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  1. I wouldn't go as far as to describe him as a modeller, he (by his own admission) has spent over a year worrying about the baseboard, and not doing anything! He's a beginner, coming late to the hobby, who doesn't really know what to do, or who to turn to for help. He might not have been condescending, but it was obvious that he didn't really know what he was talking about (as usual)
  2. At only £30 pounds it's hardly a massive subsidy/loading being thrust upon you, but there is nobody making you buy these, you can just walk away!
  3. I think (hope) someone has fallen asleep on the keyboard!
  4. Trouble is that each pic gets noted individually, unlike posts which only show the latest, not every single one. I would suggest that the problem is the type of software used, more suited to social media* than a forum. *Where the attention span is non-existant!
  5. And it'll have an electric motor in it!
  6. Oh! I hadn't realised that people didn't know about them, I've got 2 of them, 7mm and 4mm, wouldn't (couldn't) be without them!
  7. I think he meant the one you created!
  8. I've done the 'full-fat' version a few times, drilling a hole in the top of an axle-box, that corresponds to one in the bottom of the leaf spring, to suit the piece of brass wire you have. Then drilling the top of the axle-box to allow clearance for a small (Kadee knuckle) spring, glue the piece of brass wire into the axle-box making sure that it slides up and down in line with the hole in the spring, then sliding the spring onto the wire before you glue the axle-box onto the back of the bearing. It's a lot of fiddly work (and easier to understand when seeing the process, rather than trying to describe it), but it does work well if there is some weight in the wagon.
  9. You try telling the kids of today, and they won't believe you!
  10. Is it worth considering the very good motorised chassis's by Replica Railways?
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