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    Well would you believe it, interests include modelling the LMR and will one day hopefully build a Leicester London road layout(15C),main Locomotives interests are of the MR,LNWR,LMS,and STDs with a bit of LNER thrown in for good luck.

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    motor bikes
    rock music
    cooking (being a fully trained Chef)
    Babylon 5
    oh and Winona Ryder

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    anything to with monty python
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  1. Have you the drawings from railway modeller?
  2. The BCK 1720a nearly finished transfers all added and silk topcoat applied just needs its windows and door handles fitting along with the BTK. No LMS crest for theBCK model as the image of the prototype shows that 6767 didn’t have one.
  3. Well that stash should keep you out of mischief for a few weeks.
  4. Well the jib was always in doubt, but after going back to the plans and finding out it was five and not four pulleys inside the jib to lift it sealed its fate. New jib much better though not fully finished. Due to the pulleys it’s about 1 to 2 mm to wide around the the pulleys. I don’t think it’s too bad to me anyway.
  5. yes I’ve noticed cranes are quite addictive. That middle one of yours wouldn’t be a 36 ton Ransomes and Rapier would it. Still learning only had my book for a few weeks I am tempted with the Cowans Sheldon LNWR 36 ton next.
  6. Yes you may, I’ll ever give you link, it took 2 ruddy hours searching the net, before it dawned on me model ships! What’s your topic name please, so I can get some ideas for my next crane or two one. V BC wing the Hornby 75 ton https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/amati_rigging_pulleys.html
  7. Well have been adding rivets and found some lovely little pulleys available in 5 6 8 10 and 12 mm the base is getting closer to finish still waiting for gears
  8. Most the trouble with the pro scale is the cab side and the chassis. The red one is pro scale the blue one is mr Edge’s and the green is Hornby obviously the Hornby one is very nice best images I have available, don’t feel much like going in the loft
  9. Work so far bogie fitted so it’s on all its wheels. Though need a pair is P4 or EM axles so they look prototypical. The gear box houseing is made and pulls out. Ordered some cheap gears etc from fleebay and we’ll have a play with them when they arrive and see if a rough interpretation of the gears can be built. most of the body work is done bar cylinders and outside gears and lots of rivets. what’s needed is pulleys 10mm and 6mm. Any ideas where these can be found? why under coated? It looked messy and wasn't sure if it was just the glue diying the body or if i
  10. Well if that’s all you have to do, you should have it done by tea break. very nicely done Iain, as always.
  11. The carrier wagon now as wheels fitted the centre wheels slide sideways a little hopefully this will help with running. It in under coat to add all the rivets though no were near as many as the crane is going to need. The crane as two wheels fitted the bogie needs to be made for the other pair.
  12. Well with the body now in 3 d and not just a drawing the Lima mechanism might just work will need to order one to really know. The jib needs a clean and then I’ll decide wither it’s staying or going. But overall it’s starting to take shape.
  13. Now this was supposed to be a test before I cut any brass being a tight flint but I have to say it’s turned out ok for the first attempt for the jib a bit of tidying its square which is a surprise to me and much stronger than i thought it would have been, the black smudging is mainly pen marks. my thinking is if I can get a old Lima crane I can use the main workings with added cosmetics detailing. If they fit otherwise it’s scratching head time!
  14. Bit more progress, did try brass for the hinges but to fiddlely or my fingers. And the insulation type is a bit better but. Dose anyone do etches I wonder. wheels ordered double spoke went for Bachman cheap.... well easily available and close to size. The three and four wheel base could corse trouble on curves. So wondering how to fix the wheels and if movement well be needed.
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