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  1. The Reedham Signalbox appeal is very close to its target. The footbridge fund is ready to pay for the Holt bridge as soon as a land issue is resolved. The design had to be reworked to meet current regs and this meant more land is required for the legs, but due to narrowing of the site some additional land is required from the adjacent site. To date the owners have been reluctant to sell the small patch required. It’s hoped this will soon be resolved and the bridge erected this winter. I can assure you we are just as frustrated as you that it hasn’t been built yet.
  2. It has been a long held ambition of the North Norfolk Railway to restore the missing buildings on Platform 2 at Sheringham - this is your chance to help make that dream come to fruition: The Sheringham Platform 2 Project has been initiated - the NNR is looking for your help in raising the initial £185k to rebuild the missing building. This will enable us to erect the back screen wall, and the canopy stanchions and steelwork. If we raise sufficient funds the works will commence early next year. Once this stage is funded a second appeal will be made to help fund the glazed canopy. The picture is a Photoshop mock up of how the restored buildings (on the right hand platform) would look. We would be grateful for any assistance you feel able to give to help bring this project to fruition: · Donations can be made online by credit or debit card at shop.nnrailway.co.uk/qr.php · Cheques should be made payable to “North Norfolk Railway plc” and posted to Platform 2 Appeal, North Norfolk Railway plc, Station Approach, Sheringham NR26 8RA. · An appeal leaflet with Gift Aid form can be downloaded from www.nnrailway.co.uk/platform2/ or requested via email ([email protected]), by post, or call 01263 820800. · Further details can be found on the NNR website at www.nnrailway.co.uk
  3. GER Prussian Blue?? S&D had Prussian blue not the GER, the GER blue is deep dark Ultramarine blue often referred to Royal Blue incorrectly. I assume Oxford will also at some stage be doing the later round topped LNER/BR versions as the pictures on the website all show the earlier Belpaire firebox version. Steve
  4. Steve51769

    Hornby B12

    Russ As I stated, Williamson mixed the paint for 8572 to LNER spec as used on 4472 and 3442 so it should be correct. Gerald Boden also told me that Williamsons also mixed the paint for 1306 in LNER livery. Can't speak for the paint applied latterly at Washwood Heath but that looks wrong to me. BTW 61306 is in as built LNER green with British Railways branding, it never was LNER black. Steve
  5. Steve51769

    Hornby B12

    Not wishing to be classed as a pedant, I'm very familiar with 8572 and did the research for its LNER livery. The only obvious slight error I can see on the LNER version is the positioning of the lettering on the front buffer beam. Impressed that Hornby have correctly changed the mud hole door covers on the side of the boiler between the LNER and BR variants. If I was being particularly picky the cab should be green inside on the LNER version with wooden topped seats, and there should be a fine red line on the rear of the front bogie mudguard. However that would be being pedantic - All in all it's an excellent model that has captured the distinctive lines of the real thing exceptionally well and also runs beautifully with great pulling power. Steve
  6. Steve51769

    Hornby B12

    As the person who did the research for the preserved B12's LNER livery I can confirm that the green wheelcentres are absolutely correct as shown in these 1930s photos. It was a Stratford speciality to paint these green where other works painted them black. Russ P earlier in this thread is correct in that when it was first returned to the UK in 1994 it did have the wheel centres incorrectly painted black by the contractors but they were quickly corrected. Having seen the Hornby livery samples my main criticism would be that the front bufferbeam lettering should be vertically central on the bufferbeam, whereas Hornby seem to have it positioned int he lower half. Steve
  7. Despite the awful weather yesterday I did manage to get this in afternoon at Weybourne during a short glimpse of weak sunshine. Despite the absences the event was very busy with lots of people enjoying the (still) excellent line-up.
  8. Usual caveats, check the website, and if travelling any distance (it's along way from anywhere to North Norfolk!), call the railway first to avoid disappointment. As I say, tomorrow it's the Vintage train with Y14, nothing posted on the website for the 18th yet.
  9. As a postscript to my previous mail. The NNR is experimenting this summer with additional trains on Tuesdays in August. This week it's GER Y14 no. 564 (LNER J15) with GER 'Wisbech Tramcar' No. 7, M&GN no.129 and LNER BYP 6843. Not truly authentic, but it's an eclectic mix of vintage East Anglian stock and a veteran East Anglian loco. It's a walk on service (no booking) but carries as £1 supplement, and a on it's first come, first served basis as there is limited accommodation.
  10. Just to put the NNR's side of the story here. The plan was for the B12 to be on the Quads for the whole week of 'Quads Week' with the Std 4 restored on the Mk1s (authentic pairings). Sadly the B12 failed on the first day with severe blockage on an injector feed pipe, and despite the endeavours of the shed staff at Weybourne the loco could not be made available as it cannot run safely with only one working injector. This left 76084 as the only other operational steam loco on the railway at the time as the 9F was half way through having a new ashpan fitted and 45337, which had just arrived from Llangollen, had a leaking cylinder gasket and was awaiting parts to arrive. 45337 came on stream at the end of the week but unfortunately diesels had to be substituted on the B12 diagram prior to this. The NNR does not like using diesels on 'Quads Week' this but sadly had no alternative on this occasion. This was an unfortunate set of circumstances and in the previous six years since the Quads returned to traffic 'Quads Week' has always been steam hauled and the NNR had gone to great pains to try to ensure 100% steam this year as they will in future years.
  11. The Y14/J15 in the picture has a post 1921 smokebox door.
  12. Steve51769

    Dapol 'Western'

    Got a blue one direct from Dapol last week. Not sure if they have any more in stock still. Think it's a great model, though not sure about the shade of yellow used on the FYEs looks a bit to lemony to my eye. Only slight disappointment was that one of the delicate brake pull rods was missing. Does anyone who has fitted etched rods have one spare they wouldn't mind parting with? Steve
  13. Steve51769

    Dapol 'Western'

    Hi DapolDave Any idea when the next batch of Blue with Full Yellow Ends will be dispatched to retailers? Steve
  14. I helped on E79960 at the NNR many years ago when the original seats were removed for reupholstery. The orginal seat covering was a ribbed leathercloth (Rexine) in a dull olive green colour though may not have been so dull when new. The rails across the back of the seats were chromed. Hope this helps Steve
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