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  1. Hey All, I know this is an old Topic but as it came up in Google Search I wanted to add another solution. I had major issues programming the Cobalt IP Digital with the Sprog. After a few nights of hair pulling and forum hunting / posting. I found the issue for me was associated with the Speed Step setting in the SPROG Console. Once I changed it to 128 everything started working. I also suggest to use a 15 V power supply for the Sprog. Thanks to the guys over at sprog-dcc groups.io and jmriusers groups.io
  2. looking amazing, Alex
  3. This circuit is what is known as an LC Filter (sometimes a single capacitor on cheaper locos). It is used to prevent damage to the controller and the reduce the acoustic noise from the motor by stopping high frequencies from entering back into the controller and the motor which can also improve running in PWM DC systems. This is primarily used for DC layouts as some controllers don't use diodes to block back EMF (some controllers even utilize the back EMF voltage in sensorless brushless motors). DCC decoders have these filters built in and so the filters on the motor become superfluous to requ
  4. Very true, I also superglued them. There are two holes underneath that are perfect for putting superglue in to secure it.
  5. Hey guys, sorry to "necropost" but I have found a solution to this. Where I have RED in the below picture is where you need to CUT and where I have GREEN is where you need to JUMPER. This will allow you to have a switchable frog that will work with DC and DCC and where you don't have to rely on the point blades making contact with the rails. I don't know whether this will help anyone this late in the game but I came across this issue too and after finding this post, I thought I would post the solution. Also as mentioned by Butler Henderson you may need to superglue the rail connect
  6. Hi Dan, you can do 180 degrees in 1200mm with 2nd radius as long as it isn't scenic..
  7. Hi Dave, First thing I must say so far everything is looking amazing! The J83's you have there look like the Hornby ones, have you modified them at all? If so I would love to know what you did, Have you considered these ones? http://52fmodels.sharepoint.com/Pages/J83.aspx I'm not sure if were interested in a more accurate model as I know the Hornby ones aren't the most accurate. Gem loco's also do a J83 in white metal I believe, but it's difficult to obtain. Jules
  8. Hey Dave, That tower is looking excellent! I have had to take a hiatus on my Haymarket based layout. However your thread may very well get the coals burning (pun intended) on it again. Your work is very inspiring! Regards, Jules
  9. Very sad news indeed, Dave was an inspiration both in modelling and in character and Gilbert I'm certain that Julie can rest assured that the modelling community will never forget Dave. Much like many here I didn't know him personally but what I did know of him, he was much more than just a modeller he was mentor a person we could look up to and see that even in the difficult times we can still be upbeat and positive. I believe his character will resound in our hearts and through these forums for many years to come. Peace be with Julie and family and God Bless Jules
  10. Hi Gilbert, I sent you a PM, would love to get some of Dave's work, Tetley's Mills is what got me into modelling in the first place. Jules
  11. Hi David, Nice looking turntable, I was planning to use a Peco turntable for my layout also, Are you going to make a start on the fitting shop off the shed and the offices next to the turntable? I have seen a few pics and they don't look too difficult to scratch build also what will you do with the water tower and coal tower? I'm planning on using the Bachmann Water Tower with a few mods as it looks pretty similar. Not sure if i'll attempt a scratchbuild of the coal tower but there aren't any kits that look much like it. I'm sure if you scratchbuilt the tower it would look amazing. Not sur
  12. Well I am glad you didn't give up Gordon, your previous ET attempts have given me a lot of inspiration even simply the retaining walls (I plan on using the 7mm stone also). love the dark, gritty even menacing atmosphere that you have produced with ET so far. Keep going don't give up as you are an inspiration.
  13. looking great Dave, I hope you are going to weather it a little, I know Haymarket was renowned for it's cleaning crew, but I thought it was mostly the A4's and such which got the royal treatment Haven't seen many pics of the Cicero in 58 so I'm not quite sure how well cleaned it was.
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