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  1. Yes, so far they include "waterfront" and "module". I possibly need to give it a little more consideration .
  2. Thank you very much for the kind words - I'm sure I will post an update eventually. I need to get my mojo back. I've not exactly lost it; it's more like I've put my mojo at the back of a cupboard for a while . A welcome return to full time work in July after a short furlough period has meant that I haven't had as much free time and I have been devoting what time I do have to other hobbies which are easier to dip in and out of and involve less clearing up. I have quite a lot of holiday left to take before the end of March so I will most probably get back into modelling when I'm off
  3. I'm not really sure. It was a darkish green Tamiya acrylic which I bought because I liked the shade but I didn't really notice what it was called. The wood on the buildings is a variety of materials. The board and batten style of the gable end is hand cut strips of balsa on a balsa sheet (I don't really like balsa but I had some lying about). The horizontal planking is hand cut (by eye) individual balsa planks on top of a foam core shell. The buildings with the vertical planking are Noch textured and printed card sheets stuck to foam core. In the case of the board and
  4. It existed (and still does) within my warped mind
  5. The green buildings in the photos here (The Anneka Rice Co.) are all less than 1 cm deep. They are basically some 5 mm foam board clad with balsa and card and are part of an HO micro layout which is less than 4 ft x 1 ft. I personally think they look OK; the right-angle between the buildings in the corner of the layout and the tree next to one of them hide the lack of depth somewhat. The little ammo and fishing tackle store to the left of the rice mill is also only about 2 cm deep.
  6. Keen to see how this one progresses.
  7. Managed to get just enough light to take a few hurried snaps in between rain showers. slowly getting there...
  8. Progress at last! Now that I have found some time and a bit of mojo, I finally have the front loading dock and rooftop water tank under construction for the new building pictured further up the page ("new" being a relative term; I started it quite a while ago) . Photographs to follow when the glue dries...
  9. I'm 100% with you on that. Having recently started modelling again for the first time since I was a teenager I have definitely found that compered to then, what I lack in eyesight and dexterity these days I more than make up for in patience. You win some, you lose some .
  10. No updates yet I'm afraid but I did just want to confirm that I haven't given up. Returning to work has meant that I haven't had quite as much free time and I have also been devoting my attentions to another of my hobbies. I'll be back here before you know it I'm sure.
  11. Thanks to a generous gift from my Dad, we can see what Apocrypha looked like during the 80s. Basically nothing had changed at all .
  12. Thank you very much for saying so, although in truth I'm very much in the "measure once, cut 3 times, swear quite a bit and then bodge it until it looks like I meant it to be like that" school of construction. The "architecture" and construction of this building in particular is very much dictated by what materials I have at hand. I didn't have enough of anything to do the whole lot so I just went a bit freestyle. I'm happy with the shingle roof on this one. The shingles were cut from strips of cheap masking tape and then all coloured with splodges and streaks of black and rust washes before t
  13. I think I was just lucky. The kit was a birthday present from my parents, I think it was my 16th. I had heard the horror stories about the running qualities but I didn't care - I just wanted a shay and this was the only option other than expensive brass models. Somehow it ran perfectly the first time it was tested and it still runs, although it does need some lubrication now as it's 36 years old and has spent most of its life in a box until recently.
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