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  1. A heads up on some decent quality etched brass fire irons sold by Brian at 247. £4 plus postage for a set as shewn here.
  2. Here's a photo of them , I bought two sets at £4 each plus postage from Brian and are decent quality. I'm going to dip mine in blackening fluid.
  3. gwrrob

    The Engine Shed

    Just watched that video and I'm thinking the person running the locos [Peckett, Terrier and Pug] on their layout had probably been on the Scalextric before hand, judging by the speed they were running at. Whatever happened to slow running locos.
  4. A layout find that might interest his Lordship. @2ManySpams https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/Model-Railways/bodmin-north-in-o-gauge?utm_source=Communicator&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=buttonLink108&utm_campaign=The+new-look+World+of+Railways+weekly+newsletter&_ccCt=JQU1OPSIvitd7XWE7ksfyRI~mToPRxq6vAilrj6uxiX58kadgQ1NMf~gqpRqXqVn
  5. Another Castle and one we haven't seen in a while is 5077 Fairey Battle , complete with Hawksworth tender, one of only two on Castles in GWR days, doing the honours on a Penzance train .
  6. The good thing about that happening is it's easy to add the crew then. Glad to see BRM are doing a review as I'd thought they'd forgot about the release and I'll be interested in your candid views Tony.
  7. As it's Battle of Britain day and the 80th anniversary no less ,it's highly appropriate to have a shot of Castle class 5071 Spitfire.
  8. I wouldn't call it grief as at the end of the day it's a toy train but the running quality is poor as compared to my straight out the box Bachmann pannier.
  9. I've recently discovered the Noch leaves and the medium green is perfect for the top of hedges. They're very popular judging by how often they go out of stock. https://howardscenicsupplies.co.uk/noch-07144-leaves-medium-green-50g/
  10. The jury is still out Ian but some of my thoughts can't be written on a family read forum without being moderated.
  11. A lovely sunny early autumn morning in the South Hams as we catch sight of a large prairie,4154, on an up stopping service. This train is all GWR stock @checkrail formed with four Hornby suburban's plus an extra brake third built from a Comet kit.
  12. Is there a photo of these anywhere Mick ?
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