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  1. And then of course the show where there was insufficient light to see the three-link couplings - what a day that was.
  2. Great picture of the layout in the railway room - helped of course by Snata's Elves practicing early for Xmas.
  3. Thought it might be the wall. No quite the same but because Cadley Hill - must change the name as it does not 'conform' was hinged when Andy initially made it - I built a scenic tunnel on the backboard. This and the road bridge are stored in 'home made' wooden boxes that contain the one or two. Recently added a capacitor to help with the points. Other scenic buildings and could also store in these boxes, with divisions, an amount of the running stock. These take up space but are easily stored ... apart from the fact that 'appropriate' storage space is currently very limited.
  4. Had never really thought about making large scenic portions on individual 6mm bases but that has given me some thought. On another aspect there is a parallel set of dotted lines running from the cess to the top of the hill ... ?
  5. Keep them coming. On walls, you have spent 90 days plus on the viaduct but on KL2 you must have spent almost that on making walls. Having said that they were magnificent and, as you know, I copied some of your pictures for future inspiration ... have DAS but its being used elsewhere at present.,
  6. Restrictions on Andy's deeds even stop him building a big shed that would have been the ideal ... current system is O and would not need to go as far as N but Andy has thought of that and decided he preferred the O. Getting rid of wife - no way here either.
  7. @jamie92208 Scanner looks great but SWMBO not impressed by 'request for purchase' - will keep in mind - thanks.
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