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  1. Roof strips could be made using Comet roof tape cut with a scalpel to length.
  2. The shrubbery looks of decent quality Ade, do you have a link please and did you have to pay an import tax on the stuff.
  3. Heartily recommended Nick as I bought the WWS version last summer and redid my scenics whilst furloughed. I was really surprised how it turned out without too much song and dance.
  4. A few more fresh shots of Newton based 94xx class 9440 heading east with a train of vans. I've treated myself to a couple of BR grey opens [Oxford] to compliment these vans and will add them when I've finished weathering them ,adding some Gibson wheels and maybe adding a load.
  5. Are you sure about that @Siberian Snooper
  6. Two such examples were 9439 and 9497 according to this list . http://www.greatwestern.org.uk/060_9400det.htm
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