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    Leicester (15C)
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    Well would you believe it, interest include Railways.

    (on hold due to house move but stock will continual being built) modeling the LMR and will one day hopefully build a Leicester London road layout(15C),main Locomotives interests are of the MR,LNWR,LMS,and STDs with a bit of LNER thrown in for good luck.

    Also have recently started buying Railway negatives mainly of the LNWR MR LMS, i have copy righted them to stop them flying round the Net but if anyone would like a copy of a particular pic please PM me,

    other interests are
    motor bikes
    rock music
    cooking (being a fully train Chef)
    Babylon 5
    oh and Winona Ryder

    also must have a interest in AutoCAD as i am currently doing a college course.

    films Etc
    anything to with monty python
    The gathering storm
    Shawshank redemption

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  1. A quick mock up of a red older Hornby model with the newer blue one on top. Could not find a red one facing left so had to mirror it.
  2. Phoenix all finish and running kept company with a long and short firebox jubilees. Plus did a bit off weathering on a couple of 9fs frist time I’ve done it with a airbrush quite pleased with the results
  3. Thank you all for your replies I have a idea where I’m going now. And what I will need to order to get started
  4. The cost dose look scary when written down £200 for this £300 for that. But unlike many hobbies the collection grows that train costing X amount will still be in use 10, 20 years from now all being well and you don’t change your modelling interests. I’ve brought the Garratt Bachmanns Crain and their Rothley station set not to mention a A3 because oh and Duchess of Montrose over the past 12 months (Probably the most expensive year to date). The year before that I got back into my other hobby Bikes £2000 for bike SV 650s (second hand only 9000miles bargain) helmet gloves etc £500 for new tyres & Alarm. ok the bikes been very good nothing to pay but normals. However when I want a new bike I’ll still need to pay more and part exchange so will still only have one bike. yes I know I could keep it really but I’m never going to have 60 bikes but 60 trains I can.
  5. I’m slowly building Rothley station opted for the Bachman model please forgive my sins, for not scratch building. And will be needing to model embankments/ cuttings. And was wondering what is the bast way to do this. When I was a kid framework chicken wire and either paper mesh-a Or plaster of parish was the main method. polystyrene dose seems a easier choice to me. But was wondering if there’s a 3rd option. And dose the polystyrene need lair of anything on top before painting etc. I have been slowly looking through this section of the forum I’m sure the question is on here somewhere but i keep getting distracted by all the topics on here.
  6. Quick question about the ground signals. The signals show yellow yellow or yellow red. I’m I right in thinking yellow yellow the point is showing the point is set for straight and red yellow is set to change to a different track. In which case would the signal top left be the same as the point is acting like a trap point?
  7. Yes to the Straight platforms I can now finish Rothley! (I know I’m easily pleased)
  8. The jubilee was finished a while ago apart from naming and numbering but was put away needing a tender. A couple of weeks ago one came up on eBay finally, so got the loco out it needs a dust, and seem to have put the name plates away for safety. The tender is a flush sided and I’ve only seen phenix with a flush sided tender (well it looks flush to me). But once together it dose show promise. with the early crest I think I’ll have to remove the AWS tank
  9. Progress since last post the layout might not look much different. But all points are are fitted wired up and point motors are all working so the sidings are up and running. Test running showed up some miner problems but all seems to be working fine now will test more before any ballast is added. Need to fit the last of the roof insulation then the scenic backboards. And finish the wiring properly.
  10. I just bent mine straight, looked much better after woulds they seemed to just stay were yo put them. Just make sure when you pick them up next not to touch them little blighters
  11. I've finally Caved, two firsts today my first Accurascale model (no bad thing) and my first DCC sound! As I’m building Rothley in the 50’s 60’s to my knowledge the 55 never ran on the GCR. I went by name. So Nimbus it is.
  12. Who’s being miserable? I think for a small collection it’s nicely rounded yes it’s never going to please everyone. But the Crain is a excellent choice. That will fit into most small layouts without taking up half of it. Just which one to buy Wellingborough or Sunderland.
  13. I’m sure Oxford hates LMS fans! No loco again, OK I can go with that the J26 dose look very nice. But I’ve just bought the new Bachmann Crain not even two weeks ago. And now they release a LMS Crain no 243 just down the road from Leicester. I take the Crain comes with a carrying wagon of some sort? ps just spotted the Sunderland Crain! I’ve a Soft spot for Sunderland due to my farther coming from there. So two to think about now. I admit not very prototypical but I don’t care sorry.
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