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  1. But it probably meant the end of the constant daily use, it mainly got used at the weekends after the introduction of pit head baths.
  2. Also, unless they've changed the type of plastic they use, the vac-formed windows dis-colour badly over time, unlike the originals.
  3. I noticed that you've already thought about St. Giles and Slipcote, for the added cheesiness. There's also Duddleswell, Mayfield and Winterdale Shaw!
  4. I was under the impression that the Southern Pacifics were designed for going through the carriage washing plants, and were called air smoothed only to please the publicity department!
  5. Agreed, the last thing you want a domestic 'water heating unit' to do is boil the water! That causes lots of problems with the system, the only boiler you want in a house, is a kettle. The yanks call it a furnace, which is just as bad IMHO (visions of steel making)
  6. You might be able to recover the costs financially, but you've still used up man hours that could have been better used elsewhere on the network, doing those improvements and upgrades.
  7. I agree with the 'back to top' button, not very user friendly now
  8. I also use lead from a roll, plus any off-cuts I can scrounge from roofing jobs! This is applicable in any scale (I work in both 4mm and 7mm), but I think what is most important, is not the exact weight, but consistency amongst all your rolling stock. So long as they are all about the same, it should work just fine.
  9. Which is probably why they created the P (2-8-2), not the T (4-8-0)!
  10. Have you considered mounting the pick-ups on top of the wheels, so that they bear on the part of the tyre that is in contact with the rail, but at 180 degrees from the rail. I've done this on a small 0-4-0 in 7mm. It should be almost invisible as it'll be within the splasher area.
  11. If you decide to use cardboard, I would highly recommend using Shellac to waterproof and strengthen it. You can get Shellac flakes, also known as button polish, from any decent art supply shop, then just dissolve in meths. Much cheaper than buying it ready made.
  12. Without wanting to pry into your finances, or to appear rude, if you cannot afford a book, how can you afford the wood to build a layout, especially as you don't even know how much you're going to need?
  13. Why would you need to 'reconcile the two', they could/should be considered as additions, not alternatives, or replacements
  14. And for those that haven't followed Imaginary Locomotives, here's my alternative take on it, still a WIP!
  15. Likewise, if you are a modeller, you can/could create alternative pilot scheme locos, that might have been built, either to existing specifications, or to potentially revised (from experience) ones, even the possibility of speculative, one off locos, by hopeful manufacturers. Isn't that part of the fun, and Rule 1?
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