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  1. There nearly was a J94, but I'm not sure if it would have been worth having or not! We have to hope that either Dapol or Minerva notice, and fill, the obvious gap!
  2. Thanks, I hadn't dug deep enough, I stopped when I got to ignored users!
  3. When the new forum software was introduced, but before AY created the VNC option. In my attempt to make it more controllable/readable for me, I 'ignored' a lot of threads/ topics, I would like to 'un-ignore' them now, but I cannot find any way to do this. Also, I can't remember what I ignored, so I can't work how to look them up (search) to undo it that way, any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. Durability, check the thread on these, various reports of valve gear jamming/disintegrating (including a couple at my club)
  5. I hope the inside motion is of better quality than the outside motion that Heljan put on the A3's and A4's they built for Hattons!
  6. Well, if the Chief Constable's wife hadn't left late for her coffee morning!, just saying...............
  7. I've not done a 2 day show with my Inglenook, just 1 day shows,but I do have a slight advantage! It is set up with the controls at the front, for the kids (of any age ) to operate, with guidance from me if needed. The biggest challenge is having enough throat pastilles!
  8. Just to be pedantic, it is a 2-2-2, the front and rear sets are on a monorail! (for want of a better way to describe it)
  9. The argument that the correct type of satnav is too expensive, is actually of their own making. If all HGV owner/operators had bought the proper ones earlier, the price would have come down by now!
  10. And I would say the same, wherever I lived, facts are facts! It is between 1 & 2 miles from the motorway junction to the venue, depending on which direction you are coming from (north or south) will determine which junction you take, and that will all be on dual carriageway roads (can St. Albans offer that?) I will confess to living in Stevenage, but the show wasn't a deciding factor, I was here for 25 years before CMRA saw the light! I also confess to being a member of the local club who assist in setting up, stewarding and breaking down the show. I spent 11 hours there on Friday (only sitting down for lunch), wandered round for 7 hours on Saturday (trying to look useful) and 12 hours yesterday, in fact I was the last 'team member' to leave the venue at 8:15 (after helping organise the loading of traders and exhibitors, as well as helping clear the hall and load the equipment). Finally, the feedback from the traders that I spoke to was all positive, many saying they would want to come again, and it had been worth it for them.
  11. It is far bigger, and better, in Stevenage, 2 large halls on the same level are so much easier to use and access is greatly improved (especially for wheelchair users, and the less able). The transport links are better, it being only a short walk from the station via the footbridge, also the main bus terminal is only the other side of the venue and it's not far from the A1M. Basically it's in another league to St. Albans!
  12. Still can't find the 0-4-0 PT 795
  13. Just a thought, could you not use/fit the legs either end of the trolley, to protect the ends of the boards (and, therefore the track)
  14. Then you'll be able to pick up a leaflet/info on the club while you're there! Our membership secretary works there!
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