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    Well would you believe it, interest include Railways.

    (on hold due to house move but stock will continual being built) modeling the LMR and will one day hopefully build a Leicester London road layout(15C),main Locomotives interests are of the MR,LNWR,LMS,and STDs with a bit of LNER thrown in for good luck.

    Also have recently started buying Railway negatives mainly of the LNWR MR LMS, i have copy righted them to stop them flying round the Net but if anyone would like a copy of a particular pic please PM me,

    other interests are
    motor bikes
    rock music
    cooking (being a fully train Chef)
    Babylon 5
    oh and Winona Ryder

    also must have a interest in AutoCAD as i am currently doing a college course.

    films Etc
    anything to with monty python
    The gathering storm
    Shawshank redemption

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  1. More scenic work done some trees added some I have made still learning how to build them. There some old bought one visible which I’ve just inherited from the gentleman who got me into trains back in the mists of time 1978. Also working on signals for the layout, yes they are LMS but I want to be able to reuse them in the future, as the old GCR was under the MR control then a argument could be made.
  2. Found this old pic not quite finished hence name hold on with tack
  3. Be interesting to see your version of the rebuilt Jubilee, I did one a while ago. But kept the jubilee chassis as I think it looks better due to the wheels having the better looking profile. Look forward to seeing your results. 3rd one in only photo I have at the moment
  4. Couple more pics because I like them
  5. Bit more work the goods shed is under construction waiting for some brick red paint. Not sure about the size but I double checked buy the number of bricks/ rows and seems right. And a bit more scenery first trees done, something I’ll have to look into as I’m not happy with the trunks maybe some sort of liquid plastic might work better. Here’s some photos.
  6. Built using A Mainline body by chance. From normal viewing distance it looks fine. I’d name it and have both rebuilt jubilees.
  7. Been busy part of the track as been relaid to try to get the drool stoves R to run better but to no avail! scratch built the coal merchants building which doesn’t look to bad on the layout and some scenery work as been carried out.
  8. We had a heron land on the greenhouse eyeing up the pond a few months back. Though where the pond is the heron might be able to get down to it there’s no way it could take of again, if needed fast other then get back on to the green house turn then fly away. The trouble for the heron is a Jenny comes flying down from the that direction. Haven’t seen it since. Maybe you should get a Jenny, they also kill rats! And leaves them for the fox. oh forgot this is a Jenny
  9. I was looking at the bridge last night and relished I’d missed some things. So added the buttresses ( Or what ever they’re called) now with the other end also done,
  10. Thought I’d better do a update, the layout is slowly moving forward station now full length though one platform needs a lick of dark grey, scenery has now been started, waiting for some Plaster for the hills. Built my fist scratch built building well nearly the west side of the bridge acting as a scenic break. Looks quite good in place.
  11. Cheers I get in touch with the shop and see what happens
  12. Excellent service from Bachman when I’ve had the need for parts even right up to a full tender once.
  13. I did try it in a second loco but still wouldn’t respond so I have a sinking feeling that it might be no good
  14. Is there a resit CV ? I bought a new class sound chip fired it sounded great but the loco ran very rough. So oiled it gave it a run in. Not much better. The chip sound was still working. I then found the chip had been rubbing on the flywheel! I took the chip and holder of and added two prices of plasticard under the plug. Screwed the plug back in place added the chip now there’s nothing. No sound or movement. Though the chip it not totally dead as it gets hot. it’s a 21 pin chip and the damage is to the gold block on the underside ie it’s rubbed some of the gold of. or is the brand new chip now dead?
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