased with how it turned out
  10. Lovely inspirational modelling as ever. As for the Hall perhaps That's Hall or my favourite Toad Hall.....
  11. I have found it on line. I hope you enjoy
  12. To avoid problems at the turntable perhaps use code 83 coming off the well and then transition away from the turntable. I appreciate that the sleeper spacing might need tweaking although you could bury the sleepers in ash ballast as often occurred in the protypical situations. Peco in their spring report have advised they are going to produce a code 83 to code 100 transition track however there is no delivery date
  13. Thanks for a great show as ever. A quality selection of layouts and modelling on display
  14. John Many thanks for your reply much appreciated. I have a few gem bits I will have a Google and search of ebay Regards Peter
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