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  1. Some rusted raggedy HTV'S are needed..
  2. If I recall, all class 33's visited Bangor / Holyhead except one of the /2 slim Jims, 204 or 207 rings a bell, so pretty much take your pick of which ones - the latest "Burma Star" is a really nice model..
  3. So, loads more time has been spent in the loft. Have more time now to spend tinkering, nearly finished track laying and finished wiring it up today and have had the whole lot running with clean track - this takes a few hours to clean as there is quite a lot of it. Spent the afternoon chipping up a pile of locos purchased over the last year, and unboxing stock also purchased, takes ages! The Cavalex PCA's are just a stunning model and all 12 look great running round. One has a rough running axle swill investigate that, otherwise great models and fit nicely with the cross-London traffic depicted on the layout, I remember seeing them on the Medway Valley line back in the day. I am gradually obtaining the GWR150 liveried class 47's and 50, the 50 arrived via eBay a few weeks ago and is now chipped and roaring around. I opted for the weathered version as, I recall, every time I saw it, it was filthy, whereas the 47's were immaculate. 47628 (Bachmann) 47500 (Heljan) and 50007 (Hornby) rest in the carriage sidings at London Knightsbridge.
  4. Hi - this layout is just stunning. The peaks look fab.
  5. ok - have changed it so it is not potentially libellous.
  6. Don't know about the D6xx etc but there was lots of crossover - so behind the scenes in the retail world, there must be conversations between suppliers about pricing and selling of each others wares.
  7. I visited Ally Pally yesterday....I found it was a bit "flat" over previous years, maybe for me its just become too familiar....there was nothing to buy on the Bachmann stand - always used to be a good "scrum" there...Several of the large retailers were there, Kernow, Rails, Hereford and Cheltenham etc- but I found they were all selling the same stuff. All had a raft of the recent releases by Bachmann, all had piles of Hornby 66's at around the £67.50 mark - all were discounting Bachmanns mk 1's and 2's...I was looking for a 47576 Kings Lynn in NSE - all had these and prices ranged from £99-£125..so take your pick of where to get it (I did not get one in the end) - and all were selling each others items - Hattons warwells and RHTT stuff was everywhere. Lots of independent sellers - I think they were great and made the show - its the access to all of the little odds and ends... One thing I did notice, and heard others comment on, was just the sheer cost of things nowadays - one chap was interested in the Bachmann blue pullman set but it was £600! - it just a loco and five coaches in reality. I baulked at the cost of spending £25 on a four wheel open wagon (Bachmann MCV), the same was less than a tenner just a couple of years ago. I wanted about ten to make up another rake - ok for £100 but not £250! And I am comfortably well off to be able to splash out when needed - but there is a fine line between value and rip-off. Money stayed in my pocket and I'll get them one by one on eBay when I see them. MG
  8. 4 CAP - two of the pending 2 HAPs banged together. Class 45 - 80's styles - before another manufacturer jumps in. Class 09 - Bullied style EPB
  9. 33212

    Hornby 2019 Speculation

    even just the rail freight grey with yellow ends (pre red stripe) would be great
  10. Afternoon, having a few frustrations with the 4TC - fitted three different brand new Bachmann 21 pin chips to try and program, all get Error02 - this is on a Lenz set 100. Reading back through the thread, is this because the system is not detecting a motor, and should plonk a loco on the prog track, program that so both get done then change the loco back - does this work?? My next step was to put the whole 4 car together on an extended prog track but got too late last night to Pfaff about with it.. many thanks Matt
  11. 33212

    Silly Question

    thank you will give it a go
  12. 33212

    Silly Question

    just trying to fit my first sound chip and speaker - legonanbiffo esu, class 33 - fitted in fuel tank, the chip has two brown wires and the speaker red and black - does it matter which goes to which? don’t want to screw up £118 chip many thanks Matt
  13. Just a few words.. Hornby has had its ups and downs over the last ten years, outsourcing everything to China, design clever, changing the old guard, leaving Margate, suppliers not supplying, alienating model shops, setting up their own, modelzone collapse - stock implecations, old guard coming back..they have survived where others have failed...Woolworths etc.. Hornby should continue marketing and building for three "tiers" bronze, silver, gold, or starters, normal and premium..and have a distinct plan for each. They can ditch some wheat and chaff if it has not sold, why waste time with it? The best thing they can do is keep making decent models to suit all budgets and we need to keep buying them.
  14. So we caanot even use a loft for storing things balanced on the beams? I expect 99.9% of the properties with a loft are acting in contravention of the law then....but reading the words on the planning portal, introduces lots of "mights" and "mays" not musts.. Boarding-out for storage In most homes, the existing timber joists that form the "floor" of the loft space ( i.e. the ceiling of the rooms below) will not have been designed to support a significant weight (known as "load"). The joists tie the pitched members of the roof together to prevent them spreading and support the ceiling lining of the rooms below. An excessive additional load, for example from storage, it may mean that the joists are loaded beyond their design capacity. If you decide to lay flooring boards over the existing joists in the loft space, then this may require a Building Regulations Application to Building Control. Your local Building Control body will be able to advise you on this issue. Creating a liveable space If you decide to create a liveable space (a 'livable space' is where you intend to use the room as a normal part of your house, this includes spare bedrooms which may be used infrequently) in an existing loft space of a home it is likely to require a range of alterations. The DS will ask for the measurements of the joists, so measure before calling, a liveable part of the house would need a staircase, ladder access means that it is not part of the liveable space....you should not have ladder access and have a bed up there of course. Best advice is to speak to your building control - mine was satisfied with what I had done and have the certificate..its cost about £400 for the building control application which included the visit when work was complete, peanuts in todays money in the hobby.
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