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  1. Always a joy to see update on your layout.
  2. Superb modelling, Andy. I'd love to see the layout in the flesh at sometime. Cheers
  3. Vallejo make a great pale grey acrylic wash which I’ve found great for fading paint finishes.
  4. I'm running out of superlatives to describe this layout. Simply stunning will have to do for now! Cheers
  5. Current work in progress - 1/700 scale USS Independence CVL-22 First coat of paint to be applied to the seascape before adding some texture with acrylic gel. Detail painting, weathering, aircraft and crew to come next.
  6. That backscene has made a big difference!
  7. I recently completed this: Meng Models 1/700 USS Lexington. Built out of the box and finished with Lifecolor acrylics.
  8. Thanks for tip. I've not tried cotton wool yet to model spray but I'm going to give it a try. I have the book and it's very good.Cheers
  9. I have one of these in my stash waiting to be built when I have both time and space. How did you model the waves? Really nice build by the way! Cheers
  10. Currently working on this. Meng Models 1/700 scale USS Lexington.
  11. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.
  12. Splendid work. Truly inspiring.
  13. I recently replaced split gears on a second hand Farish Class 37. Rang BR Lines to order the parts, received from really useful advice on doing the replacement and the parts arrived in a couple of days. The job took just a few minutes and the old 37 is now back up and running. I'm afraid it's something we just have to deal with!
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