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  1. Am I the only one who consulted this thread after seeing the reduced title "Dapol Wagon Wheels...."? Following Rails of Sheffield's latest batch of limited editions anything is possible.
  2. Looks great, I was going to order one, but by the time I got home from work all sold out. Hopefully Rails will rerun this one.
  3. My 9400 arrived this morning, so only one day's delay. I can't complain about that. I tried printing off the payment confirmation just in case it was questioned but that failed, the web page is too wide to the numbers (amount paid) gets cropped, even when printing to PDF! UPS not very user friendly.
  4. Latest from UPS: "Le colis est retardé en raison d'une perturbation liée au Brexit. Votre colis vous sera livré aussi vite que possible." Your parcel is delayed due to Brexit.
  5. I have just received my bill from UPS, 48 Euros! 30 Euros to the government (VAT on the loco), 15 Euros to UPS (in addition to the £20 postage) and 3 Euros of VAT (on the UPS charges). 30 Euros for tax seems a little steep for VAT on the loco unless they have charged VAT on the postage too! The loco was posted yesterday so less than two days for delivery.
  6. I have finaly managed to place an order for this loco. The Locomotion website appears up to date now as VAT was removed, so I am anticipating that being charged when the parcel arrives here in France. At least I won't be paying VAT twice! We shall have to see what duty is charged as these locos are made in China and then imported intot he UK before being sold on. Hopefully the duty should be zero as electric trains are not subject to duty under WTO rules if I understand correctly.
  7. Thank you to Stuart at Locomotion for resolving the payment problems
  8. FIrst of all, thanks to Locomotion for having replied. Secondly, there is frequently a problem with Sagepay and, at least, French bank cards. They seem to do an update every now and again and that blocks us. It doesn't recognise the card as a credit card, and when you enter it as a debit card it is refused further down the chain. This has happened in the past and was rectified after a few months. It seems to have happened again as I am having the same problem with other retailers using SagePay including Bachmann Collectors' Club (they took tha payment by phone instead).
  9. They had most other countries in Europe, but not France. There is also some problem with SagePay not recognising french Visa card numbers, it was the same with the Hardwicke. I have tried calling but despite being told a number of times I would be called back by the Locomotion sales team they never have done.
  10. I would love to order one but unfortunately France doesn't appear to a be a country recognised by the Locomotion payment system.
  11. Thank you for pointing out the differences. Given the problems I am having with the Locomotion website I may go for the Rails LNWR version, in the knowledge that it is in the pre-grouping condition as opposed the the preserved one.
  12. One of the Rails models to be released at the same time will be LNWR lined black and appears to have a black roof in the photographs on their website.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it hasn't helped. I must admit it's not the first time I've had trouble paying with locomotion models but it has been fine recently. Unfortunately the system makes you pay for delivery at the same time as the deposit whcih probably doesn't help!
  14. Has anyone else from overseas had troubling placing a deposit for this loco with the NRM? When I get to the sagepay section for entering my credit card number it gets upset and tells my the number doesn't match the card type!
  15. Are these the same prototype as per Hornby's old 1970s R102 NCB mineral wagons?
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