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  1. It is all determined from what distance the model is to be viewed, the closer up you view it, then you need to have definition, in the stonework, brickwork, if at a reasonable distance, then paper, photographic, printed brick or stone will suffice. It’s just my opinion.
  2. Scale-Link, York Modelmaking, Slaters, Ratio, Muswell models, Peedie models and more.
  3. Titfield Thunderbolt have announced 11th January. Pete
  4. It actually featured twice in that particular magazine, I think Ricey was the editor.
  5. Agree, lovely atmospheric prototype to model and captured very well indeed, am right in saying, absorbed into the GER then LNER etc?
  6. Hi, that’s a simple idea but very nice, great to see it come together and has a Ricey feel to it. Peter A L
  7. I can’t take credit for the photographs, 1st picture Tony Wright , 2nd picture Gilbert Barnett. 1st picture Carlisle Victoria buildings, 2nd picture Peterborough North.
  8. Looking good is that Tony, like the interior.
  9. Gilbert, that photo is just so realistic, fabulous
  10. Hi folks do anyone have photos of the layout ‘Hallfield Road’ by Ray Ward?? thnks
  11. Delph Goode’s shed, tried to get it as real looking as I could, sorry about the background for the photo.
  12. Something a bit different. no my layout but I built the station building which is a scaled down version of Bolton upper level, I constructed the extensive platform canopy roof and walkway to platforms from upper access building. the church in the background I re painted from a Kit. the signal box is a scratch built lnwr box, the roofline in the foreground is of a Freelance build hotel I made and over 20 years old now.
  13. Hi Brassey, yes, no problem, I constructed these around 15 years ago, came across them in my old photo portfolio. Peter
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