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  1. Hi Mick, that really is looking the part, I never realised there were no canals in Hull, that is fascinating for sure as I thought they were literally everywhere. Peter
  2. Hi Mick, down pipes and gutters really add to the overall presentation, for sure, what did you use for the drainpipes? Pete
  3. Thanks for your posts, very interesting reading for sure. Peter
  4. Hi Mick, that’s looking really good, for sure, I like the slate roof Looking forward to seeing it in place on the layout. peter
  5. Hi Montyburn, thanks re comments. yes, I too got mixed up a few times whilst constructing the station model, had to keep checking the photos ha ha. Peter
  6. Hi Papyrus, thank you for the kind comments, I have a detached house near the station to construct, could be the same house. Peter
  7. Hi Mick, very nice to see the warehouse coming along nicely, looking forward to seeing it when it is plumbed in on the layout. peter
  8. I’m surprised Holt don’t do this model anymore, as mentioned earlier, I bought one from a friend who acquired it, I think from Norman Wisenden back in the day and was a Mike Sharman model. I later bought the exact same one from Holt Models. this is said model, except I didn’t add the lantern.
  9. I’m pretty sure it was an exact Sharman model I used On Wainthrop Bridge, as it was identical to The one I used on Shaw Bridge. pete
  10. It’s looking the part now Mick, just needs to sit snug on the layout.
  11. Hi Mick, nice to see you cracking on with the layout project and looking forward to watching it develope, nice to see the H&BR getting a look in in the modelling front. The Wills girder parts are excellent and work well, into a bridge like this.
  12. Thanks, Sasquatch, next job is a detached house that is close to the embankment. cheers Peter
  13. Was researching LNWR north light sheds and found your lovely 4mm models.

    I am a little uncertain about the office end - mine will be a 2-road shed in 7mm. 

    Do you know of any available plans or did you just put it together from photos.

    Many thanks for any help


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