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  1. He ain’t bad that young Skywalker , a very nice job.
  2. You could always use them for the Santa grottos if they go ahead this year.
  3. A lot of talk here and elsewhere on the cost of the new Rail's iron mink. Here we see a couple of Parkside/Peco Z4 gunpowder vans, currently on loan from @46444 of this parish. This is the model Rapido are near to releasing I believe. Also in these photos is my latest cheap and cheerful build and this is the Cambrian kit for the LMS D1666, of which I'm finishing it in bauxite and will be rated 13T. @BenL provided me with a couple of photos of these uprated during the war.
  4. Indeed John and I have high hopes of these and they could just turn out to be the bargain of the year.
  5. You might know who helped with the research Mike but the Rail's spiel states it's been produced in partnership with Dapol. https://railsofsheffield.com/blogs/news/gwr-v6-iron-mink-in-oo
  6. Thanks again Brian. I would readily buy any new GWR liveried wagon brought to the market. My votes are as follows : 1 to 10 inclusive and 11 with any container. Under 12 I would suggest the Coral A glass wagon as it looks an interesting vehicle. The suggestions given for the bogie bolsters and crocodile are very valid as the date back to Airfix times and certainly not 21st standard models.
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