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  1. We have an independent phone repair shop in our town, and they sell s/hand phones. I haven't bought a new one in years. The only reason I use them so much, is because I've been unlucky and cracked a few screens, normally dropping them at work.
  2. There is nothing to stop you fitting them wherever they would be most effective, ie where the spring catches would normally be. Obviously if there is a need to keep the sides 'clear', then traditional dowels, and nuts and bolts might still be the best solution.
  3. For those that can't actually play?
  4. I picked an unstarted, possibly unopened one a couple of years ago at a local exhibition, I'll get round to it, one day!
  5. Get another kit, build it with the dome in the alternative (better!) position, then we can compare properly and give you a truly honest opinion!
  6. Definitely a huge improvement, but still not as balanced (IMHO), and therefore not as attractive as the other version, sorry.
  7. Didn't know they scaled that version up, I've only ever seen the type I have (4 of!)
  8. Well I stand corrected on the facts! But not on the aesthetics, it looks ridiculous! The first version is quite attractive, the second belongs in the worst looking locomotive thread!
  9. Because that's the H0 version, I'm talking about the 0 gauge version! Check the info in my last post.
  10. Just found it! While looking for pictures to link to, I found a link to this RMweb thread rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/80622-upgrading-a-lima-o-gauge-diesel-shunter/ which then suggested it was based on this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DB_Class_Kof_lll
  11. And that looks like the 7mm Atlas version, but not much like the Lima!
  12. Interesting, it doesn't look anything like the Atlas 0-6-0 Plymouth shunter!
  13. As this thread has already wandered a bit 'off topic'! I don't feel too bad about adding another locomotive to the original query. The 0 gauge* Lima 0-4-0 diesel shunter, which has the motor bogie from their larger, mainline diesels (UK and continental outline). Any ideas, possibly continental, considering the lower, rear windows in the cab, it's underframe suggesting electric or hydraulic transmission and the fact it was made by an Italian manufacturer! *saying 7mm scale could be pushing the realms of reality too much!
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