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  1. Perhaps to celebrate Bachmann will announce a Scenecraft welsh pub to combine the two significant events!
  2. Has anyone else suffered from short circuits between left and right wheels on their new class 33? I have just received 33021 and there appears to be a short somewhere on the PCB as the pickups are cleary independent, but a mulitmeter shows a short between opposite wheels.
  3. Can anyone suggest some typical train compositions for the 61XX tht Hornby has just released (BR black)? From ready to run stock I take it that would be the likes of Hornby Collets (maroon or red and cream), Backmann non corridor Mk1s in maroon, or Mk1s from either manufacturer? A four car B set would be ideal I would imagine, but that's not for today.
  4. A search for the "Mollet Caldas Railway" should throw up some information on the prototype.
  5. I have yet to receive my magazine, it should be here in the next week or so.
  6. I have just stumbled accross Bachman's latest collectors' club model, a OO gauge Mk1 BG Full Brake 'Laboratory 23' BR RTC (Revised). I don't know how authentic it is given the RTC's habit of modifying vehicles to meet their very specific needs, but it looks good anyhow.
  7. Thanks for the correction, I didn't notice it move!
  8. On the 2nd radius curves the inside buffers are completely compressed and are very poorly aligned, there is about 1mm of contact. It wouldn't take much for the buffers to slip and interlock. For me the biggest problem is the coupling hook on the loco not being sprung. That on the coach, and all Dapol wagons, is sprung and to compensate for the loco's lack of spring, is fully extended. Perhaps because of this the buffers don't slip despite the very small contact area. In short this pairing (and all others I have tried with 08s, panniers and Jinty) run without problem on my loop. I don
  9. It is clearly not the best, but is robust and not too expensive. From a distance it looks fine, although at that scale the sleepers look very regular, a problem with all set track. Up close the it looks very lightweight, the sleepers don't appear to be very deep. But bear in mind it is only supposed to represent the surface of the sleepers, the rest should be buried in the ground. After HO track the O gauge rails appear very thin and low prfoile, but that is probably just a consequence of the HO track being too chunky for it's scale.I think you are best off comparing it to the real thing
  10. Yes, 2nd radius 1028mm bullhead
  11. Arrived this morning and paired up straight away with its autocoach.
  12. Concerning Bachmann, membership of the Collectors' Club gives you four magazines and a club wagon each year. The magazines are of good quality, the latest one being of around 60 glossy pages. They contain information on Bachmann/farish models in development, articles on Bachmann's products and processes, articles on history of UK railways with an insight into the different companies prior to grouping, articles on modern railways and classes of locomotives. A good read when it arrives every quarter. The wagon may not be to your particular taste, they are usually small plank wagons mor
  13. Thanks for the information. My computer must have had a cache problem. It is now working for me too.
  14. It seems that the whole Bachmann UK site has died, not just the collectors' club
  15. Matabiau

    The Engine Shed

    Have I missed an announcement or is that an observation coach beig measured up in the latest edition of EngineShed, alongside the APT, Rocket, Class 91,...?
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