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  1. Passing Garsdale by JamesWells, on Flickr
  2. Maybe I didn't phrase my question well - I was thinking the point when a brake van would no longer be needed for trip workings with a loco with a single cab - classes 08, 09 and 20. You know why I'm asking!
  3. I think the only thing would be no need for the Over Speed Sensor in such cicrcumstances - it is a potential SPAD though. Guard gives the right away and the driver sets off out of habbit without checking the signal. 'Habitual behaviour', it was part of my last brief.
  4. Andi, do you know when this would have ceased to be the case?
  5. They told us a few other bits too! My bit applies quite well to Outer Homes - in many cases now any signals associated with facing points will also have back locking to prevent the signal being replaced and the points swung as the train approaches. There is also another point to add with regards replacing signals manually - you don't want to be doing with too much eagerness as it is possible to do it too soon and put it back in front of a train... That's not good!
  6. I once had two 6B75's passing me - one on the up and one on the down! The Up train was about 300 minutes late! He was rerouted too - it was an interesting phone call with the next box... "I've got 6B75 for you!" "You sure? I've just sent that one to you" "Yes! I've got another one for you!" Of course could lead to confusion in certain circumstances...
  7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by JamesWells, on Flickr
  8. And every box is different so even though the rule says something, this applies unless the Box Instructions say otherwise!
  9. We have motor operated distants which return to on as soon as the train hits the berth track circuit. I was taught to replace signals once the train has passed to guard the rear of the train - this means that I will return the outer home to danger once the train has passed it (using the illuminated diagram for guidance) and I may not have seen the tail lamps. You can see the arrangement here, the outer home is just out of sight - 158784 at Gilberdyke by JamesWells, on Flickr The same would apply in a semaphore area where the signaller was dropping a train down to the sec
  10. 1Q13 passing through Gilberdyke by JamesWells, on Flickr 37259 working 1Q14 at Broomfleet by JamesWells, on Flickr
  11. Bio-Mass Trial by JamesWells, on Flickr Bio-Mass Grand Opening by JamesWells, on Flickr GBRf Bio-Mass by JamesWells, on Flickr
  12. Could simply be that it's be altered to suit its original owner; I've had jacket sleeves shortened by an inch or so so it doesn't have the "you'll grow into it" look!
  13. And complete with a rather nicely detailed pair of class 47s too today! The sound was very convincing
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