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  1. How time flies - not a peep on Deesdale Road for nearly two years. Swad Lane (now sold) and family priorities led to that so why a post now? The next village has an Annual Gala and they have difficulty getting people into the village hall - no problem with lots of outside things going on in the field - and I was contacted by the organisers after a friend gave the my information about model railways. They contacted me and chatting to them I thought it would be good to show locals aspects of a local MRG and agreed that Gresley and Wychnor MRG members would provide three items. A fantastic 3 1/2" County of Stafford (working steam locomotive) hand built over a large number of years, Bob started it as an apprentice with hand tools finished in 2017, and is now retired! An 009 Badgers Halt 4' x2' and my 21 ft Deesdale Road that had been stored ... Deesdale Road retrieved from 'dusty storage' for checking, track cleaned and tested - every section ran. Some bits of cleaning took place and off to the Overseal Gala 13th July 2019 - today. One small electrical problem on the fiddle yard while setting up but put right and sound running with no problems all day. The icing on the cake - the organisers came in and told us that we were the star, visitors had been heard asking their friends if they had seen the railway and we had a steam of visitors throughout and 48 flyers (only 50 taken as we did not know what to expect from a non model railway event), two further requests and a positive face to face agreement to be part of the Swadlincote Festival of Transport in 2020. We had previously noticed large numbers of cars parked on the grass in front of the clubhouse, investigated why they were there and Committee had decided to investigate - we now know the answer to our question and are also aware that there is a movement to get the Ivanhoe line reopened for passenger transport to Leicester and have been asked to provide a working model in the local Sharps Museum. The day was not only a good running day and fun but surprisingly positive and has also let more people know that we are around and local. Edit there are a couple of photographs around but not to hand.
  2. Only just sorted this one - looking great and now on 'follow' so will not miss. Need to remove a few from follow - its getting crowded. Peter
  3. Haven't you forgotten your very early 009? ... Just for the record I do not remember you mentioning a 'G' but what a range! Just bit to 'old' to think about 12" to the 1'. And learning - absolutely the master teacher!
  4. Yes, paper is a good idea. In my case I scanned track and downloaded Peco turnout templates and had them 'loose'. 10 years or so ago Andy told me to stick them down and put the track on it ... I did not realise at the time how good that would have been ... I do now! Good luck on your next. Peter
  5. One of the good things about Swadlincote is that there is entry direct from the road at the same level ion you have the main hall and there is access from the 'back' for one of the other halls so, no need to carry everything up the hill if its done correctly.
  6. Just make them both removable on dowels and you will have 'two-for-one'!
  7. How do I not remember the passing years .... what was that I just typed? Come in number 69 - Happy Birthday - rejoice, don't be 'blue! Peter
  8. Like a lot of photographs while good do not always do justice - the 'real thing' looks and runs better. Peter
  9. Pocketmags -- what is Pocketmags? and would that mean an extra subscription? Otherwise although I subscribe to the 'paper' edition it seems to be a good offer. Not being a computer whizz I have never heard of it before this thread. The Gold Song looked great but not knowing who Spandau or for that matter any other groups are I did not recognise the tune but the words looked good. Now give me Tchaikovsky and I might recognise it.
  10. Somewhere it was said that you had not had a layout without a painted backscene but, Just a thought, the initial Deesdale Road did not have a painted back scene.
  11. More than half of those mentioned live in Staffordshire ...
  12. See quote on Bala Town ... viz needs space!
  13. PeterBB

    Bala Town

    Agree George, he kept changing his mind before he finished the ... as exemplified by Dore End and its recent antecedents.
  14. PeterBB

    Bala Town

    Martin, Andy needs the space for the other things he has in mind and has now got into a rhythm based approximately on the '9-2-5' concept as if he were not retired.!
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