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  1. How about this one Chris, made by Modelscene from a soft type plastic. Bill.
  2. Had the same problem with a couple of electrofrogs, where working fine when laid but after ballasting found two were dead. I soldered across the gap and they both work fine now. Bill.
  3. No they're not, they are Teessiders. Bill.
  4. Great to see you posting again Andy, welcome back.
  5. The sky went a bit peculiar on this one. Have to disagree, that sky looks great IMO. Bill.
  6. Stunning work Chris. Bill.
  7. Excellent piece of work. Bill.
  8. What an excellent photo Andy, very realistic. Bill.
  9. Nice work Bob, very well done. Bill.
  10. There is a thread started recently on this very subject. Hope this helps, Bill.
  11. Looks great Chris, nice work. Bill.
  12. An excellent piece of work Brian. Bill.
  13. That looks excellent. Bill.
  14. That under-roof shot is very good, like the shafts of light from the roof. Bill.
  15. Don't know if this has been covered previously but what do you use to "grind" the crayons? Thanks, Bill.
  16. That second shot is so realistic. Bill.
  17. That latest shot showing the inside of the shed looks very realistic and atmospheric, amazing modelling. Bill.
  18. Snail Brand spanners were black with bare metal jaws. Bill
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