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  1. Burton has something like that across the Horninglow Road - after the repair in 1976?
  2. You may have noticed that the 5th line was missing ... not happy with it so after doing lots of little but time consuming necessities decided to relay that track. Tried many combinations before deciding to use a new code 100 length ... then decided that the point (thought it might be an old Hornby) needed replacing but it was Peco as is the same Thanks for looking.replacement although different, the date on the first was 1998. This still did not tie in happily with the concrete track that originally I decided was fine scale so I ripped that out as well and replaced with code 100 concrete. Track runs much better and of course into the tunnel. Wiring will of course need replacing after which I will have a running session to check before doing anything else.
  3. Tunnel now modified (will still need a baseboard 'placer' because the free side twists in. Bridge upgraded to entirely fit across the baseboard and the road added together with the blue brick paper (running short of glue now so used PVA for the paper - must have got it right no problems). Odd bits of plaster applied as needed and then the base coat of fence paint so it begins to look like a railway (Rule 1). Picture 1 - the whole layout and Picture 2 the tunnel - the embedded scatching not showing up too well. and Picture 2 - Most of it
  4. Good question. The tunnel part of the back scene, the bridge and the signal box get in the way of the hinge so are removable and added in set-up ... at least that is the current idea. As your experience on RM posts demonstrate things change when something does not seem quite right.
  5. Still wanted the 5th line to 'go somewhere' so ripped it upend made a tunnel by extending the hills at the 'fiddle' end. The plaster is still not dry so the tunnel mouth will be another day. In the meantime I was happy with the signal box so have put some stays on the board for it to fit - it cannot be 'permanent' because of the hinge fold. Liked the engine shed too but the entrance was on the 'wrong' side, modified the scenery to take it as is and then readjusted the track to 'fit' in the middle of the shed and used a bit of brick paper to provide access to the side door.
  6. Slightly off topic but whenever class 26 blue is mentioned it stirs a memory of the 60s on a fine day and the Oban Highland games with the crew siting on the rocks above eating their sandwiches - I can picture it now so thanks.
  7. Today fixed the near end scenic hills onto the backboard. Compared to the bridge that was completed satisfactorily this morning it was easy. Also discovered a Metcalfe signal box and loco shed hidden away and have temporarily put them on the layout. While not 'modern quality' they do not really look out of place so may well stay. Thats it today folks - thanks for reading.
  8. Hi Guys, Update from a better day. Have completed the 'hinge covers' and SWMBO said that she couldn't see them ... I had also painted the cable clips black to visually help the 'deception'. The front one took a lot longer to work out than the far one with the cut off corner - looking for old window pictures on the web and even then modifying it to become a double window. There are doors on the other sides. The second picture is how it is this evening. The plaster dried and hardened overnight so today tried to cut out 'the join and bits of plaster fell off so before redoing inserted a folded sheet of PVC in the gap and remastered the area to the bridge. It would have been nice if the bridge had been possible to place beyond the folding 'arc' but there was not enough room so it plus bit of hill scenery will have to be come and added item on set-up. Later sanded and painted the far hills with forest green fence paint as a basis and to show up irregularities ... some more work on it will be required tomorrow plus, hopefully, to be able to separate the bridge area cleanly. NB The U-area in the background is part of the Rothleigh and Swithmore layout ... well will be worked on again sometime.
  9. Sorted by other means. Frustrating day otherwise foam would have done the job in 'seconds' (we do speed up time in model railway terms), while the plaster has still not hardened probably because it was too wet.
  10. No photographs todaytgrying to put the fixed part of the back scene support up and glue the foam to it. The intension was to use foam to stick it in and fill-in all the gaps ... the foam did not work so half a tin wasted. (Just a query - if it is solid in the tube u=into the can is it practical to drill down to clear it or in reality are these things once used impossible to really use gain even after the acetone clean-up when last used). Also managed to get a big splinter in my thumb that slowed things up a bit plus bit of plaster was used to help seal the gaps. We will see if anything comes of it tomorrow morning ... wish I had not decided to only use what is available - my 5L can of PVA is at the club. Thanks to those of you currently looking in.
  11. Just getting into Cadley Hill with the proviso that everything on it must be already present - it has already presented some problems that in one case showed the value of keeping 'little bits' of odds and s8ds.
  12. I have had ideas of a name change e.g. Neverhill. Today I concentrated on 'doing something' to hide the hinges ... and of course had to account for the bit of hinge support that had to be removed to allow longer locomotives to pass in the fiddle yard that will likely always be seen. Modifications are necessary to make them look good but a bit of luck with some 'weathered wood' has helped. An old gatepost top - it is surprising what can be hoarded although to be fair it was to be used as a template for a replacement. The hills need support so that was the secondary function and the 'added' bit now has 6mm wood 6mm MDF bits a bit if square wood to hold the initial addition and now a space piece of wood and then a block screwed into it X 5 to enable a piece of hardboard kept from a pre 1975 N-gauge layout the was run on a coffee table to be at last reutilised (the modern word is recycled). The good news is that it is fun trying to work it all out. The hinge coverers: Now to look up topics that I follow before yet again it suddenly stops me 'ticking' or adding comments.
  13. Hi Guys, Fooled myself looking at the above picture as the new photographs ar taken from the other end. Right well, not happy with the space available for the scenery at the back so replaced the 'added' bit with 3" but with no 12 mm had to use two X 6mm - a bit of wood and the rest from MDF - as I have made it a 'rule' that everything that goes into making this layout must come from stuff already available. I had thoughts on renaming as it would not look anything like Cadley Hill and had painted some wood blue last night as this was going to be the background ... You will therefore notice the 'hotch patch' on the left. Looking around I found some Celotex and decided to try it out. It will work but will need a support. I found a bridge and looked to see if it would fit - yes but not where it was actually wanted viz. at the hinge - so planned it in. Scenery will have to adjust to allow for the hinge. While it will be fictitious it will remind me of CAdley Hill as I then added the hilly land around and the bridge could just be the A444 that actually does go over the top of part of the former mine working area. So the second picture is where these two items will be. That means the hinges are visible so now to find a way to hide them ... tomorrow? The pictures have come out in the wrong order!
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