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  1. Hi, some of the folks on the buildings & structures thread have many bridges on there to view and get tips.
  2. Never seen this thread before this week and some really lovely models here Mike, especially the LYR ones.
  3. Hi Mick, looking good, it’s getting there now and as you say, there is no rush for you to get it done quick. Peter
  4. Hi folks, few people asked about certain photos of mine, most were originally hosted in Photobucket, so I will now re post those that are difficult to view but as you can imagine, going to take a bit of time. Peter A L
  5. Definitely looking the business now Mick, looking good. Peter
  6. Windows and weathering on Mill buildings more or less completed.
  7. Hi Mick, that is looking the business for sure, great modelling, can’t wait to see it completed, it’s a lovely prototype to model, without doubt and not one that can be had out of a box. Peter
  8. difficult to function properly in the Lockdown, so here on the Grandchildren’s layout, is some Further work done on the buildings and a Bridge at the far end with some foliage added. The brickwork on the long retaining wall to the left of the new bridge, needs another coat of brick colour and toning down.
  9. My last visit was, early last March as a Demonstrator at the Rainhill 2 day Model Rail Show, enjoyable weekend.
  10. Hi Tom, thanks for the kind comment, unfortunately never saw the Railway at Ormskirk when it was a through line but know of it fairly well, it being the ex LYR of which I model for myself. I pass the station quite regularly on cycle rides throughout the year. I don’t think there are many stations were on one platform, the station building is brick, opposite side it’s stone from the east lancs days. It is an ongoing commision to construct all the Architecture for the station and yard, as it was in LYR days.
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