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  1. There appears to be some sort of misunderstanding / argument outside Frenchie's place. Over at the depot, Mr and Mrs LeBlanc ignore each other, as seems to be the case most days according to Claudette.
  2. Some activity at the catfish shack and the gun store. Meanwhile Daniel waits for Bernadette at the old juke joint
  3. WARNING - EXTREMELY CRUEL CLOSE UPS ALERT!!!! Old man Anneka used to take the time to talk to his workforce, unlike his son, who after taking over the mill has adopted a "modern" management approach involving mostly folded arms and tutting
  4. Well, the cakebox thing didn't happen; I lost my mojo. I think I may well be close to finding it again though, and once I've brushed off the dust and re-chromed it I may start planning the extension to Apocrypha properly. In the meantime, one of the things I have wanted to add to the layout is people. I have been looking online for ages and not found any that I liked - I could find nudists, fairies, brass bands and photographers etc. but no "generic people doing nothing specific". Anyway, a visit to my local model shop (Baz's Model Rail in Yardley Birmingham - no affiliation just a
  5. I have decided that I am not going to pursue this any further and therefore will not be completing the diorama or entering the competition. I just don't have any enthusiasm for model making at the moment; all of my mojo is for my other hobbies currently, so that's where I am investing my time. I keep saying to myself that I "must do some more of the cakebox challenge" but it feels more like a chore that I need to complete, in the same way that I keep telling myself "I need to cut back the bushes in the front garden", and I hate gardening. I'll do some more modelling in
  6. It certainly is - one man's rubbish is another man's treasure, as they say. I am not counting any actual railway items as rubbish for this build, nor will I be counting all "found materials". My personal definition of rubbish is that it has to be a non-railway / non-modelling item that would be destined for the bin / recycling if I hadn't used it.
  7. And this is how they have been used: The reject prints have been stuck to the backscene and the card and packing have been used, along with a PVA and kitchen roll papier mache type concoction, to form the base of what I hope will be a retaining wall and bit of rocky hillside. A scrap of craft foam has been stuck to the cardboard and a bit of old track is now resting approximately where it will be stuck. The track is completely wrong really - it's OO code 75 bullhead and it should be flat bottomed but life's too short to worry about such things. Once something is on the rails and it's all balla
  8. I haven't had as much time as I hoped today, nor enough light for any decent photos but I'll share what progress there is. Firstly, some more rubbish: some still foam packing which will be used as the base for a bit of landscaping, some card from a box and some reject prints from when the printer was running out of toner (the print on the right is how the colours should have come out). I had scooped these up with some other prints and kept them by mistake so I thought I should use them.
  9. Of course, I only use it for weighting down things that I am glueing together... honest guv!
  10. Here are a few pictures of the building that will form much of the scene. It's built from odds and sods and already includes an item of rubbish - the cyclone air filter on the left hand side is made from bits of sprue and the end of a defunct ball point pen. I won't include this item as one of my bits of rubbish though as it was started before the challenge was announced. The three main sections still need sicking together and it needs barge boards and signage, amongst other things, to finish it off.
  11. Well the threatened new module has still not materialised, but seeing what @Keith Addenbrooke has been doing in the latest Cakebox Challenge inspired me to have a go myself and to finish off the building I stated and use it as part of my own entry - we'll see how I get on.
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