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  1. Hi Mick, It’s looking very good, what have you used for the chimney pots? Peter
  2. Great to see Mick and all your own work by hand, no computers to help do the modelling for you, nice to see the skills still being used. Peter
  3. Hi Mick, love the yard and the lavvy on the end, showing the character of this building. Peter
  4. Hi Mick, land the lead flashing goes in, nearly at completion and looking good. cheers Peter
  5. Hi Mick, I can see the ridge tiles are in place and looking forward to seeing the aerial. cheers Peter
  6. Hi Mick, it’s really coming on now, looking good too, the brick plinth sets it off too. peter
  7. Yes, I have thought of building it, in the past but you would need a lot of space to justify it, as it’s a junction.
  8. Hi Mick, It’s coming together nicely and as you start to paint it, what colour scheme will it be? Peter
  9. I think I will paint one in LMS and one in BR, so they should look similar in reality. Peter
  10. Hi Mick, It’s coming on nicely, I like the chimney stacks, I may have mentioned that before. looking forward to seeing it completed. cheers Peter
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