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  1. I would agree, it's annoying, and unnecessary. Plus, if you really do 'value my privacy' why are you trying to track me, and glean information from me?
  2. Also, check that the switch blade hasn't just moved slightly, and can be pushed back into the 'rail joiner' near the frog/common crossing vee.
  3. I'd never considered the possibility of it being mounted on twin, miniature, Aberdares before!
  4. Personally, I'm not really interested in your bedroom preferences!
  5. Which are kept on the shelf that I put up with sky-hooks, set high enough, so that I could store my skirting board ladders underneath.
  6. Clouds! Looks more like a sea fret, rolling up the river from the harbour!
  7. But it also depends from where you are looking, unfortunately, when we observe our models/layouts we have the effect of looking from a hot air balloon, far higher than we are used to. If we are trying to recreate a 'normal' viewing point, we have to consider that most of us wouldn't usually get higher than an upstairs window, (some exceptions being roofers, and owners of larger 'posh' houses), certainly for villages. It's a different set of parameters in towns, with office blocks etc.
  8. I think that removal of all the backscene will enhance the overall look of Little Muddle, if you are in any village on even a slight hill, you only ever see sky behind any buildings, plus a few trees, just my thoughts on the subject.
  9. I only enter the forum via 'View New Content', and by ignoring all the threads that don't interest, or bore, me, it saves a lot of time scrolling down/loading more activity. Life is too short!
  10. Well I found that 'certain kind of tedium' yesterday, and re-ignored Football Focus!
  11. There's a link to his layout thread at the bottom of all of his posts, it is definitely Little Muddle.
  12. You should do it as hard as you can, just before the point that your arm hurts, which is right for both options!
  13. Leaving the model on a (working) radiator also works, and don't forget to shake the can enthusiastically for at least 2 minutes, after warming.
  14. There are various alternatives to PVA, for ballasting you have the choice of Klear (now called Johnsons floor polish) or Copydex. For fixing lead, as a weight in locos, either UHU, or cheap super-glue.
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