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  1. Has anyone else noticed a captioning error? After the Dean Goods on hay, there is a photo of a Dean Goods taking on water, below that, the left hand photo is captioned as another Dean Goods heading an auto-coach train, but it's clearly an ex-MSWJ 2-4-0!
  2. I did CMRA Stevenage, all 3 days! It's our club's (Stevenage & District) local show and we help set it up, steward it, and break it down. I went to Kettering (0 gauge), and then a group of us (mates from our club) went to Miniatur Wunderland in the first week of March, we got back just before lockdown. It all seems so long ago now!
  3. (I don't think it's really a word, but I think I've got away with it!)
  4. I'm sorry, but two 4mm vans doesn't equal one 7mm van! (even if you leave them together in a darkened room!)
  5. I'm confident that you are both capable, like many others on here, but you are missing the point! I agree we should encourage newbies, or those who are late developers (modelling wise!), but not by telling them they're doing it wrong, and they have to build a kit! Once they've had success with doing a cut-n-shut, they'll have the confidence to do more, on the other hand, if they feel they are being criticised before they've even started, they are more likely to give up and try wargaming, or anything without rivet counters.
  6. Firstly, we are talking about non-bogie coaches (6 wheeled being notoriously difficult) Secondly, I'm not talking about omissions, I'm talking about different. Thirdly, why choose the harder option if you can (in your eyes) go for an easier choice? It's just human nature
  7. Maybe not everyone has the skills/confidence to build a smooth running chassis, even from a kit, plus does the range of kits available have all the features/detail they desire in the stock they want to recreate? We all know someone in the hobby who can do wonders in one area, but are not very good in another, not everyone can be great at everything.
  8. There are a few with less complex liveries, but they would be so obscure that no-one in their right minds would consider making, so unpainted, or maybe just base coloured (no lining), would/could increase sales!
  9. Why not use laser cut walls, they will be strong enough to support a 2mm railway infrastructue on top, unless you were thinking of standing on it!
  10. Hmm, having got a Keyser whitemetal coach kit, with the ducket at the end, I wondered if it was based on a GWR prototype, or not. So, having checked Penrhos' excellent website, I found multiple examples of this arrangement (T30-33, T40, 49 & T63), including a picture of the T49 preserved, and running, at Didcot.
  11. I didn't realise they did them in duo-tone, would that be known as Drurie?
  12. What annoys me the most, is that they start their spiel with 'We respect your privacy'! Then DON'T track me then! FFS
  13. A few years ago, my neighbour had their loft insulation 'topped up' under the government scheme. Later in the year they went up to get their Christmas decorations down, and every cardboard box was soaked through and ruined, the muppets that did the work had just stuffed it into every space, and blocked the ventilation! I would be very concerned about airflow and ventilation in your loft, there is no way that it should have that much condensation.
  14. I think 'Mikkel' works in an earlier era, and 'Knobhead' hasn't been on here for a few years (unfortunately), maybe 'Satan's Goldfish'? I'll keep thinking about possible suspects!
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