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  1. Hi


    None on other websites too...just had a look


    I'll keep an eye out for one!


    PS With your building service do you charge according to size or complexity? Have a cameo layout in mind and was looking at costings?



    1. Gravy Train

      Gravy Train

      It’s always down to time, complexity and size can equate to the same so to speak.

      If you give me your email address I can chat with you in more detail, what sort of an idea you have etc.


      ps thanks for keeping an eye out for said magazine.

  2. Hi Martin, have to admit, never thought about that, although I think I have posted up on here on the Narrow gauge section but perhaps not them all. i will have a look and see what’s what. cheers pete
  3. Hi Martin, yes, tried everywhere, have run out of options ha ha, I guess one might turn up at some point but I believe when it came out, it sold out more or less right away. Pete
  4. Hi all, just re bumping this post, in the hope something might turn up. thanks peter
  5. Hi Saxokid, thank you for your kind comments. peter
  6. Hi Grahame, thank you for the kind comments. peter
  7. Hellifield North Junction Box. built to 4mm scale, 50s period.
  8. Hi, that’s a nice job you have done on the Goods Shed. Peter.
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