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  1. As someone who recently purchased their ROD class they certainly scrub up well with some added detail and weathering [@toboldlygo] A good old black workhorse for my freight turns.
  2. I have a soft spot for the 'aircraft' Castles.
  3. As promised we see ROD class 3005 on a westbound mixed freight train running under H lamps. Also seen is a LMS three plank which has the RAF liveried Willy's jeep as a load, hopefully roped correctly. The Bachmann ROD has an adjustable screw on the tender which really allows close coupling between the loco depending on your curves.
  4. I'm sure someone of your modelling calibre Gerry will wave a magic wand over it and definitely work wonders on it. I think it's excellent value for money.
  5. Another wagon [Loriot L diagram G13] has been brought to my attention available on the Shapeway's website and has connections with RMweb member @chuffinghell https://www.shapeways.com/product/T53LEUCGS/gwr-loriot-l-machinery-wagon?key=9e1feccec426e3157b588bfde8f0402c
  6. gwrrob


    Is there a link anywhere where I can look at the product used please.
  7. Yes John, they had GWR on the plates and the Modelmaster ones have it etched. Fox and 247 do them but not all the range. They were filthy so you can't tell from photos regarding the white cross. 1930's view of 3008 shewing cabside plate.
  8. Good question John. Have you looked on the Warwickshire Railways site. I found 3012 near Birmingham when allocated to Pontypool Road shed. I'm sure they'll be others, it's an excellent site to browse. https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrbg2281a.htm https://www.warwickshirerailways.com/gwr/gwrt314.htm
  9. What a beautiful job you’ve done with that model. I’ve just noticed the 3 hole wheels after I fitted the spoked type .
  10. ROD class 3005 , another inspired by a Norman Lockett photo from the same book as the Austerity, makes it a Holy Trinity of freight locos for ANTB. This was an unexpected purchase from long time follower @A Murphy back in the spring. Partly due to Covid and plates allegedly getting lost , she's finally ready to join the roster on receiving coal, crew and lamps.
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