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  1. Warm soapy water is fine but do it straight after using the glue.
  2. The WWS layering spray is superb but I’d buy the aerosol version next time I buy it as the spray head broke on mine. I don’t think I cleaned it out after using it enough.
  3. It seems that Network Rail are upgrading the sea wall again at Dawlish. A new concrete promenade. The sea looks cleaner too.
  4. When you complete it you’ll find a 1366 class pannier 1368 sat at the platform.
  5. Not sure John but I do like the idea of your Ratio/SS PBV though.
  6. gwrrob


    Just been drooling over Chris Nevard's build of Parson's Cottage into a Bell Inn on Facebook, it's a shame for his copyright that I can't share it. That kit sounds like it's very popular.
  7. Absolutely and I'm gutted to see they've [SDR] not yet reopened with restrictions being lifted like the P & D.
  8. gwrrob


    Thanks for that. I've built a Townstreet corner shop but like the idea of a PP pub alongside, hence the query. Seen their stand at numerous shows but wondered about the finish of them, the Redutex option [plenty of different finishes] sounds promising. Maybe when you get a minute you could post what the instructions for their kits look like or even pm me.
  9. More than happy to give my appraisal when I receive mine, hopefully in the next fortnight. Always good to give an honest opinion.
  10. No review of the new Hornby prairie in this issue then.
  11. gwrrob


    As someone who has used both Townstreet and Petite Properties buildings on your layout how would you say they compare side by side. I fancy a pub on mine and weighing up the options available to me in all ranges.
  12. Another Laira engine, Hall class 5998 Trevor passes with an up train of empty cattle wagons.
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