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    Well would you believe it, interests include modelling the LMR and will one day hopefully build a Leicester London road layout(15C),main Locomotives interests are of the MR,LNWR,LMS,and STDs with a bit of LNER thrown in for good luck.

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    motor bikes
    rock music
    cooking (being a fully trained Chef)
    Babylon 5
    oh and Winona Ryder

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  1. Coupling rods anybody got a idea how to use the old Bachmann ones well using the Markits crank pins? Do the deluxe crank pins have a bigger OD or should I bite the bullet and buy a set of etched ones to fit.
  2. Work so far the Scot has the Markits wheels fitted and the gearing all meshed up and runs. Coupling roads next. Hadn’t bought the wheel weights because wasn’t sure if this would work. But it’s going in the right direction
  3. farren

    EBay madness

    If he had sad ill give you a tenner extra I’d would have probably said go on then but a straight moan, it’s not my fault it’s down there in black and white there’s a reserve. Maybe I just overpriced it, here’s a image so you can judge for yourself. it’s been withdrawn and I’ll finish it of in LMS at some point.
  4. farren

    EBay madness

    Good point maybe I should do that from now on. It’s more the getting intotch
  5. farren

    EBay madness

    I don’t know whether to be slightly miffed or not. Just been contacted by a would be buyer. He’s upset because he didn’t win. Ie not meeting a reserve price. Ok maybe I’ve set the price a little high not sure. Kit built Garrett with comet chassis and wheels ok needs motors. Is it worth £100, no model shops near me so tend to base price on what’s on line on go lower.
  6. After reading another topic in the Bachmann section. I have decided to have a go at throwing together DCC Royal Scot. From a old Mainline Royal Scot body placed on a new Bachmann Jubilee chassis. The first part has gone well the body basically drops on after the removal of the sandbox’s of the body to my surprise. Some work will be needed to make fixings but I can’t see that too hard. I have ordered some Markits Royal Scots wheels hopefully these will drop in. Next job and probably the pain is fitting a gear wheel which fits both the new axle well meshing with the original Bachmann worm gear. Question time, as anyone tried building a Scot this way? And what were the pit falls. Will the connecting rods fit the Markits wheels? And what gear was used?
  7. A update to the Bachmanns jubilee would be most welcome. And would save me doing more cutting and gluing and painting . If they where to do the LFB doing tooling for the Stanier 3500 gal tender would be handy for the MML modeller. Maybe look at Domeless boiler for the early SFB some lasted into early 1940’s Bombay for one. I’d happy buy a few more, what can I say I have a liking for the Jubilee. I have just received a Old Mainline Royal Scot body and it fits the New Bachmann dcc ready chassis, needs fixing but that’s shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I need to check the axles to see if a new set of Markits wheels will fit and well be half way to having a decent…. Will DCC Run at least Scot.
  8. farren

    EBay madness

    Oh I’m so tempted now just been made a offer on the class 142.
  9. Why have I just had to read half a page of what sounds like a bunch of drivel over a none existing problem. We are still seeing images of prototypes. The image show what looks like half to one millimetre difference in rid hight. If that’s the case well I’m just going to have to throw all my toys out as I can’t cope with these inadequacies! The personally I can’t wait to get some to put behind my Deltic. Because there’s no way on gods green earth could I ever produce a model to such high standards has a rtr manufacturer can. even with half a mm or not.
  10. Both pics from the other thread where near a window but if you would like I can take a couple tomorrow outside in the conservative to give you a better idea. The shade is very close but I think there’s a hint more of a ivy green to it.
  11. so what your saying (showing) is the all new expensive Double O model is WRONG!
  12. Something I noticed between the new plastic model Coronation and Hornby Double O Coronation and was wondering if it’s something that is correct. There’s a line running along the top of firebox on the Plastic model but on the metal model.
  13. How about the Redlands SDT a train I often sew in the 90’s, well setting outside on break when at work. I would like to have a set to run on a layout. Plenty of scope to weather for modellers. Lots of detail both on the the hopper wagons with the belts underneath and the delivery wagon sorry don’t know the official name. It might be memory but was there more then one? I seem to remember two but it was what 20+ years ago now.
  14. That looks a lovely model, I’m half tempted myself now… only half mind. Actually very tempted, that’s it I’m not looking on this topic anymore it could get very expensive.
  15. Even when they look this good, my photo
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