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  1. Swad Lane was sold last year. I had to cancel 4 in 2018 - we spent 22 weeks looking after our granddaughter and I did not have room at home to store it. Deesdale Road is still around and went out in July 2019. I would be happy to be on the circuit with it, old as it is although it does now have some working points' as well as the old wire pull ones. I have ideas on producing an N-gauge 'replica' because it has many different options to keep me interested so with enough room to set up I can then run it in my 'Engine Shed' I do have the 'skeleton' Cadley Hill that Andy P tired of but apart from a 'test run' have not spent any time on it at all. Home layout wise I was not happy on Rothley (and Swithmore in place of a fiddle yard) so ripped up most of the track ... Andy P noticed that I had boards on the rest as it has now become a 'store'. Family, club 'politics' and adding to the main club OO layout has taken up a lot of time although I have also built a small N-gauge layout in an old gun-box approx 7" x 48" with three platforms and four sidings all options via a single DC wired central point i.e.'proper measurements!
  2. Your craftsmanship is superb George - seems I'm on the right thread now.
  3. Not sure how RM works but my 'followed topics' seems to be down to 3 so I wished I'd written them all down. Saw your response to Andy P so will now look back on this thread. Hope you have a great 2020 year of retirement and loco building. Cheers, Peter
  4. Remember it well and as one of those events when the whole team was present.
  5. Hi, it would be great to see you at our Mince Pie weekend 14th/15th December unmade-up road Park Park Road off Coppice side.  Introduce yourself. Cheers.



  6. Congratulations on the birth of your grandson- pleased to hear that both Arthur and Mum are doing well. Peter
  7. If you hadn't done so many other layouts would not have been made and this thread would not have existed so you would not be referring to the 'idiot' who sold it!
  8. On 23/11/2019 at 11:33, sb67 said: Enjoying the nostaldia Andy. I liked St Budoc although I've only seen it after it was sold and then re built (I think) The original Trebudoc was good too, I'm sure you brought it to one of the original Rmweb days. Liked the re build too, I always think of doing a 4mm version with a different location. Steve Yes Steve, the R M Web day at Stafford 2012, I had the original Trebudoc as the Goods Yard, before it was rebuilt and also my OO, Loch Leven. The previous year, 2011 I had the original Deesdale Road Was Stafford RM web that long ago - time flies, Deesdale Road still functional but significantly different from 2011
  9. John,

    As you know I followed you epistles on Sandy's progress and your coming to terms and subsequent care.  It helped ... we have a 16/52 'last chance' grandson and our son's 26 year old partner is still in remission.   We live in hope that that remains so but your detailed diary has given us plenty to think about should this change so, thank you.

    Having missed a week or so on ER I quickly scanned to see how things went and was pleased to see you state the positive response given to you by the organist.

    Cheers, Peter

    PS I presume you lecture at Birmingham/Aston Uni? and your comments re student attitudes on ''work' ring a bell with some of my former students at Walsall. PBB


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    2. PeterBB


      Thanks.  Sounds like the one that had the 'jump in lift' that kept going - can'g remember what it was called.  Went there from Gloucester Royal for a special meeting on DNA 40 plus years ago from an up and coming guy from Leicester - very good evening ... now a Sir and responsible for DNA use in policing etc. - name escapes me at present ... neither of the latter is a good sign.

    3. Coombe Barton

      Coombe Barton

      Sir Alec Jeffreys - Sandy and I met him at our graduation ceremony in 1991- actually in the multi-storey car park - he was receiving an honorary doctorate when we received our BAs. Sandy was also involved in the investigation about a murder and it was the first time that the police suspect couldn't have done it because of the DNA evidence with proof by Alec Jeffreys.

      His work also helped prolong Sandy's life as she changed treatments due to a genetic mutation identified by his technique.


    4. PeterBB


      Thanks.  Sounds like the one that had the 'jump in lift' that kept going - can'g remember what it was called.  Went there from Gloucester Royal for a special meeting on DNA 40 plus years ago from an up and coming guy from Leicester - very good evening ... now a Sir and responsible for DNA use in policing etc. - name escapes me at present ... neither of the latter is a good sign.


      Thank you, Sir Alec Jeffreys it was and pleased that his efforts also helped Sandy.  Strange how some people stand out ... the evening was also the first time that I had been to Birmingham, little knowing that many years later I would end up based there in my final job when working for the Red Cross. 

  10. Well guys, layout now in my Engine Shed as a friend called it and the name has stuck. Andy wants to do another 'Cadley Hill' so the name will change unless he has given a new name to his. Thanks to Gaugemaster, who sorted my Prodigy out f.o.c., I have, using two former Swad Lane trestles, had a welcome running session. How I progress is at yet unknown and having made space for it whatever track was left down of Rothleigh is now covered in plywood for the foreseeable future. Many many years ago I was fortunate enough to visit the pit at Cadley Hill and the low ceiling level of the seam is a permanent memory but also remember that you could see the now dismantled cooling towers so the background may sort itself. If I like what happens I will keep you posted then hopefully will show it. Cheers, Peter
  11. Well Cadley Hill now in the 'Engine Shed' as one of our friends labelled it. We shall see how it progresses. Andy is right, progress these days is slow. New Mills running the other night was great fun, doubly so, as club sec I get little time to run. Yes I would have liked it but it seems that other aspects were a priority and didn't leave enough. Rothleigh (and Swithmore) track is currently largely 'ripped up' and under everything that 'is not wanted in the house' but two small N-gauge layouts have been built, one in a 4' X 7" box, for granddaughter use. Deesdale Road had a very successful run out in July - so nice when it runs well with just a clean needed after such long storage. Peter
  12. John,


    Have been without RMweb for a while because of computer problems.  Andy P let me know that Sandy had passed away.  Your loving caring and tenderness in all you did for Sandy and the way you kept us informed of a very strong courageous lady gave us a real insight just how brave Sandy was and how steadfast you were during that time including caring for Kerry who must also be missing Sandy.  My thoughts and prayers as also from other RMwebbers are with you.


    Peter BB

    1. Coombe Barton

      Coombe Barton

      Thank you, Peter.

  13. meters r dem fings wot tells u ow much elec n gas wee use yards r wot wee messure fings wif n chaans iz wot olds us in
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