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  1. Reading your thoughts on adverts like to stay in touch - thanks
  2. And still is with gauge N 009 OO On30 O G and variations, DC/DCC in between for a number and of late there are days when running is almost as long as a 'former' day work for some. It contains those who just want to run, talk, build, and with a wide range of skills within its membership. The odd day out or 'something special' for a particular layout is quite often funded by that section and the odd time e.g. conversion from DC to DCC such that there is no way there can be a mix up can be quite costly but as St Enoch says cover major expenses by subscriptions ... hence why some years ago the G and W clubs combined to make them both viable as one unit.
  3. In reality I do the same. A good many years ago Andy came round to put me right on a 66 and in passing said why don't you just stick your plan down and put the track on top ... at that time it hadn't occurred to me that by printing out points etc to the right scale it would be easier to lay. I have planned that way ever since but ... I have a stack of 'unfinished' plans. Rothleigh is no more because we have moved down to Wiltshire.
  4. Rothleigh had a hinged board that was easily lifted up 90 degrees with an end stop to keep it up so a quick exit could be made. Do not remember the floor moving one although at G&WMRG Coopers Dale and Marston that was one of the planned ... until we realised that it would need 24 sets of matched track so an external marshalling yard was added for those who could not crawl underneath.
  5. Enjoyed the video, especially on bending the points. At last can use a computer but only until dark as there is no power to the lighting and other leads for the printer etc. not yet located. Like Chuffing ... 2 wire borrowed photograph.
  6. At last have found the start of the new layout Bute - oops not Bench - and the BB is looking good. Now seen the latest video - makes making a curved platform look easy. In packing have had to move with difficulty some 18mm MDF and have to admit vowed never to use the stuff again ... but your video makes a difficult job seem easy.
  7. Hi Ade, Many thanks for your good wishes. Malmesbury is coming on a treat and hope to be able to resume following once everything is sorted.
  8. Their have been rather more hitches than hoped but all going well the move is imminent. It is both a relief and a pain for Eirwen as Mike no longer recognises his son nor herself most of the time but she says he seems happy in himself.
  9. Well Guys, on this one too not a post since December 2020. Barnaby have you progressed on your mimic panel and DCC concepts motors? As posted elsewhere tonight Rothleigh has been totally dismantled while Deesdale Road is still a working layout although at 21' a bit long to run in a home. I have ideas of a similar, not exact replica, in N-gauge and have numerous plans around but a sticking point of all are the would be board joins. Cadley Hill has had a fair bit of running but more time has been spent on building 'boxes'. The layout itself is hinged but not right down as I wanted to have as much 'fixed' scenic/features as possible. The bridge and the left rear scenic section fit in the boxes and with partition coverings are able to take the removable buildings and potentially the controls and an amount of stock. The boxes were made to make transporting it for selling easier but have just not got round to that. A more is afoot and in the short term it will be run ... I hope.
  10. Well Guys a lot has happened since the last posting December 2020. Only small parts of the track were finally laid and run - quite enjoyable but as stated somewhere else Cadley Hill came into being, the rest of the Engine Shed became a 'dump' for anything not wanted in the house and then lockdown. Just before lockdown a decision was taken to modify the Coopers Dale and Marston club layout. As restrictions eased a lot of time was spent working to effectively make it look like the upper and lower levels were 'continuous' as a branch comes down from the upper (DCC) to a platform on the lower (DC) level but is in fact isolated from it while an upper branch and Upper Marston Station area was added. A lot of time (SWMBO not happy with a move contemplated) has been spent on it and the hope that work will be completed by others of which JM has been great help and Dave C is a wizard with servos. The really fun part was using bark for rocks - again kept for years hoping to use it one day and low and behold approx 5' X 6" to hide the fiddle yard on the Upper Marston (DCC) level. Rothleigh had been deserted in favour of this work and when a decision was taken to assist young son a move was needed that has led to a complete dismantling of Rothleigh so it is no more. Fortunately with relatively little running most of the track was very much saveable and there were some surprise findings of a few previously misplayed points. Packing ... seems that I have a lot more stock than thought including some still in boxes and also came across some wagons that have been stored since the early 80s following a then family 'upheaval'. So folks onto the next and this time I have been told that it can be 'in the house' but with a stipulation that all actual building work be carried out 'outside'. Let us move first and plan perhaps something similar but who knows ... It still leaves three other layouts around - Cadley Hill an E-E (OO), the Gun Box (N); and the 4' x 2' R-R (N) built for GD but since found a year or two's service with a former member of the club who developed dementia. His wife said it kept him occupied and when running it enabled her to get on with housework etc. He is now in care. Forgot - so 4 layouts around - Deesdale Road (OO) still around and available. Had thought about complete point motor control instead of pull wires but found that baseboard structures make it impractical. DR started off as a 4' board by Andy P, over the years has extended to 21' and has given years of pleasure. Goodbye Rothleigh - sad to see you go but a number of happy years generally building and occasionally running will be remembered.
  11. Just lost the reply to your 'modeller question' Jeff but in essence - yes although mainly on the club OO layout where many hours have been spent one way or another recently although I did build one during the first lockdown. We were fortunate that a friend's daughter did the shopping for us at that time. I have some patience but cannot match either your standard nor your absolute patience. Looking forward to your next set of pictures.
  12. Have done the same from building sands but had one advantage over you - I had a suitable sieve! Some really great looking work shows up well on the photographs.
  13. And then of course the show where there was insufficient light to see the three-link couplings - what a day that was.
  14. Great picture of the layout in the railway room - helped of course by Snata's Elves practicing early for Xmas.
  15. Thought it might be the wall. No quite the same but because Cadley Hill - must change the name as it does not 'conform' was hinged when Andy initially made it - I built a scenic tunnel on the backboard. This and the road bridge are stored in 'home made' wooden boxes that contain the one or two. Recently added a capacitor to help with the points. Other scenic buildings and could also store in these boxes, with divisions, an amount of the running stock. These take up space but are easily stored ... apart from the fact that 'appropriate' storage space is currently very limited.
  16. Had never really thought about making large scenic portions on individual 6mm bases but that has given me some thought. On another aspect there is a parallel set of dotted lines running from the cess to the top of the hill ... ?
  17. Keep them coming. On walls, you have spent 90 days plus on the viaduct but on KL2 you must have spent almost that on making walls. Having said that they were magnificent and, as you know, I copied some of your pictures for future inspiration ... have DAS but its being used elsewhere at present.,
  18. Restrictions on Andy's deeds even stop him building a big shed that would have been the ideal ... current system is O and would not need to go as far as N but Andy has thought of that and decided he preferred the O. Getting rid of wife - no way here either.
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