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  1. Rails of Sheffield. https://railsofsheffield.com/products/32691/scenecraft-44-0071-oo-gauge-station-cafe Bill.
  2. Bachmann Class 66 "Sence" 66711 £99.99 at Kernow Model Centre. http://kernowmodelrail.secure-basket.com/p/54546/32-738-WSL-Bachmann-Class-66-Diesel-Locomotive-number-66-711 Bill.
  3. Bachmann Class 66 32-733DS - £179 from JDM Models, only 1 in stock . http://www.jdmmodels.co.uk/Bachmann?sort=p.model&order=ASC&page=8&product_id=1983 Bill.
  4. That looks excellent Bob. Bill.
  5. Thanks Richard, Will order one of those from you shortly, were any modifications required? Bill.
  6. Hi all, Bachmann 32-738 66711 "Sence", does anyone know if a TTS decoder would operate OK in this loco? Thanks in advance, Bill.
  7. How about this one Chris, made by Modelscene from a soft type plastic. Bill.
  8. Had the same problem with a couple of electrofrogs, where working fine when laid but after ballasting found two were dead. I soldered across the gap and they both work fine now. Bill.
  9. No they're not, they are Teessiders. Bill.
  10. The sky went a bit peculiar on this one. Have to disagree, that sky looks great IMO. Bill.
  11. Stunning work Chris. Bill.
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