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  1. Mine arrived today, a very smart looking model. Even if it is a little on the costly side. I am planning to add it to a rake of Virgin and Anglia liveried Mk2. Being based in Portsmouth and working for SWT/SWR I used to see this all the time in Eastleigh yard.
  2. Hi all, Went looking for long range fuel tanks for a class 20 this morning on the PH Designs website. It appears the website has been hacked as I was greeted with lots of options to purchase Viagra and other drugs. Is PH Designs still in business and if someone knows the owner, can you let them know please as I have no details to contact them. Many thanks Dan
  3. Another video for you guys... https://youtu.be/i3fy_u31so8
  4. The headcode discs do not open and close as such, you simply change them around by attaching from the detailing pack which ones you want. They simply pull off and pop back on again. All of the head lamps illuminate when lights are on, but the closed head discs cover up the lamps. There is a little light seep around the closed head disc but not too much to notice.
  5. Brilliant, many thanks Paul, your a star! Sorry if it seemed like I was pointing out negatives to the DCC control, I don't mean it that way at all. What you have achieved is fantastic. Cheers
  6. Rick, a quick video for you showing the lighting:-
  7. FUNCTIONS NOT AVAILABLE on controllers with only 20 functions such as the Dynamis are 21 Tail Lights (see above post for work around). 22 Cab Lights 23 - 26 Notch Up sound (1/4 1/2 3/4 full) 27 Volume Up 28 Volume Down
  8. An email from Paul Chetter says that you can alter CVs so that the tail lights come on with the headlights, like most DCC locos. Email as follows: As a work-around if you need them on, try this: CV436 = 29. This should put front markers and tail lamps on together (at opposite ends and directionally controlled). To switch them all on or off use F key 0. To revert to front markers only, set CV436 = 21. This is obviously not as convenient as operating F21 but since your Dynamis isn’t capable, at least you still have the ability to decide if reds are appropriate or not.
  9. Rick, I shall attempt a video for you tomorrow. The lights are fantastic. They do not simply go on and off, but charge up/fade just like a real tungsten lamp. One minor problem I encountered, but hopefully to be solved thanks to Paul Chetter is that the tail lamps are on function 21. Most basic to medium range controllers have no more than 20 functions. By Bachmann Dynamis for example, but Paul has given me a work around for this. If you have a full 28 function controller, all the lights operate independantly.
  10. Thanks for sharing the link Paul! I am hoping to make another video in the next few days to show of the class 24 a bit more.
  11. Everyone is talking about the price at £160. As far as I was aware, having attended the event, this was an offer price for those attending the event. Can anyone confirm if the RRP is £160 or was Philip pulling our leg to make us buy them at the show? I have a feeling the retail price maybe higher.
  12. The model comes with front and back detailing fitted. In the detail packs is an NEM pocket which clips up in front of the bogie each end and a Bachmann style slim coupling. The detailing obviously needs to be removed to install the NEM socket. I have done this today (very carefully) one end and installed the NEM socket and a buckeye coupler.
  13. The manufactures are SLW (Sutton's Locomotive Works) a new manufacturer to the world of model railways. The 24s have been built to an extremely high spec with a vast amount of detail never seen on a RTR loco before. Working in conjunction with Paul Chetter the sound and control via DCC is perfect with full contol over sound and movement. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a sound one today, Philip sat down with me and installed the chip and speakers there and then for me to take away.
  14. I wouldn't use sites such as Flickr to backup photos. I had all of mine on Fotopic and that dissapeared never to be seen again along with a number of pics that I have mo other copy of. In these unstable times you never know just how long their going to be around for? I would stick to running two hard drives in mirror format (either external or internal) then if one fails you still have the other. I run two Segate 1TB external hardrives together!
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