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  1. The write up photo two mentions repairs resulting in several panels replacing the original ornate panelwork.
  2. Stood on the overbridge holding my well worn Ian Allan ABC. Carrying a satchel which contains my spam butties and a bottle of Tizer. Happy days. No DCC sound but nice anyway.
  3. Another vehicle that would look nice in austerity brown and on my wish list.
  4. A bit like the work of this genius perhaps http://www.gwr.org.uk/proc22.html
  5. Hall class 5998 Trevor Hall , still in wartime black, rounds the curve on a down stopping service. More anon.
  6. Drooling in anticipation here too.
  7. Authentic though, https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrbsh2494.htm
  8. So an C15 clerestory takes the place of a Collett C54 in my M set rake.
  9. Thanks to the generosity of a follower of this thread , @BenL, I have a new addition to my coaching stock. Seeing the old Hornby clerestory on both Little Muddle and Stoke Courtenay layouts convinced me to have a look. We replaced the bogies with these https://www.shapeways.com/product/6FVCJNAJR/dean-10-coach-bogie-Hornby-fit?optionId=60852638 although not cheap do look decent in a layout train. They can accommodate Kadee 19 couplings. I need some Modeller's Mecca gangways to finish them. @toboldlygo of this parish has resprayed the body using a Vallejo brown and weathered it to a filthy post war state. He's made a silk purse. More anon.
  10. Only available in 7mm at the moment as Alan's waiting for the Model Rail model to be released before he does the 4mm version.
  11. Have you checked the wheel back to backs as I have four of them that run through code 75 medium radius pointwork without problems.
  12. Just the job for doing a couple of Measham Colleries wagons as I have a photo of them at Kingsbridge. We need the weather to improve before I get the aerosol out.
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